ELF haul and first impressions


ELF (Eyes Lips Face) is very affordable make up brand that have lot of shops around the US, but here in the UK, you can buy their goods only on Amazon, E-bay or their UK online shop (that started only not so long ago) eyeslipsface.co.uk. As most American products that are not sold in stores are dearly overpriced here, I don’t feel very tempted by them when I compare US price with GBP (although I know people do it for a profit).  Prices in pounds are the same as in dollars but they’re still very affordable, especially as you don’t have to pay any shipping if you’re order is over £25 and usually there is also a bundle of goodies as a free gift. Orders are shipped from the US, so it takes around 2 weeks till you get them, but there is no customs or other unexpected charges.

Whole order in the picture cost £25.50 and basically 1/3 I got for free. It is the first time I tried ELF cosmetics to be honest but I heard that their products are good value, so I decided to give it a try.

I like matte shades the most although many times you can get good colour pay off, but I decided I’d try Flawless Matte Eye mini palette in Matte for Plum. It is one of those palettes where you have engraved base, lid, crease, line in the eye shadows. I made some swatches with my fingers without primer or anything and I can say it was nice and easy to make the swatches. Although lightning is horrible these days and I struggled to make good pictures, so lightest shade is almost invisible, so I have to apologise for picture quality.


Another eye product that I made swatches with is Baked Trio Eyeshadow in Brown Bonanza. It is a handy little trio in size of a mono eyeshadow, shimmery so the payoff is lovely and is feels silky buttery to me. Again, swatches made with fingers on bare arm.


Lipstick in Nostalgic promises long lasting color and shine but to be honest, to me it seems more like a tinted lip balm but I like the scent it has. EX-tra Lip Gloss in Scott has got much better pigmentation, but it is just gloss.


Bronzer in Warm is quite shimmery and too warm for my liking but with right autumn colours on my face, I could make it work this season and they could be good also for highlighting and on eyes.