Wilko Make Up Brushes


Last year, while doing a little bit of shopping, I got inside Wilko. I didn’t have anything in particular to buy there, I just didn’t want to wait for another 18 minutes at the bus stop in front of the shop. Wilko knows what women want because first lane is always make up, skincare and toiletries and while passing through I noticed their new (at least to me) make up brushes. I usually don’t notice their brushes because (I really don’t want to sound too posh because I am a budget person and even the most expensive items in my make up collection were bought in sales or discount) I found them pretty basic, although with good price tag. The brushes had nude ergonomically shaped handles with thick soft bristles. I touched the bristles on the big powder brush and I knew I was in trouble – I fell in love. The only thing that saved me was that the brushes I wanted, were there only for show (very clever, Wilko, to show people how things look and feel even if they are not available in the location) and they were not available in the shop I was in.

But it was my birthday and as my family is not in this country, I got some money transferred into my account as a present and the thought of the brushes didn’t fade, so I had a look on Wilko’s website. I didn’t want to spend more than £25 altogether as there were other things I also wanted to buy for myself but with price ranging from £3 to £5 for such beautiful brushes was almost nothing and easy to find the ones I really wanted.

Powder Brush is a large, fluffy brush with soft bristles. It bevels to a slight point to ease application under the eyes and around the nose and face and works well with both loose and pressed powders. That was the very brush I fell in love with in the shop as I have a soft spot for powder brushes and I am not the only one because my younger daughter always uses the opportunity to play with it as a microphone.


Short Hair Stippler Brush was the second I chose as I like that kind of brush for applying foundation if my fingers don’t work well with it. This one should be good for mousse, fluid and compact foundation. I have not tried it yet as at the moment I use foundation that works well with my fingers.

Blusher Brush should work well with both brush and bronzers. I like using angled blusher brush to apply blusher on my cheeks as the angle works well with the way I like my blush on my cheeks.

Eyebrow Brush was a simple choice because I have only one eyebrow brush as the other I had simply fell apart last time I wanted to wash it (which tells something about its quality – it was just third time I washed it). I hope (I am sure it will) this one will last much longer although I am not sure I would use the spoolie side but you never know.

Smokey Eye Duo Brush was one I was not sure about when I finally received the brushes from Wilko but I actually like it for blending the dark shadow in outer corner of my eye.




Used Up Products – Empties January 2017



B. Pure Micellar Water is 3-in-1 water you can use for cleansing, toning and refreshing. Although it is ok for removing face make up, I do prefer eye make up remover for my eye as I don’t find any micellar water as effective for that purpose as those. What I liked using this water for now in winter was as a morning toner, as it is gentle and refreshing and for that purpose I would buy it again.

B. Refreshed Essence Lotion is together with hyaluronic acid facial spritz my favourite product from B. skincare to date. Although I did not like strong scent at the beginning of use, in the course of time I stopped noticing it. It contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise, allantoing to soothe and algae extract to soften an smooth. I decanted this lotion to spritzer and sprayed it on my face every morning and evening after toning before serum. It added that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to my winter skincare routine that made it perfect. Although I found those product getting my skin shiny a bit quicker in the summer, I will definitely repurchase for colder months again. Another thing I liked use it for was put one spray on the back of my hands before applying hand cream. I found my hands get softer that way.

Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright was my evening toner. It contains AHA from hibiscus flower to act as a mild exfoliator. It is not as strong as Alpha H but it worked well as every evening toner. I did try to use it morning and evening but I noticed my skin got more sensitive (although not irritated). I can definitely recommend it for people on budget but if you expect dramatic result, you probably need to up your budget.

Garnier 2in1 Express Eye Make Up Remover is my no1 eye make up remover. I had it in my empties a few times. Good price (and there are always some 1/3 off promotions on Garnier) and very effective and gentle.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash is what I recommend for blemish prone skin in winter. Of course, if you are not used to tea tree, you can find smell of it a bit intimidating and also have to be careful not to get it close to your eye but all that should go away after some time of use as you get used to it. It is refreshing without drying out the skin.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild. This was part of Latest In Beauty box in collaboration with British Beauty Blogger. It is for dry skin so I did not find it as refreshing but as facial wash in winter, it did its job and had not particular fragrance.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + for very dry to dry combination skin is another sample size from the mentioned LIB box. I did try it once on my face this winter and no surprise, I found it heavy for my face, so I used the rest for my hands and it did make them soft and moisturised. It did have a strong smell of charcoal though and it was a bit unpleasant till the scent vanished.


Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules was part of gift with purchase I made on Elemis website. It contained 14 capsules with oil, 7 pink ones with rose oil to use in the morning and 7 blue ones with lavender oil to use in the evening. I would normally not use so much oil, especially in the morning, but as I had to stay at home for some weeks because of my injury, I decided it is good opportunity to use it instead of moisturiser. And sure enough, using oil morning and evening on my skin proved too much and by day 6 my chin and jaw stared breaking out in several spots, so I cannot really recommend it for oily skin.

Elemis Pro-Definition Day Cream and Dynamic Resurfacing Night Cream are samples I got with Feelunique purchase. I cannot really comment about its efficiency as it lasted me only 1 day, but although it did not feel heavy, it took a while to absorb, so I don’t think it is anti-ageing product for my oily skin.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet was again a 15 ml sample size from some beauty box (I am not sure which one) and I really liked it. It has consistency of cream-mouse and is light but moisturising will definitely buy a full size tube one day as Caudalie is one of the brands that I would like to explore better this year.

Skin Republic CoQ10 + Caviar Face Mask Sheet was again part of Lookfantastic December box. I usually keep sheet masks on for around 45 minutes as 15 minutes would waste a lot of product in my opinion. However it took quite a while to absorb into my skin and although it did provide what it promised, with my skin I would use it only as once in a while moisture pick me up.



The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Body Butter was part of the whole set of body care I bought last year in January sales. Standard TBS body butter consistency, pleasant berry fragrance. What’s not to like?

The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel. Same smell as the body butter and if you read regularly, you might have noticed I like fruity fragrance in my body products.

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream. TBS hand creams are one of my favourite as they absorb quickly and have a nice scent. This moringa one was good but not one of my favourite.

The Body Shop White Musk Eau de Toilette was small 10 ml bottle. It is quite nice but to me smell almost identical to Avon Soft Musk.

Avon Naturals Comforting Fig Scented Spritz. Pleasant smell but quite watered down but hey, I bought it for £1. No intend to repurchase though.

Avon Foot Works Marine Salt Hydrating Balm. I usually don’t like heavy balm consistency but as I apply this in bed before sleep, I find it nourishing. Fresh and clean marine scent is also a plus to me.

Nip+Fab Tummy Fix doesn’t make miracles, but it does help improve skin tone and texture on your tummy. With half price promotion I would buy again but wouldn’t for the full one.



Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening Shampoo. This sulfate free shampoo kept my hair shiny and healthy looking but it was not good in dealing with my flaky, greasy and itchy scalp although I basically apply my shampoo only on scalp. As my hair is also curly, thin and fine, I cannot wash my hair often, having itchy scalp next day after washing was not nice and that is the reason this shampoo is a no repurchase for me.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. I read a lot of good things about this so I ordered 3 when it was on 3 for 2 offer. Although I don’t have a problem to grow my hair long, my thinning hair is a problem since I had my second daughter. So I thought I my help at least my hair shafts although it is not saying anything about hair getting thicker. I have been using it for a month only, so with my normally curly hair it is a bit difficult to comment on hair growth rate, but I noticed a lot of baby hair around my face, so we will see.

Avon Naturals Super Straight Serum is another good cheap Avon product that helps to tame the frizz on my hair. It has a consistency of gel/oil and I use just a tiny bit after washing and towel drying.


Make Up

Ciate London Triple Shot Mascara didn’t impress me much when I started using it but after 5-6 weeks when it dried a bit, I could see a point in using it. I liked it but was never able to apply it without smudging my eyelids.



Skin Republic CoQ10 + Caviar Face Mask Sheet


In December decided to try Lookfantastic beauty box, as I found out that I can buy one without a subscription and what I saw in December one seemed a fantastic value for £15 and one of the products I received was Skin Republic CoQ10 + Caviar Face Mask Sheet.

As an oily skin girl/lady, I prefer clay masks more than everything, but as my age progress, I do appreciate something that gives my skin moisture and makes it plump as well (hyaluronic acid is my hero of choice for that purpose), so once in a while I also use a moisturising mask.

It is you classic sheet mask that is soaked in recovery serum enhancing the skin’s elasticity containing vitamins (not stated which), antioxidants and amino acids which all should help to hydrate, nourish and revitalise and CoQ10, caviar and witch hazel that should help to protect the skin and reduce the redness while giving a youthful appearance.

Directions say to keep it on cleansed face for 15-20 minutes, but I left it on for good 45 minutes, as I don’t think a moisturising mask should have an adverse affect if you leave it for longer and I would also consider it a waste with all the leftover serum on the sheet. The serum that is left inside the bag where mask was is also used on my neck and decollete area.

After I took the sheet off I could feel the leftover serum sitting on my skin for a good while till it got absorbed both on my neck and face. It did feel a bit rich on the touch but did not make my skin feel uncomfortable. Once it absorbed, I did skip beauty essence and serum step and just moved on with moisturiser.

I think it would feel a bit too much for my skin to use regularly but when used once in a while, it is a nice pick me up for my skin, especially for the price point of £4.99, I am really willing to explore this brand offering more. At the moment, I found only 2 products on Lookfantastic site, but Superdrug has 8 with price from £4.99 to £9.99, offering masks not only for face but also hands, feet and under eye.


Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer


A few months back I featured a Marc Jacobs drawer from thisispowder.co.uk that I got where I received Hi-Shine Lacquer in the shade 120 Delphine which retails at around £15.

I used this lacquer a few times, so I have a better idea on how it performs and to be honest, when I used it the first time, my review would most probably be negative, as for that price, you really want something better.

When I opened the polish for the first time, I was underwhelmed, to be honest. Maybe it was because it was “just” in a beauty box, but I didn’t like that that there were some fibres from the brush unruly sticking out in different directions which happened to me before only when I bought a £1 polish and that had made application of the polish a bit messy job. Also, the polish itself seemed so thin, that I had to apply 3 layers to get full opacity. On the positive side, each layer smoothed out equally, so there was not any layered effect what might happen  if you apply next layer not exactly the same way as the previous one, if you know what I mean. Next few times however, the formula got a bit thicker and two layers were enough, also the fibres from the brush were not sticking out that bad, were almost smooth. I just hope it doesn’t mean that the polish dries out quickly.


Once the polish is apply and you still should wait at least another 5 minutes even with Seche Vite on top, as this lacquer dries for quite some time. I used different top coat the first time and waited for 1 hour before I went to bed, only to find out that my nails got ruined during night.

The lacquer lasted on my nails for two days without chipping which my sound not enough for some but as I am washing dishes for four people by hand and often forget to put on rubber gloves, it  is a lot (many polishes don’t last me even a day till edges start chipping on some of them).

Over all, after the second use I really like the polish, especially as it is in nude brown shade that I previously missed in my collection and I really like smooth shiny finish it has at the end.


Introduction to 2true Cosmetics – Haul + First Impressions


As probably everybody or most of us, I would like to have all the luxury products but it is not always (most of the time) possible so I am also interested in low budget cosmetics as once a while you can find a real gem there despite the price and this time I got interested in 2true cosmetics. I remember that Superdrug used to  stock this brand until a few years ago, so I am not sure whether it didn’t sell much or they fell out with the company, but I remember I had some eye pencils from them that I didn’t use much because colours didn’t suit me well (light pearly green and blue) and a blusher that I quite liked and used well. I noticed they did a big summer sale last July with ridiculous discount prices under  £1 that I unfortunately couldn’t take advantage of  because I travelled at the time, but I kept curious about it, especially as you don’t see many review about it which on one hand I can understand, as I cannot bring myself to buy make up in shops like Poundland and allow it to touch my skin but as this used to be sold in Superdrug, I decided to place an order.


Main factor in my decision in proceeding with my order was when I saw their new brush collection, I liked the colourful handles and as the whole collection is £10, it was a no brainer. I haven’t tried them properly yet except for the blusher brush, but I like the feeling of them, they are soft and do pick up the pigment.

One of the first products I put in my basket after the brushes was their rainbow highlighter. I know that they are everywhere now but this one was one of the first I registered on the UK market last summer so I told myself that I am gonna buy it. The set with a blusher brush cost £4.95 but as they have sale on their site, without a brush the cost is £3.95.


As it is a low budget brand, it is quite powdery but I like that you get more subtle highlight, just like with blusher and bronzer, I prefer building it up to the preferred intensity than get  looking like a shining beam at first go.


I was also interested in their  eyeshadows and pigments as those are now for just 20p a pot. I haven’t tried the pigments yet (although I have them for over a month) so cannot yet comment on their quality. As for the small eyeshadow palettes, I think it is not bad for the price. Again, it is a bit powdery and maybe not as intense but that is to be expected from lower budget and you can still use wet brush. As usual, I did swatches without a

primer with my finger.



What also got me interested was their Super Charged lipstick in the shade called Teddy Bare, now in sale for £2.95 instead of £3.95.


I am wondering whether it is supposed to be a dupe for Mac’s  Velvet Teddy. In any case, it is a nice everyday nude that is very wearable to me, so I will be definitely using it a lot.


I think that now with the sale going on it is definitely worth trying this brand out, as  the prices start from 20p and UK deliveries are free on orders from £10.

Used Up Products – Empties for December 2016


It is that time again when my empties bag got full after around 6 weeks. Sorry for the quality of the photos but after the accident I  had, it is a bit difficult for me to  stand and fiddle with pictures, especially in this weather when the whole day looks like an evening:)



Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion (£3.29, now £1.59). I am so glad that I finally used it up, it took me almost those 9 months it suggests I should use it up after opening and the reason was simply I had a few cleansers of similar consistency opened, now I don’t want to have more than 2 products of the same kind opened at once, as I hate when some of them hang around for too long and I cannot move on to another or just waste the product for leaving it opened for too long. This is pretty much ordinary cleansing lotion, although when I tried it on my eyes, it didn’t sting them, but I wasn’t using it for eyes every day, so I cannot vouch for it as a good eye make up remover, I would say that mascara or long lasting eyeliner would be a bit of problem for this, but as a face cleanser it was a nice standard for my skin (dry skin type would probably need something richer).

B. Ready Day Cream SPF15 for skin phase 1 (£9.49, now on BOGOF offer). I wrote a post about the whole range of B. products and I can say I loved using them together. Although I am a bit older that phase 1 is recommended for, as my skin is oily, I think this skin range is enough for my anti-aging action. It contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide which help keeping skin plump and smooth and controls blemish. It is supposed to create something B. call Glycofilm to shield skin against environmental aggressors. I might have find a tiny bit much for summer, but in winter when my skin is normal/oily, it was perfect. I don’t know whether they discontinued it or just renamed it because I cannot find it on Superdrugs site now, I found B. Confident Day Cream for phase 1 now so I put the link for that one.

B. Nourished Night Serum (£9.49 but is on buy one get one free offer now) is again packed with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and antioxidant blend. It has a consistency of a light moisturiser, so 30 ml lasted me just something over a month but for the price (I bought it on half price offer) it is very worth giving a try. Again this product has been renamed to B. Confident Night Serum P1.

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Anti-Fatigue  Moisturising Cream for normal to combination skin (£21, now £14.70 for 40 ml tube). I got this 15 ml sample size in Latest in Beauty box last year. Again this moisturiser would normally feel a bit rich for my skin but now in winter it was okay and didn’t break me out. It has typical clean of perfumes French pharmacy smell which I like, but I don’t feel tempted to buy a full size, something lighter would be better.

Origins GingZing Eye Cream (£20 for 15 ml full size). I got this 5ml  sample size tube in a value pack I bought. I had a sachet sample before in the summer and I didn’t feel very impressed but it clearly shows that it is worth giving products a go at different times of the year because now when the consistency was not so runny from high temperatures, I actually liked it and I could clearly see the brightening effect on my undereye area.

L’Occitane Crème Divine (£74 for 50 ml). 8 ml lovely looking sample of this cream was included in the Spring British Beauty Blogger Latest in Beauty box. I could definitely feel that this moisturiser is working smoothening out wrinkles, firming and plumping my skin with almost immediate effect. Also, the smell was lovely, like a mixture of honey with lemongrass or lemon zest. On the less positive side, although it didn’t feel heavy, it made my skin quite shiny, especially in the T zone.

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Night Cream Wrinkles and Radiance (£23, now £11.99) was a really lovely night cream that might be a little thicker in consistency as a moisturiser for oily skin, but it didn’t feel heavy at all and I could easily use serum and oil with it as well. My skin really felt smoother and radiant when using this cream.

Emma Hardie Age Support Face Cream 5 ml sample that I got free for shopping with Feelunique. It is supposed to be rich in hyaluronic and natural peptide with a scent that reminded me of moringua, but I did not notice anything special except that it made my skin extra shiny, so cannot recommend for oily skin.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (from £1.75 to £21, now 20% sitewide on Escentual). It is a second sample size of this cleanser that I had and I also have a mini size. I quite like it, even if I have oily skin because it feels comfortable and it washes out easily with a damp facecloth. I might not use it every day and its liquid form might be a bit of a downsize for some people, but I really like it.

Starskin Brightening After Party Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask (£8.50) was a part of Powder Beauty Drawer last winter. It promises to be intensely energizing, dark-spot correcting, evens skin tone, skin texture smoothing and radiance boosting. It contains coconut, tetrapeptide-40, omega3 purslane, mallow, niacinamide cowslip, gentian root, sugar maple, lactobacillus and herbal melody. I am not sure about dark spot correcting but I still think it is amazing. My skin was almost completely smooth for 2-3 days after using this mask, and I had enough product left in the bag from the mask (it should be infused with 30 ml of serum) to last me for next 4-5 days. Although my face felt a bit tacky after this mask, so I had t wait 30-40 minutes before continuing with my normal skin care products after this mask,  I feel £8.50 for one use mask is somehow justifiable.

Yves Rocher Vitamin Face Mist (£7.50). This is botanical-based face mist containing organic pink grapefruit extract and organic chamomile water, no animal ingredients, paraben and alcohol free that promises to invigorate and refresh your skin as well as set your make up. I can vouch for the energizing effect paired with a lovely scent of pink grapefruit, but it is quite concentrated to be used to set make up. It has a bit tacky feeling though, so I loved using it  on my beauty sponge when applying foundation.


Make Up

Topshop Liner in Black Cab (£7.50) is really fast-drying and smudge proof eyeliner with fine applicator that allowed me a good control when lining my eye and I absolutely loved it. I have some other eye-liners to try now, but will definitely repurchase at some point in the future.

MUA Matte Lipstick in Peachy Keen (£1) is a very budget friendly lipstick, so you cannot expect that as matte lipstick would feel very comfortable or non-drying but I absolutely loved the colour even though it was a bit streaky.

L’oreal Fast Dry Top Coat is a pretty standard quick dry top coat that makes the top layer hard buy the ones underneath still need some time, so Seche Vite cannot be beaten with this. What I liked about it though was a wide flat brush that applied the product quickly and evenly in one sweep.



The Bodyshop Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion, Eau de Toilette and Hand Cream. I don’t usually like shimmer lotions and this one was almost like a highlighter but it was appropriate for the season. Frosted Cranberry is a lovely scent but as most of  TBS eau de toilettes, it didn’t last too long.

The Bodyshop Vanilla Brulee Hand Cream is from last years winter edition so it is not sold anymore and the consistency is a typical light TBS hand cream which I like, but some might prefer something richer.

Baylis and Harding Herbal Therapy Silky Hand & Body Lotion in Mulberry, Hollyhock and Thyme was part of gift pack that I got from Secret Santa at work. Pretty standard consistency but I really loved the herbal almost manly scent. If Baylis & Harding made body sprays, I would be interested in this one.

Avon Naturals Passion Fruit and Peony shower gel and body lotion is one of the cheap and cheerful Avon offerings. While the scent of shower gel felt a bit plasticy to me, I loved the body lotion.

Avon City Rush Glamour Eau de Parfum  is not sold anymore, but I quite liked this light flowery scent with sandalwood base notes.

Cien Men Shaving Gel Sensitive. I was skint and needed new shaving gel and as the female alternative was not available at the time and it was well under £1, I told myself it men can use it on their face, I can as well use it for my legs and I did and it did work well, I didn’t mind the manly scent.

Nip + Fab Body Bust Fix (£16, but often on 1/2 price offer) was a nice bust moisturiser keeping the skin in the area firm and perky, would buy again.

Heathcote & Ivory Atlas Silks Hand Cream (£7 for 100 ml). This 15ml tube got to me through my husband, it was again light and had a strong scent that I really loved. I might buy big tube in the future.



Viviscal Hair Growth 30 Maximum Strength Tablets I bought in Black Friday sales. 15 days is not enough to comment on its efficacy and as it is expensive, I don’t intend to buy more at the moment but I told myself, it would give my hair at least some vitamin dose. For now I bought a low concentrated Biotin from Holland and Barrett.

Avon Naturals Strand Strength Apricot and Shea Leave-In Treatment is one of my always repurchased products. It conditions my hair without weighing down and is cheap as chips.

Avon Naturals Daily Nourishment Superfruit Souffle in Yumberry & Yoghurt is a lighter hair product, but for £1 I bought it for, there is nothing to complain about.

Garnier Nutrisse Crème Nourishing Conditioner is a thick and creamy rich conditioner that came with hair colour. It was deeply nourishing and gave my hair lovely smell. The only complain is the bottle it came in, as it made getting the product out of it difficult.



2016 and hopes for 2017


This post is going to be a bit more personal post for me as different thing happened to me during last few weeks and even though originally I wanted to write about a series of bad luck, after yesterday it is more about gratitude.

I didn’t write any post for a few weeks now and simple reason was that just before Christmas my phone broke down unrepairably (sorry if this is not a word but it is now for me:)), my laptop also decided to give up on me after 6 years (so as laptops go, it served me well) and as my luck had it, because of delayed paperwork, I didn’t get paid last month which, as you can imagine, is not the best thing to happen before Christmas. It was just lucky that this Santa solved Christmas on Black Friday alongside some shopping done for myself (well, who buys presents for me, if I don’t do it myself?).

So, considering my financial situation and overflowing beauty items, I started feeling, like all the stuff I have is on one hand weighing me down but on the other hand they are also all things I wanted to try, so if I didn’t want to lose them, I definitely decided that 2017 is going to be my big Project Pan (not to buy any  product, unless running out).

I still needed to solve my offline situation because living so far from family and not being able to speak to them during this period was beginning to get to me so I decided using leftover allowance on my credit card to order a phone and new laptop. Yesterday, I went to pick up my laptop with my daughters as my companions of choice. As we came back and got off the bus in front of our house, traffic was not moving, cars in both directions stationary, so I decided to cross the road in between the cars and just as I made a step from behind the bus, a motorcycle trying to get forward between the cars hit me. It all happened so quickly, I just remember first thing that I thought was ‘I am alive, I am okay’ and immediately after that I realised I hear my younger daughter screaming from under the motorcycle. Fortunately, the rider of the bike still held the it the way that she was completely without a scratch just shaken and scared and when I picked her and held her trying to get her on the side of the road where my older daughter stood with scared eyes, she shouted ‘my pompoms!’ looking at the pompoms I had bought for her lying in the middle of the road together with some groceries and box with my new laptop on the road as an evidence of some tragic happening. I knew she is alright then and realised my right knee and left foot are difficult to stand on. Anyway, long story short, I ended with very painful foot and knee but as X-ray showed, nothing was broken and most of all, my daughter (and her pompoms) were alright.

At first I thought it is just another bad thing that happened to me lately but as everybody went to bed just my wired brain refused to switch off, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude went through my whole body. I was thankful that my daughter didn’t have a scratch (because then I really couldn’t live with myself), I was thankful that even though my legs are hurting me a lot and I need to use crutches to get even to the toilet, it is something that should heal relatively quickly. And my new laptop works despite hitting the road with a good bang when I got hit and fell.

So what I want to say, if you got to this point with my probably a bit boring blabbering, is that I wish you best 2017 you could have, but if something bad meets you or is unavoidable, let the consequences be repairable.