Models Own Nude Palettes


Models Own is well known brand for their nail polishes, I personally own quite a few of them.I knew that they had also other make up items but to be honest looking at them I was not very tempted. However lately Models Own decided to seriously step up their make up game and while they still offer brilliant nail polishes, they got rid of all the other make up items and brought loads of new stuff like eye palettes, contour sets, lipsticks, mascaras with a wand of your choice, highlighter and so on. Not only that but OMG, their packaging is so tempting that whoever made decisions of their packaging, should get pat on their back (not to mention bonus package). First time I saw their new eye palette was on lovely Layla’s sprinklesofstyle blog and I started lusting. I was checking Models Own and Superdrug‘s website, but I was not sure whether I really want to pay £14.99 for something I was not sure about because as much as many bloggers probably got promotional packages from Models Own, I didn’t really see that many swatches anywhere. There is this month’s offer on Superdrug offering 3 for 2 on Models Own, but the choice of eye palettes is rather limited. I missed £5 off offer for palettes Models Own had on August bank holiday weekend, so I was still trying to find and offer on both nude palette and at the end I found it on ASOS website where they have better colour choice and one palette was for £11.99.


Now as you see packaging is really nice with holographic name of the palette on the lid. All shades have their individual names written under them and double ended brush provided in the box is good step up from sponge applicators. I am not gonna lie and tell you that it is better than you individual brushes but it is definitely better then other brushes I had in other eye palettes. I picks pigment well, is soft and you don’t feel about it like “why did they even bother to put this pathetic brush here!”. You can really use it on touch ups on the go or even making up somewhere in the ladies room 😉


As for the quality of the eyeshadows themselves I am a bit in two minds… When I tried to make swatches, it seemed a bit difficult. They seem a bit too powdery and the pigment from the pale shades wasn’t really staying on my hand.All was solved after I used eye primer.


Anyway after that I tried to use it my eye and have to say that the shadow did really better on real life eye although the lightest matte shade were still almost invisible on my skin but you could still use them as base or for matte highlighting on face. On the other hand, the shadows are blending together very well and they can nicely go from one shade to another, so it is entirely on you what you think and whether you’re willing to pay the price because let’s be honest, with £14.99 they are on higher end of drugstore price range.