Summer Favourites


I know the summer is almost gone, especially here in England but I would like to summarise product that I liked using this last summer.

Yves Rocher Pure Light foundation. I know that it should be BB cream that I should recommend for the summer but let’s be honest, there are some of us who like a bit better coverage than BB cream. It offers medium coverage and it really feels light and comfortable on my oily skin even in hot weather. I liked it last summer then forgot about it during winter because the shade was a tad dark for my winter face but this summer the love was rekindled and I am happy to say that I just finished the bottle last week and in time too, because it had been just over a year since I started to use it.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc was my saviour this summer from popping blemishes. My skin always gets worse in the summer probably because of heat, sweat and all the gunk that sticks on top of it despite vigorous cleansing morning and evening. This face spray not only helped me to get my skin under control but it also helped with rashes on my arms that I got as an allergic reaction to too much sun.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+. I think that all oily skinned girls will agree with me that it is REALLY difficult to find good face suncream that doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t make you shiny and greasy. This cream although still feeling a bit heavy when applying in 30 plus degree temperature, within a minute it goes fully matte. That’s all I can say.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream is one of the best bust cream I have ever used and even the best value for the price. During years I used quite a few and I still got back to this one.

Avon Parisian Chic eau de toilette. Now let’s be honest, if you wanna talk about good perfume, you probably won’t think about Avon, but it offers good value for the price (if on offer) and sometimes they produce something that stands out a bit from the typical Avon fragrances. This one is not available in the UK (at least not through the Avon website or their ladies/gentlemen).

Avon Foot Works Cooling Lotion offered my feet a great relieve despite not being mint but mango scented. In fact, I had mint version and I didn’t feel as much comfort as this one.