Mane ‘n Tail Detangler – New Haircare Favourite


Mane ‘n Tail is a haircare that was previously mainly available online in the UK but hit Superdrug shelves some time ago and when I was last time shopping for a detangler, I saw it there with 1/3 off as an introductory offer so instead of usual £7.99 I paid £5.32.

Some of you might probably heard already that this brand originally made the haircare for show horses’ mane and tails but later was tried by humans and as it worked well, the company has now extended range targeted to human hair.

Formula of this detangler claims to be pH balanced, is easy to use and helps eliminate tangles and the appearance of dry, split ends while adding conditioning benefits.

As with most detanglers, you spray it liberally into dry or damp hair and work through, making sure it reaches all of the hair.

What I like about this detangler is that it is suitable both for my 3a curls as well as for my children’s 3c/4a tight curls, keeping the ends moisturised without leaving it heavy from residue or dried from alcohol content. What also happened with some detanglers I used especially on my children’s hair was that they interacted with other styling products and kind or curdled or left something like white flakes in hai after drying and that didn’t happen here. Fragrance is also not overpowering or heavy here so that is another plus for me.

In my experience it is somewhere with Paul Mitchell detangler but you get generouslywhere 355ml and pay less, so it will be a definite repurchase when I am back in the UK.


Current favourites


Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Now I first say that I don’t really think this water does everything it promised and that to me, no water is worth £32. That being said, as it contains mint oil, it provided immense cooling to my face this summer and as the spritz is very fine, it doesn’t disturb your make up when you spray over it. So my conclusion is, if you see it on promotion for a good price it is worth to buy for summer. Or just get a 30 ml for your handbag.

Paula’s Choice Retinol Treatment 1%. I bought Good Housekeeping box from Latest in Beauty because of this (twice😋) and I don’t regret it. I use it twice a week after my serum in the evening and in the morning wake up with smoother skin, blemishes and large pores reduced.

REN Clarimatte toner is a gentle exfoliating toner containing organic acids that unlike other acids I’ve tried so far, doesn’t tingle and is very refreshing thus is an ideal candidate for my evening toner except for the nights when I use retinol.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is another twice a week night time product. Although it is recommended for dry skin, it worked well for my oily skin. I applied with light hand, although it doesn’t feel greasy, and in the morning wake up with hydrated plumped up skin. That’s what I call beauty sleep!

Erborian CC Cream SPF25. Although I don’t do much make up in the summer, when I do, I like reaching for this CC Cream as it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, provides better coverage than my BB and the shade it changes to is fine now in the summer.

Roger&Gallet Extra Fine Cleansing Mask was open in February but as I wanted to finish Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Cleanser, it was a bit left behind. I now love using it. It is cleanser with gel consistency that I massage into face when it changes into oil and then I use wet hands after which it has white milky colour and consistency not to mention discreet fragrance that Roger& Gallet are known for.



Superdrug Deep Action Pore Cleansing Pads


I noticed cleansing pads a long ago and that most of them have quite good reviews but as I prefer double cleanse and acids in the evening and always use toner, I wasn’t really sure where or when in my routine I could incorporate it. What appealed best to me is that most of the pads seemed to work well on acne prone skin. I was very tempted to buy COSRX pads because of great reviews but as I never used the pads before, I decided to start from lower price end and my choice went for Superdrug Deep Action Pore Cleansing Pads as I was repurchasing the spray from the range for my body acne and there was buy one get one half price promotion, on its own the price is £2.99.

Ingredients: Aqua, Hamamelis Virginiana Water (Witch Hazel), Alcohol Denat., Salicylic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Parfum, Chamomilla Recutita (Camomile) Flower Extract, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Alcohol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Linalool, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.

You can see from the list (alcohol, perfume etc) that it is not something for sensitive skin and it doesn’t even claim to, it is clearly stated on the tub.


As I said I didn’t use cleansing pads before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but was quite surprised that pads were a bit rough although I think that is also because of it providing some more exfoliation. The pads were well soaked but not dripping. I used the pads after cleansing in the morning as I cannot really imagine I would feel clean enough if I only used pads and I sprayed with Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir afterwards to cool my face a bit. I tried to use the pads twice a day but that seemed harsh on my skin like when you overexfoliate and it is beginning to be more sensitive but no other adverse reaction, so I would say once a day is enough.

I noticed that since I started using it around 3 weeks ago, my breakouts are on minimum and if I got some, they were just very small bumps in size of a pinhead, not angry red painful volcanoes. Despite staying in hot weather, blackheads on my nose are not that horrible either (but have to note that I use REN Clarimatte in the evening and retinol twice a week).

I know many people would refuse to use it purely because of the alcohol content alone but if you don’t have sensitive skin, once a day is fine and for the money it really did what it promised so it is great for people on budget.

Empties July 2017

It’s the end of another month and this month will bring epic empties post, as I will go to see my family for a month so I was working on finishing products I had open for a few months already and I had two empties most days, especially with the use of sheet masks.




Dermal Collagen Essence Mask is a Korean sheet mask that promised to be brightening and moisturising. The fit was quite good and unlike most Asian masks, it didn’t feel tight around my eyes. The sheet was well soaked but not dripping and the essence was moisturising but not heavy or greasy and it soaked in within minutes.

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Placenta Mask Sheet  is one that is supposed to be stregthening skin barrier. It is made from nonbleached fabric which contains cottonseeds. Except for the usual sheet mask ingredients, soybean phytoplacenta extract, glacier water, sodium hyaluronate are at the bottom. The sheet is one of the thicker which some people for some reason don’t like but impatient and clumsy people like me find easier to spread and it was a good fit for my big head and again, not so tight around my eyes as most Asian masks. It has a slight fragrance that is a bit like soy or sweet pea plant kind. The sheet was drenched but not dripping and essence rather light. When I had the mask on my face, I felt a slight cooling tingle, very good in summer. When I removed the mask 35 minutes later, it was still wet and it felt a bit that the essence didn’t fully sink, it left my skin smooth to the touch but a bit tacky although not in greasy unpleasant way. The same way my face looked in the mirror – smooth, radiant, slightly dewy but not greasy. I think it could be good to use in the morning when you’re not in hurry to leave house, as it creates good surface for foundation. Not bad for £1 I bought it.

Etude House I Need You Rice Sheet Mask. I chose this mask because I got a bunch of Etude masks that are about to expire and I had some breakouts and saw word “purifying” at the front and also thought rice, so it should be good for oily skin, right? Only when I already opened the mask, I saw at the back that this mask is supposed to brighten up dull and rough skin.The shape of the mask is quite typical with small openings for my European eyes and nose. It was a thinner but still strong tissue but I needed to smooth out some air pockets. Solution had a milky consistency and colour and there was plenty left in the pouch. Instructions said to leave it on for 10-15 minutes after which the sheet was still wet so I kept it on my standard 30 minutes when the sheet started drying out. The essence didn’t want to sink in and felt a bit greasy, after around 20 minutes I decided to apply The Ordinary Azelaic Acid as it is a bit drying and mattifying and I it works well for me on mask that was a bit richer before, however this time the Azelaic Acid peeled off when I was trying to massage it in so at the end I just decided to wash it off (first time for me). It might be good for dry skin but it was just too much for me.

Etude House I Need You Nourishing & Firming Mango. After checking my sheetmask stash, I found out that the bunch with Etude House masks is about to expire so I decided I will use it up before all the other sheet masks. This mask fortunately fared better than the rice one, I even managed to smooth it out better although the fit around the eyes was still tight. The solution looked also milky but fortunately, not greasy this time, so that was a bit relieve for me. There was a fragrance as the last ingredient but the mask didn’t smell of anything to me, not even the mango. Besides the standard sheet mask ingredients and mango extract, it also contains grapefruit extract, camelia root extract and ginko biloba leaf extract.

Etude House I Need You Honey sheet mask did scent like honey and honey was in the middle of ingredients list. It really was deeply moisturising without being heavy or very greasy (maybe a bit but not unbearably) although more milky and it took a while to soak in.

Etude House I Need You Mugwort sheet mask for soothing and brightening. Mugwort extract is supposed to improve circulation for a clearer complexion and the mask state mugwort as its 10th ingredient (second line out of 4), Besides that it also contains other ingredients that help soothing and if you used Etude House mask are quite standard for them. However, it also contains alcohol as 3rd ingredient and you can even smell it a bit upon opening so people with dry or sensitive skin might steer away. For me, the solution was clear and light yet hydrating enough, unlike European brand masks that promise improving circulation, this one didn’t tingle or sting, only gave me a slight cooling feeling ( I didn’t keep it in the fridge).

Etude House I Need You Acai Berry Sheet Mask contains antioxidants from acai berry (although it is 9th ingredient on the list) and what it contains before acai is alcohol and you can also smell it when you open the mask. Just like other I Need You masks, it contains different plant extracts but no hyaluronic acid unlike most other sheet masks but because of glycerine content it did moisturise my face but it also left me feeling a bit greasy.

Etude House I Need You Olive contains olive leaf extract and even the mask itself smells a bit like when you rub a tree leaf between your fingers. Again, there are different plant extracts in second half of ingredients list and no hyaluronic acid (as the whole I Need You range). The solution is slightly milky and again, it left my face slightly greasy but not so much that I would have to wash it off, I just saved on night cream (I think this range is not very much for oily skin, but I tried all masks).

Etude House I Need You Royal Jelly mask is a moisturising mask for smooth hydration. The sheet is soaked in milky solution with a bit soapy smell. It seems light upon application but again, it doesn’t soak in fully, leaving me a slightly greasy.

Etude House I Need You Coenzyme Q10 is another mask from I Need You series with milky white solution but absorption seems better. I usually keep sheet mask on for around 30 minutes but as these leave me a bit greasy, if you want to try it and have combination/oily skin, keep it to just those recommended 15 minutes even if the sheet is still soaking wet and if you feel greasy either gentle wash it of or use cotton pad soaked in non-alcohol face water. And you can wipe away the leftover solution on neck, hands (and I have to say my hands were left very soft) etc.

Etude House I Need You Green Tea is supposed to provide moisturising and comforting relief. I liked the fragrance of the mask and the solution was like a clear gel. It didn’t fully sink in but not as greasy as the most of them.

Etude House I Need You Aloe sheet mask is the last one from the EH set, again usual ingredients plus aloe, it was one of the lighter ones from the set but again, didn’t fully sink. However, I liked the fresh scent and as it was not that heavy, it was along with Green Tea and Mango my favourite from the ten.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc1%. Despite the high concentration of my favourite oily skincare, this didn’t really do anything for me. It is a watery serum which I like but I got quite a few breakouts despite using it and when having breakouts it did nothing helping to heal them (although Manuka Doctor healed with them well). After my breakouts healed I stopped using other products and went back to this and after a week I had breakouts again so just to use it up, I was using it together with Manuka Doctor. Many people were telling that it works well mixed with Alpha Arbutin so I might try that next year (I don’t suffer horrible breakouts in winter, except if I use skincare that is too rich for me) but for now I don’t intend to repurchase.

The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%. Most people like the Ordinary’s Niacinamide and are a bit meh about  their Azelaic Acid but in my case it is the opposite and I like what other people might not like – leaves my skin dry-touch and velvety smooth – perfect evening night skincare step before applying oil or sleeping mask. Also discolouration from my blemishes is not as bad as usually and if I have red breakouts, they are not as bright red in the morning ( although I started using COSRX pimple patches since and that’s definitely the best treatment I have ever used). I am not repurchasing at the moment, I want to see, how I’ll do without it.

Yves Rocher PurBleuet Gentle Makeup Remover Sensitive Eyes is a lovely watery makeup remover containing organically-grown corflower. It really is gentle and non-stinging. It worked well with ordinary make up but struggled with waterproof mascara. Also, as the bottle is 100 ml, so with my 6 days a week makeup, it didn’t last me long (3 weeks). However with YR promotions like 2 for 1 or 50% off, it was not an expensive purchase.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Anti-shine is a dry touch gel-cream that really delivers promised. It is okay for me but when I tried it on my children who have olive skin, it took a bit massage into so that they wouldn’t have white cast or look ashy. I used it last summer as well, however I didn’t repurchase now because I want to try Vichy and Eucerin. I love French pharmacy 😉

Organic Surge Ultra-light Oil Control Lotion is a blend of essential oils like damask rose, geranium and sweet orange (I love the smell of essential oils), it is ECOCERT (certifies natural and organic cosmetic, 99% of natural origin and from that 25% organic. You don’t find nasties on ingredient list. The only nag I would have is that is takes a while to sink in so I prefer it as a night and neck moisturiser in hot weather. It is also in a slim glass bottle so if you want to get out every last bit of it, you have to hold it upside down and hope for the gravity and a bit of shaking to do its job.


The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream was a purchase influenced by Caroline Hirons. She usually writes about products that are above my budget but when she mentions a brand I shop, I remember, so when I saw this in one of TBS sale, I quickly got it. Sometimes, when I use eye creams, I am not entirely sure whether they work, I just guess so as my eyes area is not getting worse but I really liked this cream – it is light, hydrating and the area aroundy eyes is definitely smoother since I started using it.

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz 100% Organic was my first toner in the morning (before I sprayed Serozinc on my face) or on evening when I used retinol, so didn’t use my REN Clarimatte that I am using as an evening toner. The ingredients list is short – 5 in total (water, alcohol denat, glycerin, rosa damascena flower oil and citronellol) many would not like that alcohol is the second one but for me it was a hydrating toner, I didn’t feel the alcohol, no stinging or tightness. It has written Certified  Organic Ingredients on it. Botanics had a makeover lately, so I would be interesting how their products are now.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Blemish Cream with Manuka honey does really what it promised – it is calming, fast absorbing and non greasy, even if it had a thicker consistency, once applied, you feel nothing but but how calming it is on painful breakouts and when breakouts heal,  they are not flaky with dry bits of skin. Will repurchase at some point. I wrote a review about the range here.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum is a clear light moisturising gel that helps balance skin and works very well with other products from ApiClear range. It contains bee venom, it is anti-bacterial and had skin soothing benefits. I would be willing to repurchase if I got the whole range again.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc is good old zinc sulphate solution to cleanse and sooth skin and therefore it is my favourite summer toner mist. I decided to do no buy for several weeks after seeing the state of my stash doing #ABmidyearstashchallenge on Instagram and I also want to try COSRX so I am not repurchasing now but definitely will in preparations for summer next year.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque (forgot to include it in the picture because I am an airhead) is a creamy rehydrating mask I wrote a review about but it still puzzles me why I didn’t include it in my occasional favourites posts as I really like this mask. At the moment I have Sukin hydrating mask but I will repurchase it when that one finishes.



Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix is a thick cream gel that was at times difficult to press out of the squeezy tube. My skin felt nice and soft but if I compare it with Yves Rocher gel I finished last month, I would say I liked that one better and it seemed more smoothing. It was OK for half price. Don’t intend to repurchase.

Roger&Gallet Bienfaits Hand and Nail balm with aloe vera and extract of 5 antioxidant fruity is good old lovely smelling brand where aloe vera is mixed with some other ingredients creating beautifully fragrance body care product. Every time I pull out something from them to use from my stash, my husband tells me to buy more and he usually hates how much beauty stash I have.

Avon Latin Sensation Eau de Toilette was a nice mix of cardamon, pink osmanthus and sandalwood. Good everyday fragrance with a bit of difference.

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is for a change one tanning product I would be willing to try. It is a lotion that you are supposed to use after shower, still wet, you massage it generously where you want, wash your hands, wait 3 minutes and rinse off. This was just a 50 ml sample so it last me only 5 uses for the whole body but I like the subtle, non streaky result, so people who like heavy tan might find this weak. It does smell like any fake tan when you apply but it not as strong as many other and you can’t smell anything after you rinse it.

James Read Gradual Tan H2O Tan Mist is actually another self-tanning product I liked but only if I had a pack of disposable latex gloves to rub it all over evenly as I tried it for 2 weeks (30 ml go a surprisingly long way). First week I tried to use it for three days without rubbing, just to see, how evenly it sprays. Needless to say, it looked horrible and patchy but colour built Up quite quickly and took several days to rade. With rubbing in evenly, I really liked the shade I got after two days. The smell of freshly sprayed water reminded me of old fashioned shaving cream or soap and when the tan developed, it didn’t have that strong self-tan smell.

Soap&Glory Ab Fab Skin Toning Tummy Serum. I am not gonna lie, I used products that worked better for the claims this one has but the fragrance of this makes up for everything and I would be willing to repurchase purely because of that. And also because because it is a gel cream so works well as a summer body moisturiser.

Soap &Glory  Arm-A-Gooden really kept my arms smooth, smelled of pink grapefruit and had those small spheres that burst when massaged into skin, so if I am on the market for additional body care product and this is on offer, I’ll buy again 🙂

The Body Shop Papaya shower gel is your good old TBS shower gel. The scent was nice but I had some I liked better. Again, not a problem to finish a shower gel in a month when you have other family members to help you.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream was in my empties many times and many times will be as it is one of my forever repurchased products at a cost of around £4, no phthalate or paraben, works particularly well when used twice a day.

The Body Shop Mango hand cream. Let’s be honest, typical TBS handcreams are not the most hydrating handcream but the fragrance is good and their light consistency make  a them great on the go handbag  a necessity. I loved smelling my hands after I applied this cream – just like mango tea.

Avon Only Imagine is one of those musk fragrances that I like as it is mixed with green apple and violet (my two favourites). I don’t intend to repurchase though because as I overdid it with buying The Body Shop body sets, I overdid it with Avon fragrances (I am kind of person to overdo thing till I get tired of it).

Superdrug Aloe Vera Shaving Gel is a good alternative for those looking for cruelty free shaving products. I don’t have a problem with shaving foam so all I can say is that my legs felt always smooth and comfortable, not dry.

7th Heaven Strength Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques are made in Korea for a Welsh company. I have very weak nails, so when I saw it, I decided to try it. It contains masks filled with mixture of argan and macadamia oils with pomegranate, that you slide on your fingertips, wait for 15 minutes and massage leftover oil. I suggest to cut between the masks for ease of use when putting on the fingers. I left it on  for half an hour and I can say that it definitely made my nails shiny and healthier looking. I will definitely buy again.

The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter is your classic TBS body butter and again, the scent of the butter is more subtle than the shower gel.



Joico Daily Care Leave-in Detangler didn’t make super impressed, especially for the price. In fact, it was basically the same as detanglers I had for £3-4, so if I should spend the same money for the detangler again, I’d rather go for Paul Mitchell again. No repurchase.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure is an anti-breakage cream for damaged lengths and ends. What I liked about it is that it is a 1-2 treatment, so you can use it when in hurry and I love how it smells. It kept my waist long hair nice and soft but it was not enough for my daughters’ coily curls. If I was buying only for myself, I might repurchase.

L’Oréal Elvive Phytoclear Intensive 1 Min Exfoliating Scrub Pre-Shampoo Treatment. It was effective at cleansing sculp but it was rough like body scrub and it took some effort to rinse it out of my hair. I did a review of this two weeks ago.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is in my empties almost every month since the beginning of the year, only this time I used it just every other hair wash and I didn’t repurchase. I want to see how I feel, if I don’t use it for a month.



Yves Rocher nail polish in Violet Electrique was a 3 ml mini of a beautiful rich deep pearly purple and it lasted on nails very well.

Max Factor Compact Foundation Facefinity + Primewear was my favourite foundation for hot weather sa it is basically a powder. Of course the coverage is light to medium but it looks very natural and doesn’t go cakey or patchy in second half of the day. I am not gonna repurchase immediately as I really want to try my makeup stash but I am sure this and Revlon Colorstay are going to be my forever repurchase foundations.

Tesco Beauty Nail Polish Remover is a supermarket cheap and cheerful product I will happily repurchase unlike one branded polish remover that was supposed to be for brittle nails but was neither effective in removing polish and my nails were even more brittle than ever.

So these were my empties for this month and if you were able (or not) to bear with me till the end, thank you for reading and have a lovely day😘






Have you tried COSRX Acne Pimple Patches?


If you noticed my empties posts, you probably know about my growing love for sheet masks and that made me more interesting in Asian skincare. One of the brands that is often praised by people with acne prone skin like mine was COSRX who have a plethora products for problem skin ranging from toners, essence, cleansing pads and creams, and somewhere in between is also Acne Pimple Master Patch that claims to protect blemishes from dirt and other contaminants while absorbing secretion like plus and oil while being non-drying.

I have to be honest, I didn’t make a picture of the new products (except for the haul) because I didn’t know what to expect and I also probably thought the whole thing is a bit gimmicky but as I like trying things for my breakouts and the price is not horrible (£4-5), I gave it a try.


There are 24 patches of 3 different sizes in one pack. They look a bit like glue sticker in protective film. You should apply to patch on your pimple after cleansing your skin before you saturate it with other moisturising products as it may reduce efficiency of the patch. I usually left it on overnight and it works best on painful breakouts that you feel there is something inside. When I wake up, the pimple didn’t disappoint but it is visibly reduced and most of them lesa or not at all painful anymore and you can see the colour of the patch changed from clear to white in place where it soaked the pus.


I am not saying your pimple will disappoint overnight but it is the best overnight pimple treatment I have tried and I do recommend trying it for those pesky pimples especially now in the summer.

When I checked British sellers, I like the most Glamour Flare and Asian Beauty Plus as their prices are reasonable and they offer other products you might be also interested in.

L’ORÉAL Elvive Phytoclear Intensive 1 Min Exfoliating Scrub


Last six months or so it seems like most companies started selling scalp scrubs or scalp treatments and now pretty much every company has some offering for people who feel the need of treating their scalp. I myself have itchy and flaking scalp pretty much from my teens although I would say that my condition improved after I moved to London (this might be because water is really hard where I come from). I did try scalp scrub before (around 6 years ago, bought online as you would not be able to find something like that on high street at the time but as I didn’t​ repurchase, it probably didn’t hit the spot).

I decided to try the highstreet offering now in this pre-shampoo treatment that I bought for promotional price of £4 (usually £5.99).

I forgot to take picture of how it looks like before I finished it but the way I would decribe it is that it looks like a white hair balm mixed with black grounded kernels or “argania spinosa shell powder” by the ingredients list. It contains tea tree leaf oil but the scent is more artificial, perfumy, a bit like mens deodorant.

You are supposed to massage the scrub into your scalp after wetting your hair in sections before rinsing and washing hair with shampoo.

I must admit, I really hated it the first time I used it – it felt like I put body scrub into my hair, felt a bit rough and to wash it of was another matter. I am sure everybody who had children who like playing in sand know how difficult it is to wash out the sand from their hair. However, you cannot judge a product by just one use, so I persisted and use it up. After all, it did give my scalp nice clean feeling. I had been using it since April every 2-3 weeks and I would say that if dandruff is one of your main concerns, it is worth trying but if your scalp is sensitive, I would look for something gentler.

Blogging Block and Hauling Lately

Welcome to my blog although lately I am not feeling inspired enough to do even my once weekly post. It is not because I didn’t do any shopping (I abandoned my New Year’s resolution completely lately) and that there is no drama in my life (but too personal to write publicly about as I am no Jeremy Kyle Show material) and I actually had some posts that I started writing but abandoned later because I wasn’t feeling it after the initial excitement evaporated.


One of the things I got excited about is that I discovered a Hong Kong based company selling Asian beauty for good prices called Skin18. When I checked their website I found out they had 40% off promotional code and I could also choose 5 freebies (sheet masks, samples and face clothes) and as my huge order was over $40 even after the discounts, I also got a free delivery. What impressed me even more though is that  after I made the order on Thursday, I received my package on Monday before I went to work and the pink heart shape bubble wrap was certainly a very nice touch.


Getting excited about Korean beauty I started looking for UK based companies selling K beauty, especially COSRX because I wanted to try their range targeted on treating breakouts and oily skin. I found a company called Glamour Flare and got a 20% off voucher as well as my order qualified for a free delivery. I also got some samples and eyeliner as a free gift which I didn’t expect.



Superdrug also started selling Bio-Essence 24k Gold range and I got excited especially by the water and cleansers but I contained myself and ordered only detanglers that we need in our family and some mask that were cheap and were on 3 for 2 promotion and I also got interested in cleansing pads so I also bought some budget ones to see how they fare.



They say shop till you drop but in my case my budget for frivolities finished😇 and it is a good job because my stash started being overwhelming again now. On the other hand I have no budget for beauty shopping till September now because children will have holiday and I will need the money for some quality time with them now so probably that’s about it for a few months😋