Lookfantastic December 2016 Beauty Box


As I was browsing through different offers that Lookfantastic have on their site, I noticed that you can order their previous beauty boxes without subscribing for £15 (no additional postage fee) and from 6 products in the box, 3 full size (meaning it is average £2.50 for an item). I checked reviews from different bloggers for the last 3 boxes and I liked the December one the best.


One of the reasons I bought the box was 40ml tube of Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. While I like it (I tried it from other beauty box), I don’t like it enough to pay from £18 for 75ml tube up to £80 for 1l.

Mellow Cosmetics Madness Lipstick in matte red is another good reason for the box. I saw adverts for this brand everywhere and I got curious but I got lately overwhelmed buying make up (it might happy) and beauty boxes are a great way to try brand without expensive price tag.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer gets plus points because it contains vitamin C and B3 as well as microalgae to nourish the skin besides ‘just’ prolonging foundation wear.


Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash is what I am really looking forward to using as I love face wash. I am using cream face wash at the moment and although it contains tea tree that gives me fresh feeling, my oily skin will definitely need something more cleansing when the temperatures rise.

Skin Republic Caviar and COQ10 Face Mask suits me really well, I got overwhelmed by mask releases (especially mud ones) this year so 1 use mask to break the routine is what I need.

Bubblet Bath Bomb is one thing I cannot use from the box as I have only a shower cubicle in our flat, but I save it for when I get to visit my parents as it promises hibiscus and acai berry tea scent as well as vitamin A and C from goji berry.

On top of that you getting a complimentary  copy of Elle doesn’t hurt either. I like beauty boxes without commitment;-)