July Empties


It is that time of the month and as summer finally made it to the UK as well, I used more fragrance than usual, although I had some of the products open for a long time.




Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. I wrote about this gel in my skincare routine, so just briefly, it is really nice, non-drying facial wash gel that doesn’t leave your face stinging. Really good buy for the money.

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips. I know Caroline Hirons wouldn’t approve, but as I really hate pressing out my blackheads, whitehead or any heads for that matter (and I have quite a lot of them as an oily skin gal), I just like the strips you just put on your nose and some of them get stuck on the tape. I know that there must be a difference in ingredients but as for performance I didn’t find any difference between £10 and the ones from £1 shop, so I bought these in Savers for exactly the letter and I plan to do that again.

Avon Nutra Effects Day Cream SPF15. To be honest, I think that day creams mostly just simply moisturise your face and if you want something extra, use serum. At just £3 I bought it for, this moisturiser does what it should for the price.

Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel. I wrote about this Superdrug’s product in my first post and I really like it, but I didn’t use it every night, as I missed some moisturiser. It did make my skin a bit smoother and at £2.99 on half price offer which is in Superdrug for very often, it is great glycolic peel for those on budget.

L’oreal Paris Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. Like I wrote before, good but not as good as Garnier 2in1 eye make-up remover.

Along Came Betty Pure Pores 15 Minutes Detox Mask. Boots has got Soap&Glory, Sainsburys Dirty Works and Tesco Along Came Betty. Can’t remember how much I bought this mask (I am sure that it didn’t cost me more than £4) but it is the classic kaolin based mask plus pinky read small beads that burst once you start massaging the mask into your face. Maybe not the best I used, but it made my blackheads less black.

Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 Youth Reactivating Day Care. I am not sure whether this is a moisturiser or serum, but I used it as a serum and like I mentioned in my skincare routine, I love both day and night versions of this product and will definitely purchase again at some point.

Make up

Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eyeliner. I liked the concept of felt tip-like eye liner and would have liked this one as well, if it worked for both my eyes. Unfortunately, while one eye was great, it felt dry for the other eye every single time I used it, so it gets a no from me.

Yves Rocher Nail Polish Remover Pen. This is a classic pen removing nail polish, around your nail, if you don’t manage to put you nail polish without it going on skin around the nail without the mess it would cause using cotton butt soaked in varnish remover for clumsy people like me. I want to try some cheaper alternative (probably from Essence) so no repurchase at the moment.

Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Radiant Under Eye Concealer. It is not for humans, it is for sparkly fairies. As I am no fairy but merely human, it is a no from me. Unless you do some sparkly make-up that look unnatural but etheric maybe. So unfortunate that some brands think radiancy = sparks and glitter.

No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer. This is older version that was forgotten in my make-up stash. It was creasing under my eyes, but I loved it for highligting my face.

Avon Nail Experts Base Coat. Standard base coat. Nothing else to say.


Yves Rocher Flower Party By Night Perfumed Body Lotion. Beautiful fragrance. I gifted out the perfume forgetting about this body lotion as a Secret Santa in my workplace. But then other coworkers asked me where I got the perfume saying it reminded them of Angel from Thierry Mugler.

The Bodyshop Satsuma Body Puree. Non greasy, light body moisturiser with satsuma fragrance, good for hot weather.

The Bodyshop Satsuma Shower Gel. Shower gel matching the whole body set.

The Bodyshop Chocomania Beautifying Oil. Lasted me forever. I used it mixing a few drops into my hairmist as I don’t like using oils for body.

Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures with Brazilian Acai and Berries. I love, love Avon Planet Spa range. All of them have beautiful scent of ingredients used and are very nourishing. This hand and foot cream was no exception, I applied it every night in bed before sleep and the yummy smell of acai berries is amazing.

Sure Motion Sense Invisible Pure. I don’t use anti-perspirants on daily basis, but if I do, I usually chose the ones that don’t leave marks or stains on my clothes and this one fit the bill.

Yves Rocher Delicate Cleansing Cream Low ShamPoo. I wanted to try cleansing cream/conditioner on hair instead of using shampoo all the time. Unfortunately it feels a bit heavy for my fine hair, but it is great for my daughters’ mixed-race hair, if I need to wash their hair between their once a week shampoo hair wash (and I you go to the park playground where your children like playing in the sand, you know you do need).

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner The Silky Smoother with Vanilla Milk and Papaya for Mid-Long Hair With Split Ends. Standard conditioner. At least to me. But at least it allows me to be slutty with my drugstore products and move on to another I can try.

Pro Formula Satin Wild Berry Shaving Gel With Added Moisturisers. Ordinary shaving gel. Didn’t dry my skin, but none of the previous ones did either. On the other hand, cheaper than branded shaving gels but still more expensive than version for man. Maybe I will try mens shaving gel for my legs next;-)

Avon Solutions Bust Shapers. I used to like it, but it now feels like this gel version doesn’t provide any benefits for my breasts at all. So no repurchase.


Avon Soft Musk. Heavy musky summer fragrance, Avon’s classic. I enjoyed it the first week after light O2 from Avon, but then I started missing my lighter fragrance which I prefer.

The Bodyshop Satsuma/Clementine Eau de Toilette. I love citrus fragrance and I love tangerine/satsuma/clementine even more, so there is nothing for me not to love here. Only that it doesn’t last long and if you have two little helper who like your fragrance as well, this small bottle will finish in a week or two.

Avon Scent Essence Vibrant Fruity. Light fruity fragrance, very good for hot weather. On the other hand it doesn’t last long but for £4 I got it for, there is not much to complain about.