Ciate Feeling Pretty Bundle


Probably everybody knows Ciaté as a nail polish brand with up to 80% natural ingredients (which is pretty impressive for nail polish) and maybe little less so for other make up products, although they had some coverage on beauty blogs lately with their eyeshadow palettes trio (£29 each or all three for £69) and their lippy melt sticks with lovely kissy design Pretty Stix (£16).


I always wanted to try something from their makeup range and  after browsing their site, I decided for one of the bundles containing eye palette, eye primer, mascara and their latest Pretty Stix, all  for £50, but if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get 10% off voucher code (altough their delivery charge is £4.95, so let’s just say, I saved on that). My bundle of colour choice was Feeling Pretty.


The case of the palette has a holographic design and they are 9 nudey colours – 4 shimmers and 5 nudes, 1 of them matte nude colour of my skin that might be good as a base for other shadows. While I haven’t tried the primer and mascara yet, I did swatched the eyeshadows and balm/lipstick that is very buttery and melty, quite nourishing for the lips I can imagine, giving nice natural stain to the lips.


Overall I think it is a nice taster package with lovely details in design, although I am still not sure that I would buy the palette alone for £29 or Pretty Stix for £16. But maybe I am just too stingy;-)