Autumnal nude palettes + swatches and comparison


Today’s post will be swatches heavy as I wanted to show you three budget friendly palettes I thought  would be good for rusty nude autumnal makeup (although I know that not all of those palettes). Namely they are Morphe Brushes 35OM, Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 2 and I Heart Makeup Chocolate Vice. All swatches were done as finger swipes without any primer on dry hand at the same time and day, so that light is the same so you can get a good comparison and decide what you think of those palettes yourself.

Morphe Brushes 35OM


The infamous Morphe Brushes 35O palette took over the instagram and beauty blogs all over and was always sold out. Although I liked the swatches, the warm shades without any black  shadow didn’t make me want it until I was casually browsing (as we do) on Beautybay’s website and I saw matte version of 35O. As much as I like a bit of shimmer on my eyes, not to mention that shimmer shadows usually have better pigmentation than mattes, mattes are my shadows of choice to create everyday natural look, smoothing out my eyelid area (don’t you hate how some shimmer eyeshadow seem to eccentuate all creases and wrinkles on eyelids?). So I decided to use £21 to buy this palette (it is interesting how the price of Morphe Brushes on Beautybay went from around £16 to today’s £21, I know – exchange rate and it is still 75p cheaper than on Cult Beauty  and in comparison with Beauty Chamber you have free shipping from order of £15).

Anyway, enough of my blabbering, I am happy to report that all those eyeshadows are well pigmented (some more than others but still better than any other in their price cathegory I had) despite being matte and as proof is in this case in swatches and on the eyelids. Of course, there was no problem whatsoever to make the swatches, colours that are not so visible, were like that more because of my complexion than lack of pigmentation.


Top row


Second row


Third row


Fourth row


Bottom row

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 2


I have to say straight at the beginning that I was quite disappointed with this palette and I am now glad that when I bought this palette in Superdrug’s 3 for 2 promotion on cosmetics, they didn’t have other Flawless Matte in stock. It does perform a bit better on the eye (but still just like 60-70% of the Morphe Brushes palette in comparison of colour pay off) and I was wondering whether I  should put pictures of the swatches here at all or whether I should use a primer or wet brush to make swatches, but I decided, I would do all the swatches the same way for all the palette so that you can clearly see comparison. I know that almost half of the palette are pale nudes and my complexion is also rather pale but somehow after the  Morphe Brushes I felt rather disappointed. There is especially one shade called Master, that I couldn’t get out of the palette neither for swatching with my finger and then later when I wanted to use it as a base for makeup as it is basically the shade of my skin. On the other hand darker shades are usable and even the light ones are more visible when you use it on the eye but don’t be surprise if you don’t get much colour pay off.


Top row


Second row


Third row


Bottom row

I Heart Makeup Chocolate Vice


This is another palette under the Makeup Revolution or TAM Beauty umbrella from their chocolate series. The shadows feel lovely and soft and the shimmers are really nicely pigmented but as you can see, the mattes are  lacking in colour pay off again. I would probably say, that Makeup Revolution are good value palettes unless you are looking for matte palette.


Top row


Second row


Bottom row