Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – Yay or Nay?


If I remember well, Urban Decay released All Nighter foundation in the UK at the end of August. As I really love their Naked Skin foundation, I was really tempted with it and I tried to resist but as the foundation promised to be everything I ever wanted to be for my skin, at the end I did give in and bought it from Feelunique, as they had promotion for £24.30 instead of £27. As I heard that the foundation slightly oxidises, I ordered shade 3.

From their claims I can confirm that the foundation is really matte and almost ‘insanely’ pigmented (but I would recommend apply it in sections). When I try foundation, I try it first without a primer (but always a moisturiser) and setting powder just to see how lasting they are and how long they last matte/natural, whether they change me into a greaseball or just natural. I have to say that I never looked so horrible, even when I tried  some £2 foundation. As application with fingers (my favourite) and with a foundation brush (my least favourit) didn’t work for me, as it looked very streaky on me even after using buffing brush, damp beauty sponge seemed to work the best for my skin. It immediately settled inside my pores and some acne scaring, and although the shade looked good after the oxidisation, in places where it settled (pores, scars, dry patches), it looked like a cheap orange and blackheads (that don’t look so black thanks to my skincare) on my nose looked like they are sticking out. So despite me having oily skin, it was an absolute no go. Plus before using this foundation I thought that I have only occasional dry patches after breakouts, but this foundation proved me wrong and looked quite patchy on my face once it settled.

Next day I did all I could – I scrubbed, toned, put on serum, moisturiser and primer. The finish looked much better although look of my pores still not the best and when I was removing makeup in the evening, I found only minimum traces of the foundation, so longevity didn’t live up to its expectations in this case.

Next day I decided to apply setting powder with a powder buff trying to diffuse the foundation setting in my pores, but the effect was minimal, although the foundation now lasted all day.

The best I got this foundation looking on my face was using moisturiser, mixing the foundation with Avon CC cream that I have and as Pam Scalfi recommends, I used eye primer on my nose and where I have large pores and acne scaring and I can report that really made my pores looking much better with this foundation.

My verdict is that this foundation for me is nay, but I will still try to use it up as I hate to see my money wasted and next time I will try to listen advice of my favourite beauty bloggers who are in the same age cathegory and similar skin type. I think that this foundation is probably suited for younger skin with minimal pores who don’t suffer with any dry patches and have minimal facial hair and other places where mattyfying foundation usually settle.