Mini Sleek Haul


Last month Superdrug had a great offer when selected Sleek products were sold 2 for £10. I love Sleek as a brand producing beautifully pigmented eyeshadow palettes and lip products (love their Matte Me liquid lipsticks but also ordinary ones have great pigmentation for the price point), but after a little thinking and because I am in a situation when I cannot spend as much as I would like to at the moment, I set myself that I cannot spend more than £20, took out eyeshadow palettes out of my basket and what I kept in and ordered was Cream Contour Kit in Light,  Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco (I had been eyeing those illuminators since Christmas) and 2 highlighting palettes in Precious Metals and Solstice as I though they both have great colours for summer and with each costing £9.99, for tenner it’s just like 2 for 1.


I like Barekissed Illuminators because they seem like good option when you want something you can wear either alone, mix with or layer over foundation. As my skin is light (somewhere between ivory and light beige), I chose shade Monaco because other shades seemed quite dark when I checked them in the shop, although I know I could just blend tiny amount into skin. The only thing I don’t like much about this illuminator is that the pump mechanism disperse quite a lot of product whereas I use just tiny bit, as there is difference between Instagram picture and how it look in real life and I don’t need to look like a fairy queen.


Precious metals contains 3 cream and 1 powder highlighters and it really is great for golden tan. Some people in reviews complain that these are quite shimmery, but they can blend nicely.


Solstice contains 1 cream and 3 powder highlighter and I really like this one because I just like the powdery everything (it’s oily skin thing, I guess), plus they blend into skin nicely, so shimmer is not such problem.