Powder Marc Jacobs Drawer

A few days ago I wrote about new limited edition Powder drawer (box with a drawer concept where you don’t open the box like any other box, but draw your products out like a drawer) with a £10 off code. As I don’t have any Marc Jacobs beauty product (let’s be honest, they are on the expensive side), £30 seemed to be a too good opportunity to miss, so I ordered immediately. Powder is a non-subscription box/drawer which I like because I know what I am getting for my money and buy only what I want. Plus when you order a drawer from Powder, you fill in a questionnaire where you tell them about shade of your complexion, hair and skin concerns etc. depending what variety of products is inside the box you want to buy.

Four days later, my Powder Drawer arrived and I can say that it is as beautiful as the picture where they sell it. Black carton drawer with with inscription on the top.


I like this minimalistic but sleek design. When I pulled the drawer out, I found 5 products essential in everyday make up:

  • 3-piece highliner gel eye crayon set, all in mini size
  • hi-shine lacquer in 120 Delphine – full size
  • Magic Marc’er precision pen eyeliner – full size in black
  • hi-shine lip lacquer in 326 Pink Flamingo – full size
  • volumising black mascara – travel size
  • Powder booklet with Marc Jacobs Beauty guide through the products included in your drawer (different shades for different complexions, depending on how you replied in the questionnaire before you ordered the drawer)
  • card with 3 Re(marc)able full cover foundation concentrate


The High Life: Essential Hues 3-piece highliner gel eye crayon set offers intense colour, extreme and waterproof wear which I can confirm because I made swatches and I couldn’t remove them with a dampened flannel, they didn’t budge at all until I used cotton wool soaked in micellar solution. The colours are really intense, the only complain I have is that bronze crayon (in the middle) was damaged like someone pressed out the whole crayon and then just pushed the lid on and broke the crayon completely, so even if I was able to make a swatch, I cannot use it for my make up:-(((


I didn’t open the mascara and eyeliner because I don’t like more than 2 opened of these at once as I wouldn’t use it before 6 months usage mark. Lip lacquer is more like wet look, hi shine lip stain with a minty scent and feel on the lips, probably for a plumping effect. It is a nice shade of pale pink that I am sure will use a lot in the spring, but I have to admit it is just ordinary sticky lip gloss with high shine effect, so that is probably one product I am not so excited about. I am very happy with the shade of the hi-shine lacquer as I was just looking for a brown nude nail polish. This formula promises wet look, plasticised finish and extreme wear which I am yet to test.


I am quite happy with this beauty drawer despite the broken crayon and the gloss and it is possible that I will want to try  more Marc Jacobs beauty products despite their price point. Also would be nice to see Powder offering more drawers with high end cosmetics.