Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette


A few months back, when I was in Superdrug, I noticed  small nude palettes with 8 eyeshadows from Max Factor. The three variations offer Cappucino Nudes, Golden Nudes and Rose Nudes. They looked so gorgeous that I just had to touch the tester pans with my fingers and when I saw the pigmentation on my fingertips, my heart skipped a beat, but as my pile of unused cosmetics in our small living space became ridiculous, I just persuaded myself that I don’t need another eyeshadow palette, especially for £14.99 for 8 shadows, if I could buy 2 bit Makeup Revolution palettes for that price (I know, I’m cheap).


Of course, that didn’t stop me from stalking those palettes online. I am pretty sure more people who shop online, just put things in their basket and then let themselves some time to think whether they really wan to buy the items in the basket. I did so on both Superdrug’s and Boots’ site. Then I forgot about them for a while until May when Boots had a Max Factor gift set containing mascara, eye luminiser and lip gloss if you spend at least £14.99  on Max Factor. What are the odds right? As it was spring/early summer, I decided for rose nudes and proceeded with my order (although I wouldn’t mind having all three, greedy me).

Now let’s be honest, packaging is just plastic with clear top, while some brands offer more sturdy packaging even with a mirror for the same price and not many people now apply eyeshadow with a sponge aplicator.  On the bright side you can see which shadows you have inside and as the size is quite compact so you you can easily fit it in you handbag (but have to add small mirror).


Although the lightest matte looks like my skin and not very visible on the left side of the picture (apology for my lousy photographic ‘skills’), I think it is really good for day highlighting.

I think we all agree that Max Factor is not so heavily promoted and blogged about brand, maybe because  they might be considered as a higher priced budget option  but the truth is I was always happy with the products I had from them and overall I am happy with this palette too.