Models Own Colour Chrome Palette


Another day, another palette from Models Own. This time it is palette that attracted my attention because it is a bit different from others – it is cream eye shadow palette. Again, on Models Own website the price tag is £19.99 which I was not willing to pay (and now I am happy I didn’t, but about that later) and after a bit of searching, I found the palette on Amazon for £14.99.


Again, I admired the design, good brush for a compact and colours (looks like I am a good marketing target) and once again, I was somehow disappointed when I did swatches and tried the palette on my eyes. Because the shadows are creamy, it was much easier to swatch them, but the colour payoff disappointed me again, the eye shadows, when applied, reminded me of my children’s first shadow palette where all shades were like vaseline with a little bit of colour and lots of sparkles added, especially the white one that looks surprisingly good at the picture, but in reality it was just sparkles and I had to touch up around ten times to make it visible for picture. Obviously, I advise to use a powdery base before you apply these on your eyes to prolong longevity and improve colour payoff.


I was trying to be diplomatic about it with their nude palettes, because I really wanted to like them and I liked the colours included. It is utterly tragic (excuse my dramatic language, but I spent my money on it) that company give obviously a lot of thought to design, even brush in the palette is the best brush I have ever had in the palette but at the end the main product (because it is sold as eye shadow palette) just fails. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it is higher price for a drugstore product, so I would really expect it (and given all the other things about the palette even want) to perform better in its purpose. I really love their nail polishes, they are good quality, with good brush and opacity with only one layer, but with their eye palettes it’s simply not happening.