My current bathroom heroes



Like Andie MacDowell says in a commercial: “You don’t always get what you paid for, sometimes you get more”. And that is how I felt when I bought these little gems I currently like.


Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Peel


This has been around for quite a while but it is only now I decided to venture into acids ( I know, horrible to say for a thirty something woman). As I didn’t know what to expect, I went for something in a small 30 ml tube and it was on offer for £2.99. It has a runny gel consistency and you are supposed to apply a small amount around your face and leave it overnight. In the morning just wash and use moisturiser with SPF. As I think you should not use moisturiser over the top, I use it every other night.

Now many reviews for this product are a bit meh and I think they might be mostly from people with dry skin, as you basically don’t use moisturiser if you use this peel but for my oily skin every other night it really works well. Although it didn’t make my pores invisible, neither it got rid of my pigmentation marks but somehow my skin looks smoother and brighter, not dull. Basically I don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror in bright daylight😊

Garnier Skin Naturals Express 2in1 Eye Make-up Remover


I bought this small 120 ml bottle on promotion for £2 and it really does what it promises on the bottle. Doesn’t need rubbing and doesn’t feel greasy at all unlike other eye makeup removers with oily half that I used before.But most of all, it didn’t sting my eyes. You would think that if something supposed to be used on eyes should be gentle but for me more often than not they sting my eyes as hell so I am very happy with this one