Empties December 2019


Happy new year everyone, I’m bringing the last set of my 2019 empties and declutters.


Nivea Double Effect eye make-up remover is one of my always repurchases but after using the black version suspect I might like that one a bit more.

Beauty Pie High Intensity Hydration with hyaluronic acid, ficucell vita (firmness and elasticity), aquarich, saccharine isomerate (both for hydration). It was watery, light and very hydrating, didn’t notice fragrance on inci so I also used it around my eyes without any problem. I might repurchase but I currently don’t have a membership.

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane. I found it heavy for my face but oh boy, it made my skin so beautifully soft when I used it on my body. I usually used a few drops with my normal body lotion. I would repurchase for that use again.

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5, light watery serum for hydration and repair. Loved it, repurchased a numerous times already, have two more in my stash and will repurchase again.

Garnier Moisture+ Aqua Bomb. Used several times and although I fell off the sheet mask wagon, wouldn’t mind having it again.

Seoulista Sister Charcoal Detox Instant Facial. I’m never sure about detox claims (it contains niacinamide, sodium hyaloronate and volcanic ash) but it was a thick black sheet mask. It was a relatively good fit to my face and had a reasonable amount of serum, not too much. It left my face slimy and slightly tacky, don’t think I would repurchase, especially as the usual price is £7.99.

Maskorea Instant Glow sheet mask is that mask that contains cleanser, mask and post-mask cream. I loved the cleanser as it left my face squeaky clean but not dry. Mask was nice thin material with good amount of liquid, sat on my face perfectly, the cream wasn’t heavy. Worked great for me but I think normal or dry skin would need to add a bit more.

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Restoring Oil facial serum. I have problem using Up oils and it also takes me ages so I used this for body and my body loved it. Have another one that I will use for the same purpose.

Caudalie Resveratrol SPF20. I liked it because it was reasonably light with some sheen and worked well under the make up.

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. It was ok for face but didn’t remove eye make up well. Wouldn’t like to purchase for the price.

Lancer the Method Polish reasonably fine for face. I however use quite a lot of acids and use physical peels only for body.

Tata Harper Créme Riche. Very heavy and thick moisturiser for me – tried it once at night and got a pimple in the morning. Used the rest for body.

Biocell Anti-aging face mask was a good sheet mask. I used it in the evening and tge next day my face and neck (because it thad a lot of liquid) felt extra soft, I had moments when I delibrately touched my face to feel it.

Alpha H Liquid Gold with glycolic acid is brilliant if you don’t suffer from sensitive skin but it is also expensive and as there are loads of different acids I have and want to try (and in much more affordable price bracket), I will nit repurchase.


Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Nourishing Body Polish with smoothing mango and papaya enzymes, cocnut milk and orange and lemon oils. This was supposed to be applied on dry or slightly dampened skin and then it melted into skin. It was really heavy and I didn’t need to use a body moisturiser afterwards but I also couldn’t use it on my chest or back because I would get body acne and this may be like too much information but in hindsight, I also think it was responsible for pimples on my bum at the time I was using it besides the fact that it left the showere or bathtub greasy as well. Might be good for dry skin but wasn’t a great match for me.

Nivea Q10 Firming + Good-bye Cellulite gel-cream like using this in the morning if I have the time to do dry body brush so usually over the weekend. I already repurchased because it was half price.

Schmidt’s Rose+Vanilla natural deodorant. I like the smell of it but didn’t like the consistency. Can’t check because the back got wiped off but I think it either was shea butter or bicarb soda based or both but it felt rather grainy and scratchy and difficult to melt. Plus left very yellow marks on white and light coloured camis and bras.

Prada Candy lotion. A small sample size I received as a part of a gift wasn’t my favourite scent.

Astrid Sun SPF30 UVA and UVB was a sunscreen lotion for sensitive children’s skin. I really liked it even if it had only SPF of 30 because it didn’t feel heavy or sticky and was really water resistant.

Astrid Sun SPF10 UVA and UVB. It was low on SPF but used it in handbag as a top up during the day.

Cien Sun Sun Cream for kids SPF50 UVA, perfume free, water resistant. I remember it been very sticky with heavy white cast.


Botanicals Lavender hydrating mask and Rose & Geranium Radiance mask. They were okay and did their job but I didn’t find them better than cheaper drugstore masks.

Charles Worthington Grow Strong longer and stronger treatment. When I applied it to damp hair, it didn’t seem anything special but after it dried, my hair was soft and shiny, really worked for my hair.

Alpa Luna Nettle Hair tonic. Honestly, can’t really say whether it worked because I used it very inconsistently but it was cheap.

Make up

Model Inc lipgloss in Biz. Loved the shade and consistency of this gloss but I am not sure this brand is worth the price it is sold.

Burt’s Bees lip gloss in Spring Splendor was very sticky and had some glitter which I didn’t like.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara. I think I only tried a waterproof mascara only twice but I really love this one. Not only it realy is waterproof, it also makes my lashes look the way I love – like I had natural long curled lashes. This one was the second one I’ve had, have one more and I will repurchase after I run out.



Empties November 2019



Mitomo Hyaluronan and Lithospermum Essence mask. It had thicker tencel sheet and I liked the light watery essence. Despite how Lithospermum sounds, it is a plant extract that is supposed to have antiseptic and soothing effect. Not sure about those claims from one use but although I liked it, I think there are similar masks for cheaper.

Innisfree My Real Squeeze mask Ginseng. I had these masks long time ago and I didn’t like them. This one was a free gift with purchase and I still didn’t like how greasy it left my face.

Oh K! Brightening Watermelon sheet mask with vitamin C. I’m glad to see IOh K! maska are now made in Korea as I remember that the first ones were from China. I liked how my face looked like after this mask, plus the essence was watery, non-greasy. I also liked thinnish pink sheet that sat nicely on my face so I wouldn’t mind having it again.

The Ordinary Amino Acids+B5 are something I keep on using since I got it for the first time this spring. Love it as it is like a moisturiser water and my skin feels healthy with it.

Avène Cleanance Expert emulsion  light formula great for layering on acne prone skin.

Beauty Pie Ultra Light UVA/UVB SPF25 was of milky emulsion texture and contains hyaluronic acid and liquorice extract. It was light and left me with a light sheen. The only pity is the SPF is only 25.

COSRX PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream. I bought it because it was on sale as a part of package. It was heavy for my face and broke me out, so I used it as a body moisturiser.

Malin + Goetz vitamin E face moisturiser. It was a bit richer than my liking so I used it just as an occasional night moisturiser.

Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover mask. Maybe because my skin is now well adjusted to acids, I wouldn’t call it extreme bur it was a nice clay mask that didn’t feel stripping and very drying.

Beauty Pie Super Retinol anti-wrinkle eye cream. To be honest, didn’t find it better or worse than other eye creams.

This Works No Wrinkle Midnight Moisture was slightly richer but it absorbed well overnight and I loved how smooth my skin looked and felt in the morning.

Omorovicza Midnight Radiance mask. Nice gel I applied at the end of my night routine on top of the moisturiser, if I didn’t use retinol.

Garnier Micellar Milky Cleansing Water wasn’t bad but ordinary pink Micellar water from Garnier is in my opinion better and I also didn’t find it that good at removing eye make up.

Biore Charcoal Cleansing Micellar Water. Not my favourite. It stings, if I use it on eyes, so is good only for other parts of the face.

Inlight Beauty Line Softener Intensive. Small sample of an oil balm, nice smell if you like essential oils, better for dry skin.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. Beautiful hydrating product. I want to use the original formula now in winter and try this one in the summer.



The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea shoer gel and body lotion. Loved this fragrance but as I used so many TBS body products, I would be more tempted to buy something I haven’t tried yet.

Soaper Super Tuberose hand cream. Lovely fragrance and cream as well.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with vitamin E bust cream is probably the only products that I repurchased  many times in over a decade that I’ve lived in the UK. Love that it nourishes without being greasy or heavy. Always a love.


Regaine fot women Once a day scalp foam. I am yet to see the results of this foam that I started using at the end of May or June. Decided to try for a year and see.

Pantene Expert Age Defy. It was a nice mask but after a year of using Pantene masks, I got bored with them.

L’Oréal Paris Excellence creme was a mask that came with hair dye. I love masks that come with dyes because they are rich and nourishing and leave my hair soft.

Pantene Gold Series Leave In Detangling Milk work very well for detangling hair on both my daughters and I am pretty sure I will get it again.

Make up

Yves Rocher Volume Vertige mascara had a big rubber wand that worked great for creating volume on my lashes. Not sure I loved it enough to repurchase, besides the fact that YR don’t do business in the UK anymore.

Empties October 2019


October finished and I have another set if emptie. It is a big load this month as most products were full size. And again I loved the skincare I used this month, especially Beauty Pie Superdrops Matrixyl Morphomics Flash Face Lift and Marine Hyaluronics from the Ordinary. Special shoutout to Nip+Fab because I love their body products.


Mitomo Soy Bean and Rice Leaven Essence Mask. Liked this mask because it didn’t leave greasy residue and it moisturised well. The sheet is from thicker material which not everyone might like. The essence sank in nicely and I could easily continue with my skincare routine which admittedly might not be enough for people with dry or dehydrated skin.

Biocell Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid face mask. This mask had plastic backing but still it I still found it difficult to spread and apply it. There was so much liquid that I used the backing for my decollettage and the leftover from the sachet was enough for my chest and arms.

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics felt like a water and I really liked it, I think this is ideal for adding hydration to oily skin in summer. Some reviews I read mentioned it smelling  but I didn’t detect anything so it was either reformulated or my sense of smell is dead.

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment toner was a wonderful everyday toner I used in my nighttime routine. It kept my skin smooth, pores clear and acne at bay. Next time I make order with COSRX, this one will be on the list together with Snail Mucin essence.

Neogen Green Tea real fresh foam was like cleaning my face with a piece of a puffy cloud. Worked well for cleansing morning and evening, didn’t dry or make my skin feel tight. Like the idea of green tea brewing at the bottom of the bottle. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was quite a bit of products left at the bottom that I couldn’t use Up which is a shame because it could have been another week of use. Possible repurchase.

Beauty Kitchen Seahorse 5 Minute Miracle mask contained immortelle, frankincense, angelica root and sea kelp promising to plump and firm the skin. It felt a bit like a cream mixed with clay. I wouldn’t say it was exactly the 5 minutes mask but after 10-15 minutes I could feel the result promised.

Nivea MicellAir Skin Breathe Waterproof make-up remover was really great and is up there with the blue version. This will be a definite repurchase.

Beauty Pie Superdrops Matrixyl Morphomics flash face lift has a very fancy long name but as water based serum that was great for layering and helped smooth out some areas everywhere I used it. Absolutely loved it and it will definitely be a repurchase.

Rodial Super Acids x-treme pore shrink cleansing pads. I found these pads rather dry to be cleansing enough, especially with just one pad. And had changes in the cleanliness of my pores without it.  No repurchase.

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Day Cream SPF30 was a lightweight moisturiser that I like, especially as it providera the SPF but I am still not sure I would purchase a full size. Maybe.



Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime natural deodorants was disappointing to me. It has a nice smell and I am not going to complain about that but as a deodorant, I don’t really know how these deodorants are so popular. It is just like fragranced coconut oil stick that doesn’t last long and leaves yellow stains on clothes. I am just glad I got them from beauty subscription, not for £9-10 it is sold because I would be pissed.

Borotalco Invisible had a powdery fragrance that lasted long and didn’t leave stains. It does contain alluminium but I just needed something that works in the summer and doesn’t stain like Schmidt’s.

Ice Guard natural crystal deodorant wasn’t bad at neutralising odour fron sweat but it still wasn’t my favourite as I had to dampen it and rub it for a minute for it to work properly. Also I heard somewhere that these crystal are not such a healthy alternative to alluminium deodorants but would have to look into it properly. I had it for over 5 years and I think it’s tíme to get rid of.

Nip+Fab Body Glycoli Fix Body Cream left my skin nice and smooth and moisturised while having fresh, citrusy fragrance. Wouldn’t mind buying again if on offer.

Nip+Fab Body Bust Fix decollete gel was a great bust gel cream, worked well for my skin to feel perkier. I loved it and is certainly up there with Palmer’s.

Avon Works Cooling Tone anti-cellulite gel. Although I know not topical treatment eliminates cellulite, some products can help toning up tge skin. Sadly, it was not the case of this gel. Also it didn’t feel cooling at all. Don’t recommend.

Yves Rocher Mandarin Cedarwood energusing bath and shower gel. Lovely fragrance, limited edition and not available in the UK anymore. I might buy some gels when I travel to a country where they have YR shops but for now I know I won’t have any for a bit.

Gillette shave foam. I bought it for my work and my children used most of it to make slime but I managed to use some for actual leg shaving and I didn’t find it as good as shaving gel.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea fresh body sorbet. Although I didn’t remember seeing silicones on inci, it felt like a silicone primer for body. I won’t buy one of these anymore.

Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. Although very gentle as I don’t use physical exfoliants on my face anymore, I used this travel size to cleanse my body.



Pantene Gold Series Hydrating Butter-Creme infused with argan oil. I used it for my girls but it didn’t wow me much as a curl cream as it was just greasy and to me their hair felt hard and dirty after using it. We used it up but it won’t be repurchased.

Botanicals Fresh Care argan and Safflower nourishing mask. I liked this mask for all our hair and might repurchase it when on offer.

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir didn’t wow me either. I usually add a few pumps of it to my leave-in treatment as it is more a styling products than something that would help with hair growth. I have one more as I got one for free so I am using up the second one now but won’t repurchase after that.

Botanicals Fresh Care Argan Oil & Safflower nourishing shampoo. I think this shampoo was reasonably gentle and I liked the herbal scent but I know not everyone is a fan. Possible repurchase.

Pantene Expert Coollection Advanced Keratin Repair. Pantene is a brand that some people hate. These masks worked for me and it’s possible I will buy it again.

Naturtint anti-aging CC cream for coloured hair. I don’t understand much what CC or BB cream for hair means but this did deliver shine and softness it promises even though it doesn’t seem very nourishing or heavy. Maybe I would consider it again.

Make up

September 2019 Empties



Hadalabo Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid toner. Beautiful light products, 170 ml for around a tenner. Highly recommend for hydrating oily skin. Don’t forget to dampen your skin before you apply this and you’ll really see benefits of HA. A definite repurchase.

Rodial Glamtox cleansing balm with amino acids, salicylic acid and vitamin C. Lovely efective balm but couldn’t use it on eyes because of SA. Not sure whether it’s still available though.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover. My forever repurchase and always bought when on offer under £2.

Nip + Fab Hydrate Dragon’s Blood Fix Essence Mist. Another item helping me to keep hydration level high this summer. Kept it in the fridge and used in my nighttime routine before serum.

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5. Beautiful watery hydrator. Like I said before, I don’t know exactly what it does, it just makes my skin feel good. This was the second bottle I had and I already have the third. Don’t want to be without it atm. For £5.90, you should try it too.

Yves Rocher Dark-spot perfector serum. This was a lovely non-oily serum with consistency of an emulsion. I used it in the evening and had lovely soft skin in the morning. I think it worked well because my skin didn’t have as many dark spots as usual after the summer when I ease off acids and retinol.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) corrective unclogging care anti-umperfections, anti-marks. I used it as my moisturiser in the evening and some mornings and it was great. This will be back with me for sure as I noticed that after finishing this and the Ordinary Amino Acids, I started having more breakouts until I found a lighter moisturiser again.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal awakening eye balm. Lovely light balm but haven’t noticed much change in my undereye so I don’t think it is for somebody who really needs it for anti-aging.

It’s Skin Olive Nutrition & Firming mask sheet. I liked it because it didn’t leave me oily nor slimy but I think it’s pretty standard and wouldn’t buy it for the full price.

This Works Light Time Cleanse and Glow was a lovely balm like cleanser with citrusy scent, I used it to remove make up. I wouldn’t mind having a full size.

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing gel. Good for the summer and I also used it as an occasional morning moisturiser.


Avon Little Pink Dress EdP was a lovely mix of citrus, peony and jasmine with a bit of patchouli. Really liked it and it also lasted well on clothes, especially for Avon fragrance.

Morrisons Sensitive Aloe Vera shave gel worked well and I liked its scent.

Balea Dream Big shower gel and shampoo had a Candy floss fragrance I don’t care much about. I used it as a shampoo once out of curiosity and could see how my hair dye is washing away down the drain.

Alverde cherry blossom and organic rice hand cream was lovely and I liked it just like the other products I had in the set.


Pantene Repair & Protect Intensive Mask. I liked it as it leaves my hair shiny and silky soft but it contains silicones and sulfates.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment was my favourite scalp mask but I don’t use it much since dying my hair regularly because it grows hair quicker.

Bouclème hydrating hair cleanser another lovely product from Bouclème and I felt it cleansed hair better than most cowash.

Morroccanoil treatment light was also great for my hair just like original and I wouldn’t mind havy any if these back.

Make Up

Seventeen Doll’d Up mascara. Bought it when Boots were discontinuing the brand and it’s a real shame as I really liked it. It has a plastic bent wand with lots of bristles that divide lashes nicely and tge formula is neither loose nor too thick so gives good volume without clamping.

Rimmel 9-in1 BB cream matte in light had a good coverage and was light enough. It had SPF15 and I really liked using it for everyday make up.


Empties August 2019



It’s Skin Avocado high-nutrition mask sheet. Pretty standard sheet mask, I wouldn’t pay full price for it.

Balance Me Collagen Boost cream cleanser with natural peptide complex. It was an okay first cleanse inthe evening but nothing that would make me buy it again.

Salcura Antiac Daily face wash, deep cleansing, pH neutral. Loved it, used it basically morning and evening over the holidays.  It has parfum in the middle of inci list and denat alcohol towards the end but I found it very gentle even around eyes and my daughter used it as well. I think Salcura is one of the brands I am more interested in as I like their Antiac serum as well. So far these to products from the brand worked well for me so will be glad to try more.



Nip + Fab Body Tummy Fix and Upper Arm Fix. Again, this is not something that makes your body slim and slender by itself but trying to eat better, exercising and using after dry brushing my body, I could see a good imorivement. They’re both gels, although Tummy Fix was slightly thicker and I used it for my bum as well.

Soaper Duper Fruity Green Tuberose body scrub is in my empties second time. Great fresh summer fragrance. Loved it.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Florale multi-purpose drynoio for face, body, hair. I am not sure I would put this on my face but I used it on the body and my skin felt very soft the next day. Oil is also good with the rosé floral scent and although not to everybody’s taste, I quite liked it. However, body oil was never my favourite way to moisturise.

Avon Simply Delicate Active is a feminine wash with aloe Vera and chamomile. I don’t like using this type of gels everyday but liked using it for shaving as it was gentle and gave a good slip for shaving.



Charles Worthington Healthy Balance Harmonising shampoo and Dry Ends conditioner is supposed to be a range for greasy roots and dry ends. It wasn’t bad and I really liked the fragrance of it but I don’t feel about it like I despwrately need it back in my life.

Aveda Damage Remedy daily hair repair leave-in treatment again helped keeping my desperately dry ends  in an okay state but I still didn’t think it was much better than most of my other leave-in treatments.

Regaine Once a day scalp foam 5% w/w minoxidil female pattern hair loss treatment. After my second daughter my hair thinned and it didn’t grow back like after my first daughter. It might be because of the contraception, or just hereditary as women on my father’s side tend to have less hair after certain age. I tried some treatments unsuccessfully and I have to admit, there were days, when I forgot to apply it. At the moment, I have been using it for over two months and I am yet to see the results but I want to hold on to it till 6 months, hoping the years this has been happening didn’t cause hair follicles on the top of my head to due completely.

Davines The Quick Fix Circle was a 3 minute mask that left my hair lovely and soft for three days but as we know, it’s expensive.

Bouclème Curl Crème was a lovely everyday hair lotion that made hair soft but not heavy or greasy. Another lovely product from the brand.

Nivea Hairmilk Natural Shine care shampoo and conditioner.  Not much a fan of regular drugstore shampoo that washes my dye  away but this one was okay.

Dr. Organic Morroccan Argan Oil hair treatment serum was alright but still not my favourite plus the scent is rather masculine for me.

Bouclème hydrating hair cleanser is one of those no poo shampoo formulated without silicones, sulphates, minerál oils, petroleum, parabens, propylene glycol, PEGs, phtalates, artificial colours or fragrance. It’s got a lot of essential oils so might not be for everyone but for me it was another products I liked from Bouclème.

Make Up

Empties July 2019


Hello everyone,  I am bringing you July empties which are numerous because there were items I had for long and there were also items I didn’t use up and we’re old plus something that should finish in a few day and don’t want to carry it to the next month.


!QMS Medicosmetics hydro foam mask was as the name says hydrating mask but the kind my oily skin didn’t care about because although it felt like a liggt foam, if I used it on my face, I felt like it left a greasy layer on me. However, I then started using it as night leave-in treatment for my feet and hand and my heel always thanked me for it so I am pretty sure this would be a great thing to try for dry skin.

Simple Kind to Skin dual-effect eye make-up remover removed eye make up well and it was quite close but not enough to overtake from my beloved Nivea, I would say it also felt a little oilier as well and ran out more quickly for some reason.

Dr. G Wrinkle Snail Mask was in my empties multiple times but this one is sadly the last from a pack I had. Great for summer as it doesn’t feel st júnicky, nor leaves any residue. Don’t think I would repurchase this year yet as I don’t want to overload myself with sheet masks like I did before but if it is still available next year, I will buy a pack or two to have the for the whole summer.

Caudalie Instant Detox mask is a cute pink clay, pretty smooth in texture. This is more for oily skin as it dries pretty quickly and you then feel skin pulling. Nice in summer but after trying loads of different clay mask, not sure I would repurchase full size purely because you can find similar for cheaper.

Nuxe Aroma-perfection anti-imperfection care for combination to oily skin was mattifying and didn’t feel heavy despite thicker consistency however I used it only at night time or make up free days because it was pilling.

The Ordinary Granactive retinoid 2% emulsion worked great for me, it wasn’t heavy or greasy, not strong but I still could feel and see results. For me £8 spent well.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing sheet mask is good to hydrate oily skin, the cotton sheet adhered nicely without being overdrenched but I don’t think it is enough for people who want more ooomph from their sheet mask.

Patchology Perk Up energising tea-infused aromatherapy eye gels. I have to admit, I used these on workday morning because I felt like my undereye looks tired but didn’t have the time to analýze the result. But I guess it did improved slightly, especially as I púť it in the fridge before I used it.

Urban Veda Neem and Botanics daily purifying facial wash. From samples I tried, this is my favourite Urban Veda range and very good for summer as it is refreshing but still very gentle. I had toner and really loved it so I might pick that up now that it is available in Boots.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb super-hydrating re balancing mask with green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. I could say I liked it but I use sheet masks in the morning now and when I applied skincare, sunscreen afterwards, when I moved to applying make up, everything was just pilling terribly so it might be better in the evening for the amount of the products that’s inside.

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5 is a concentrated hydration support formula that feels like an oily water that I use after hyaluronic acid toner but it doesn’t block moisturiser from sinking in and blending nicely. It is one of the products where I could say that I can’t exactly say what it does but my skin feels healthy with it and with the price of £5.90 I didn’t hesitate to repurchase and at the moment don’t want to be without it.

REN Clarimatte T-zone Control cleansing gel was very gentle and I liked using it especially in the morning. It doesn’t really foam and it could also be used over eyes without any irritation which means that it also wasn’t drying a bit. Really good and I wouldn’t mind repurchasing.

REN V-Cense is the third 15 ml travel size of this night cream and when I reduce my moisturiser collection, I will be buying full-size. It is a brilliant night cream although I don’t use it daily on my oily face but I adore it for my neck as it leaves my skin incredibly smooth without feeling oily. I can say I only tried three products from REN and liked one but the other two that are in my empties this month, I really love.

It’s Skin Blueberry sheet mask wasn’t the best fit for my heart shaped jawline but I think it’s good mask for oily skin however not enough for normal or dry skin so I don’t think I would be willing to pay full price.

Amie Morning Dew matte-finish moisturiser wasba nice everyday moisturiser for oily skin but nothing to write home about.

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer toner has 2% lactic acid. I compared it to COSRX toner, as I used them on alternating weeks, saying COSRX gave me more visible results but that doesn’t mean this is a bad acid toner. Although it does contain alcohol denat and perfume which would a nono for sensitive skin, I didn’t find it drying and when I decided to finish it and use it every day without alternating, I saw much better results over the time, as my pores and sebaceous filaments on my nose were clearer and thus less visible. I would say over all great evening acid toner for a tenner.


Yves Rocher Apricot Rosemary shower gel was again great combination I loved as it smelled exactly like freshly picked summer apricots with that tiny hint of rosemary.

Bubble T hibiscus & açai berry tea just smelled amazing, just like a fruit tea and it wasn’t bad as a handcream either.

CeraVe moisturising cream. I know many people use it as a regular face moisturiser but I use it as a body moisturiser for my children. Repurchase for sure.

Balea for Girls Dreamdancer (if I my very limited knowledge of Germany let me translate it correctly) shower gel and shampoo. Loved it as a creamy shower gel with the scent that to me was a mix of bubble gum and ice cream. Because it was creamy, I took the risk and tried it as a shampoo once and it wasn’t bad but I don’t like using this kind of products on my hair generally. My girls like it too because it finished quicker than shower gels of this size do.

Nip + Fab Body Cellulite Fix body sculpting gel. I doubt a gel can sculpt body but I loved using it after morning dry brushing and it did work brilliantly for that purpose. I think I will repurchase it next spring.

Hill & Noble Lemon Verbena and White Orchid hand cream. Lovely smelling hand cream in good handbag size.

Nivea Q10 + Vitamin C firming light lotion was a great body moisturiser for a budget and I will gladly repurchase again.

Nip + Fab Body Bust Fix Night. Of course these creams won’t make my bosom perky as it was before children but it keeps skin in good condition without causing breakouts on my chest. I had it before and I will repurchase at some point in the future again.


We Are Kind Natured Jojoba & Avocado Nourishing conditioner. I liked this conditioner just like the shampoo which we finished last month. Thicker in consistency and does moisturise.

Salon Science Cellumax volumising foam gave just light hold which I like but it did make my hair slightly greasy at roots the next day.

Dr. Organic Morroccan Argan oil hair treatment serum wasn’t bad but I didn’t feel that impressed that I would go out of my way to repurchase, plus when I started using it, I didn’t much like very woody fragrance it has.

Make up

Essence Smokey Brown 2 in 1 khol liner. I like smokey eye and I thought this would be great to use as a base for brown smokey look but as my whole face including eyelids is really oily, plus I also have hooded eyelids, I found it just melts away even the powder eye shadow I apply over it into the eye socket.

Marc Jacobs eyeliner. I liked it when I got it as it had a great colour payoff and longevity but it dried out rather quickly.

BeautyBay mineral foundation in Natural. There is still almost half left even though I have it for ages and that’s just because the shade is so dark for me that I can use it only sometimes in the summer, if I get tanned enough. It takes ages to blend in properly so that I get even coverage and my daughter called my skin “orange” a few times when I wore it, so not a look I would like. Time to say goodbye.

Touch in Sol Style Black gel liner with diamond in Platinum.  Don’t really know whether it’s any good because it was in my stash unopened for almost a year and when I finally opened it, it was dry this unusable.

L. A. Girl PRO conceal had its moment in all make up tutorials but I bought a wrong shade that was dark even in the summer so I finally decided to give it up.

Empties June 2019

As standard at the end of the month, I am bringing you another empties post. After a long while I started using sheet masks again as I felt like I needed some hydration boost for my face and once a week on Saturday or Sunday morning to prime my face before going out works well for me. I liked most of the skincare I used up this month so it was a good month.



La Roche Posay Serozinc was in my stash multiple times and I always buy it before summer. At first glance it is just a salty water that might not be working for some people but it does have calming effect on my skin. I haven’t got the replacement yet but I am sure I will have by the time this post is published.

Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Daily Cleansing Pads is something, I should have dumped a long time ago, the moment I started suspecting it breaks me out. The stupid me that doesn’t want anything to be wasted still tried to use it once a week to remove make up and wash it off immediately but it always made my skin worse. There are still some pads left but I am not willing to take the risk anymore.

Dr. G Wrinkle Snail Mask. Really like this sheet mask as it plumps up my skin without leaving residue or greasing up my face and it is great for more layers of skincare as well as priming face for make up in the morning. Still have 3 or 4 around.

Garnier SkinActive micellar cleansing water. I like this as far as micellar waters go and it was also good to remove my everyday eye make up. Have to say I’m absolutely thrilled having finished this 700 ml which seemed like forever (but you shouldn’t really have it around open for longer than 6 months).  I would repurchase but not such a big bottle.

COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence lasts for ages even with daily use (6 months) and it is an essence that I can see a difference when using. Not repurchased yet but will do.

The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger warming massage clay mask felt like kaolin mixed with honey and oil. It wasn’t what I expected of what was intended to be my clay mask but I warmed up to it (pun intended).

Manuka Doctor Replenishing facial oil was mix of manuka oil with rose hip, argan, evening primrose, cranberry seed and grape seed oil and I liked it as I do feel like it helped my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Thisworks In Transit Skin Defence anti-aging daily moisturiser with SPF30 was a great daily moisturiser that didn’t cause me any breakouts besides my monthly cycle (the formula should actually be non-comedogenic), didn’t feel greasy or heavy even if I used like 3-4 pumps over my face to make sure I got the use from its SPF.

It’s Skin Avocado high-nutrition mask sheet was a pretty standard sheet mask – wasn’t bad but didn’t give me anything special to talk abou either so if I felt moved towards repurchasing it would be only because I would see it for very good price.

The Body Shop Oils of Life intensely revitilising eye cream-gel was suitable for morning use but I don’t really think anything special about it and as I am slowly nearing the end of my 30s, I am even getting pretty disappointed with eye-creams. Not a necessary repurchase for me, sadly.

NeoStrata Resurface foaming glycolic wash was really brilliant evening second cleanse for me and I think it was one part of the my skincare routine that helped me clean my face of excessive breakouts I used to suffer from the last year. Combining AHA in the form of glycolic acid and lactobionic acid as PHA, it really helped at smoothing my skin.

Cowshed chammomile refreshing toner was a nice alcohol-free mornig toner that I use for swiping my face with cotton pad befor I use hydrating toner that I pat on my face with fingers. I know many people consider these types of toners useless and unnecessary, especially with good cleansing routine but when I can see it working for me and I wouldn’t mind repurchasing full size of this one.


Yves Rocher Grapefruit Thyme energising bath & shower gel. I love grapefruit and combination with Thyme was another winner for me.

Kind Natured Shea & Macadamia nourishing body lotion says that it is for very dry skin but it wasn’t sticky or heavy and it left skin smooth and nourished while leaving delicious sweet nutty scent.

SJP NYC was fragrance that to me evokes spring in New York. Mix of flowers and fruit, great for everyday and lasted on my clothes for quite a bit.

Asda Shave Gel enriched with cocoa butter. I am probably not the best person to tell whether the shaving gel is moisturising because I moisturiser my body daily and very rarely suffer from dry patches but I like this as it created rich creamy lather my skin felt smooth and kind of nourished when I used it. I usually buy sensitive skin shaving gels and this one is at very good price point so it has big thumbs up from me.

Alverde Softcreme with cherry blossom and organic rice was like oil-lotion and was again brilliant as it sank in rather quickly but left my skin so soft and smooth that I loved touching my body (no pun intended). It was a limited edition so won’t find it again but I will certainly look for something similar when I get to DM Drogeriemarkt again.

Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea sensitive skin formula natural deodorant has a love scent and in comparison with Weleda lasts better on my but in no way absorbs wetness or helps much when you do more demanding physical activity and it also leaves white marks on clothes. As natural deodorants go, Elsa’s Organic deodorant is still the golden standard for me.


Kind Natured Jojoba & Avocado nourishing shampoo was what it promised so it was great for my dry tresses wouldn’t mind having it again.

Pantene Colour Protect Intensive Mask was good as a hair mask for my hair but it don’t think it helps last my hair colour any longer.

Make Up

Essence Forbidden Volume mascara is from discontinued range. It has smaller brush than the rebel version but it smudges equally bad so that is probably another no from me although again I liked the volume it gave.

Eyelure Brow Amplifier in Dark Brown was my brow love. It was just the colour I wanted which was really dark, almost black Brown without warm undertones, it was easy to use so great for quick morning make up routine. I have some brow products I want to use up first but I will get this again.