Manuka Doctor Deal Alert and Haul


Manuka Doctor is a skincare brand from New Zealand  that uses as its name says manuka honey and purified bee venom. Each batch used in their skincare is tested and can be traced back to the place where it came from.

There are quite few promotions on Manuka Doctor’s products on their website, then there is buy one and get one half price on the whole range in Hollands and Barrett  and half price on selected products in Superdrug that I decided to take advantage from.


As you can see, I decided for products from their ApiClear range that is suitable for oily skin (pity the cleanser was out of stock, otherwise I’d buy that one as well)  and I finally decided that I will try to use facial oils on my face, as I heard only good things about their Normalising Facial Oil that promises to smooth out pores and as it cost instead of usual £19.99 just £9.99, it didn’t take me long to decide, I want to try it. I have quite a lot of skincare in my stash at the moment, but I started using the normalising  facial oil, so I will report on how my skin did with it.

If you are interested in their skincare and are not allergic to honey or  bee venom, I think you should give them a try before the offers finish, as they sound quite promising and reviews are also good.