Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

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As a beauty junkie I am subscribed to different mail lists hunting for a good bargain, but to be honest I never thought I would really order from Origins as  their prices are really way over my budget. As fate wanted in the moment of hair product lust I got an email from them that with every order of Ojon shampoo you’ll get a free matching full size conditioner. Now even with the price of £21 for both (otherwise £21 each) seems quite expensive to me, like I said I had those moments when I was lusting for some new hair care and at the end I gave in and put my order through.

I have the set for around 2 weeks now and while I am not entirely sure about the thickening properties, as much as I hate to admit it for such an expensive shampoo and conditioner, I really love it. Now that weather got warmer I use shampoo on my hair every 3 days (5 days in winter) and now after 3 days (also probably because last few days were not that warm), my scalp is not oily nor itchy and I still cannot stop touching the ends of my hair because they still feel so soft and nice to touch. Having hair soft the first day after washing is nothing new with me using conditioner and balms, but to last it 3 days is a nice surprise to me as I have dry and damaged end that I need to trim to keep in good condition (I have thin and wavy/curly hair).

Of course, as natural cosmetics, the shampoo does not contain sulphates, so it does not foam as much as ordinary ‘cheap’ shampoo, but still provides good cleaning. Both shampoo and conditioner are very lightly scented which I think gives it even more feel as natural.

Offer is still available on Origins.co.uk, so if you want to try Ojon shampoo and conditioner for better price, I think now is good opportunity, as I don’t think you’ll regret.