Budget Friendly Long Lasting Foundations


Today I decided to make a post about some budget friendly foundations that promise long lasting coverage. They are all full or almost full coverage and although I quite like all of them, Revlon Colorstay and Seventeen Stay Time are my real favourite because of beautiful natural finish they give my skin and are very easy to apply and blend in even with your finger and I don’t need to worry about any dry patches or other imperfections. I also included some pictures of my face with the said foundations except for the Revlon one, although I don’t know whether it really helps, as you can see only ‘photographic’ finish nor real life. Except for the Seventeen foundation, you can get all the other at great price from Fragrance Direct. It is not a sponsored post (as none of my posts so far) and I bought these foundations with my own money, it is only a recommendation of a savvy shopper with a makeup addiction.

Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily skin in Natural Beige

I would say this is a higher end drugstore foundation but there are promotions on it sometimes. I still have the older version without a pump, as I bought it just before they released the pump version but I’ll be happy when I get to the pump version after I finish the bottle I have. I can honestly say that this is my favourite foundation ever, it lasts well on me even if I don’t use any powder to set in which case it has a long lasting semi-matte finish on me that doesn’t change all day, no grease ball and cake in sight (although, if you’re not careful the powder, you might get a bit cakey).  The foundation I could compare it with is Estee Lauder Double Wear, but you cannot ignore a big price gap between the two with the Revlon one being only around 1/3 of the Double Wear price. Every time I don’t want to worry about how my skin looks like, I put this foundation on.

Seventeen Stay Time in Natural

For £6.49 (and there are always some promotion in Boots like now 2 for £8) I can honestly say that I am really impressed with this foundation. Natural is great shade for me, no orangey undertone, full coverage and even if it is semi-matte finish, I cannot detect any powder like parts on my face that some of the long lasting foundation have (basically cakeyness), no worry about dry patches or awkward kind of hairy parts of face, it is like the foundation and my skin become one. Do I need to say more? Buy it and I don’t think you’ll regret. Some people like using


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in Soft Beige


I bought this foundation for about a fiver (normal price is £7.99, but there are always some promotions on Rimmel everywhere).I have old packaging but new packaging looks like this.


I bought this foundation because Soft Beige is a perfect shade for me now and I like trying long lasting foundations. I tried this foundation on day when I  expected weather to be a bit colder than it turned out so there I was carrying heavy shopping in my cardigan feeling sweat on my face expecting it  that after 4 hours of wear and sweat, I’ll come home with a melted face. To my surprise, the foundation didn’t budge a bit even if I used one sheet of blotting paper where I could see a little bit of it. Although for me personally it feels a bit heavy and it wouldn’t be my first choice in temperatures above 20 degrees and also it is a foundation more on dewy than matte finish and yes, there are moments when you feel like it is getting a bit cakey and therefore I depending on my skin condition, I either apply with my fingers (on good day) or with a beauty sponge (worse day). Another thing that I also noticed with this foundation is that if your picture is taken with a flash, it may look a bit like a ghost face but that happens with many. I can only recommend it, for the price is fantastic.


Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation in Cool Beige

This is another long lasting foundation for a great price (£3.99 now in Superdrug, usually £5.99) although I think that name Cool Beige is a bit misleading as I found it quite warm and yellow toned so not the exact match, but still good after blending into the skin (I don’t like heavy layer of makeup although I need quite a good coverage for my skin as I have acne scaring and discoloration after blemishes). It really lasted well and wore off throughout the day quite well, getting just a tiny bit patchy. The finish on my face was matte to semi-mate depending how many layers of skincare I had before the application (eye cream, serum, moisturiser +/- primer).