Things I’m Loving at the Moment


I could call it November favourites, but truth is that I don’t do favourites every month but still want to share some products I like without making very detailed reviews.

Lamora Eye Brush Set (£11.95 for a set of 7) is something I got a few months back on Amazon. It is true that you get a discount if you do a review so you cannot be sure whether all the reviews are honest but if I tell you that with my £5 off discount code I got another back up set, would you consider this set of eye brushes for almost (if there was an eyeliner brush) all your eye lid needs? True, I don’t have any of those expensive Sigma brushes, but I honestly don’t even feel the need to have them when these do the job for me so well that I stopped using my other eye brushes (or let my children play with them when they play with make up). Each brush is clearly labeled for their use and although the seller says that you get an ebook with your purchase, I didn’t get any with neither of my purchases, even if you don’t have any idea how to use the brushes, as they are labeled, you can do your own research to understand on how to use them, or even their shape and name can give you a good clue as you don’t get some E110 but Blending Brush, Angled Shader, Classic Shader, Small Shader, Detailed Pencil, Precise Shader, Angled Detailer all in a sturdy carton container.

Ciaté The Pretty Palette (£29) is my current go to nude palette with dark purple/mauve socket. The shadows have a nice velvety feeling, colour payoff and they blend like a dream. They are placed in a sturdy plastic with a mirror, consisting of 1 base, 4 shimmers and 4 mattes, good compact size, everything you need on the go.

Ciaté Triple Shot Mascara (£19.50) taught me that I should wait at least 2 months before I write a review of mascara. I was rather unkind in my review, but I found out that the more dry the mascara is the more I like it and from the mascaras I have now opened, this is my go to now, I just needed around 10 weeks from opening it for the first time.

I started using next three products because of trying to use up Urban Decay All Nighter foundation even though it is a disappointing product. As it cost me around £25 and has got only 6 months after opening (something to remind people when they intend to buy Urban Decay foundations), I don’t like my money wasted and I am trying to make it work.

Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation (£10.99) is a really nice product. Although it does mix well with my natural oils to create a natural finish in the course of the day, I rather use it instead of a setting powder if my All Nighter foundation gets patchy (it is difficult to repair), as I don’t really want to waste my time taking off the foundation and reapply again, so I just use the sponge that is with this powder foundation as it works well for me to create even skin tone. I use shade 03 Natural and it is perfect for me.

Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Powder (£3) is a great value face powder. I don’t use it for priming or concealing, but as a finishing powder if my All Nighter is applied evenly without patches. As the All Nighter does oxidise, this powder helps me to make my face look more natural in colour without being to cakey.

Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter (£5.99) is one of those 3 way highlighters that you can use under, together or over your foundation. I lately found out that if I prime my face with this highlighter before applying All Nighter, it applies without patches and evenly getting more natural finish. What I like about it is that the highlighter is luminous without being sparkly. I am not gonna lie and have to admit that my face looks on the verge of being greasy after I apply it but together with super matte foundation All Nighter is, it creates more natural finish with that glow from within that everybody’s talking about these days. At least for me.