September Empties


This month’s empties post is gonna be smaller than usual because my husband threw out my bag with empties into rubbish (men, right?).


Simple Kind to Skin+ Protecting Moisture Cream SPF30 UVA/UVB. I thought I would like this cream for the summer as it has SPF30 in comparison with standard SPF15 that most face creams have, but I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong it is amazing value and it is not greasy, but it still felt a bit heavy on my skin in summer temperatures and I was happy when I finally finished it.

Simple Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask is something I like and I think is good for all types of skin because although it is a cleansing mask, I don’t find it drying on the skin, leaving my face a bit tight feeling, but on the contrary seems a bit moisturising, like a cleansing mask mixed with a light moisturiser.

Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream 5in1 is the first BB cream I bought. I had tried some samples of BB creams before and to be honest they left me feel like “why bother”. This BB cream is really thick in comparison with other BB creams I tried and I don’t think it is good for people with pale skin, as I had light shade and I am somewhere around nude and light beige shades foundation wise, but in winter months when I started using it, it seemed a bit dark for me. It seemed a bit cakey to me, but I found out that if I leave my serum or primer soak in properly first, it looks nice and makes my skin radiant in springtime.

Avon Planet Spa Oriental Radiance with White Tea Energising Face Mask is a typical peel off mask that you leave to dry out first and then peel it from your face. Although I stopped liking this type of masks because they take too much time to dry, I liked this one, it really helped me restore some radiance that I started losing in the middle of the summer.


Avon True Life is another surprise from Avon for me. I bought it mostly because it was on sale for £4 and as I use these instead of deodorant (I have a dry ice stick that I have for years to reduce perspiration but that one doesn’t have any scent, I always add some eau de toilette).  I think we can all agree that even by the look of the bottle we wouldn’t expect much from this little fella, but when I sprayed it, I really loved it. It is a floral woody musk fragrance, with lemon blossom as a top note, rose, champagne, peony and iris as middle note and cashmere musk as base. I know it is an individual thing but I love it.


Make up

Collection Naturally Matt Foundation is a foundation that I decided to try purely because of its price which at the time of my purchase was £2. Beige seemed like a good match but within 10-15 it oxydises, doesn’t have much coverage, more like just add colour to my face and after 1 or 2 hours doesn’t seem so matt. You can see I didn’t use it much but as it has been a year since I opened it, it will go to the bin and I have to admit, it won’t be missed.