2016 and hopes for 2017


This post is going to be a bit more personal post for me as different thing happened to me during last few weeks and even though originally I wanted to write about a series of bad luck, after yesterday it is more about gratitude.

I didn’t write any post for a few weeks now and simple reason was that just before Christmas my phone broke down unrepairably (sorry if this is not a word but it is now for me:)), my laptop also decided to give up on me after 6 years (so as laptops go, it served me well) and as my luck had it, because of delayed paperwork, I didn’t get paid last month which, as you can imagine, is not the best thing to happen before Christmas. It was just lucky that this Santa solved Christmas on Black Friday alongside some shopping done for myself (well, who buys presents for me, if I don’t do it myself?).

So, considering my financial situation and overflowing beauty items, I started feeling, like all the stuff I have is on one hand weighing me down but on the other hand they are also all things I wanted to try, so if I didn’t want to lose them, I definitely decided that 2017 is going to be my big Project Pan (not to buy any  product, unless running out).

I still needed to solve my offline situation because living so far from family and not being able to speak to them during this period was beginning to get to me so I decided using leftover allowance on my credit card to order a phone and new laptop. Yesterday, I went to pick up my laptop with my daughters as my companions of choice. As we came back and got off the bus in front of our house, traffic was not moving, cars in both directions stationary, so I decided to cross the road in between the cars and just as I made a step from behind the bus, a motorcycle trying to get forward between the cars hit me. It all happened so quickly, I just remember first thing that I thought was ‘I am alive, I am okay’ and immediately after that I realised I hear my younger daughter screaming from under the motorcycle. Fortunately, the rider of the bike still held the it the way that she was completely without a scratch just shaken and scared and when I picked her and held her trying to get her on the side of the road where my older daughter stood with scared eyes, she shouted ‘my pompoms!’ looking at the pompoms I had bought for her lying in the middle of the road together with some groceries and box with my new laptop on the road as an evidence of some tragic happening. I knew she is alright then and realised my right knee and left foot are difficult to stand on. Anyway, long story short, I ended with very painful foot and knee but as X-ray showed, nothing was broken and most of all, my daughter (and her pompoms) were alright.

At first I thought it is just another bad thing that happened to me lately but as everybody went to bed just my wired brain refused to switch off, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude went through my whole body. I was thankful that my daughter didn’t have a scratch (because then I really couldn’t live with myself), I was thankful that even though my legs are hurting me a lot and I need to use crutches to get even to the toilet, it is something that should heal relatively quickly. And my new laptop works despite hitting the road with a good bang when I got hit and fell.

So what I want to say, if you got to this point with my probably a bit boring blabbering, is that I wish you best 2017 you could have, but if something bad meets you or is unavoidable, let the consequences be repairable.