Disappointing Ciaté Triple Shot Mascara and not so disappointing update


Mascaras are one of my favourite make up products after foundation and eyeshadows. When I bought a make up bundle from Ciaté a few months back, full size Triple Shot Mascara was included in the package. This mascara retails at £19.50 in full size or £9.50 in mini size.


After opening, I found out that mascara has got a rubber wand with six rows of rubber ‘teeth’. I am normally a fan of rubber wands but I was not sure about this one as the teeth seem a bit on a thin side but you never know until you try what can work for you. Now I have to admit, my lashes are no big model for mascara, they aren’t long, neither thick or exceptionally curled, I would say average with a bit sparse and thin lower lashes that are a bit difficult to apply makeup on as they don’t catch very well on mascara wands, but I had mascaras that made wonders with my lashes even with one coat (I usually apply 2) and I was a L’Oreal mascara girl exclusively for many years (I still love their mascaras very much) until I tried 36o Mascara from Yves Rocher.


In the picture above you can see my eye in all its glory without make up. Nothing special there.


One coat of Triple Shot Mascara on my upper lashes, not much ooomph, nor separation of lashes, pretty much nothing but a smudge on my eyelid.


Here I am with two coats on upper lashes and one on lower lashes, no improvement, quite the opposite, the mascara got even clumpy. But I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to like the mascara, for the price I really want to like it because last time I was disappointed like that with a mascara was when I tried  a supermarket brand mascara and that one was for £3. So I tried to use lash curler, hoping that if I give my lashes a bit of lift, it would help the mascara to deliver as well.


Not much luck although my lashes stayed a bit up, the mascara is still wet, weighs down my lashes, it’s clumpy and smudges my eyelids. I will still wait till the formula dries a bit to give it another try, although I don’t have much hope as I see clumps now when it is newly open. Or maybe it’s just me and my pathetic lashes (but let’s be honest, aren’t the mascaras here to turn pathetic lashes into wow lashes, especially as there are mascaras that do perform even on my lashes, so I don’t think it’s me). I am afraid that this is one of the items you put on your shelf because you don’t want to give up on them but at the end they will go into the bin 6 month after being opened unloved and unused… Such a waste…


Everybody should amend if they were being unjust and I am happy to report that one month after opening the mascara, I can see a much better result on my eyes even without curling my lashes with two coats (excuse my non makeup face).


I still think it is quite wet and you shouldn’t blink at least for 5 minutes after applying it because you’ll end up with the imprint of your eyelashes under your eyes (exact copy, I am not joking) but I am now quite happy to use it although I still don’t think it is worth £19.50 but I know people who like wet mascaras.