Introduction to 2true Cosmetics – Haul + First Impressions


As probably everybody or most of us, I would like to have all the luxury products but it is not always (most of the time) possible so I am also interested in low budget cosmetics as once a while you can find a real gem there despite the price and this time I got interested in 2true cosmetics. I remember that Superdrug used to  stock this brand until a few years ago, so I am not sure whether it didn’t sell much or they fell out with the company, but I remember I had some eye pencils from them that I didn’t use much because colours didn’t suit me well (light pearly green and blue) and a blusher that I quite liked and used well. I noticed they did a big summer sale last July with ridiculous discount prices under  £1 that I unfortunately couldn’t take advantage of  because I travelled at the time, but I kept curious about it, especially as you don’t see many review about it which on one hand I can understand, as I cannot bring myself to buy make up in shops like Poundland and allow it to touch my skin but as this used to be sold in Superdrug, I decided to place an order.


Main factor in my decision in proceeding with my order was when I saw their new brush collection, I liked the colourful handles and as the whole collection is £10, it was a no brainer. I haven’t tried them properly yet except for the blusher brush, but I like the feeling of them, they are soft and do pick up the pigment.

One of the first products I put in my basket after the brushes was their rainbow highlighter. I know that they are everywhere now but this one was one of the first I registered on the UK market last summer so I told myself that I am gonna buy it. The set with a blusher brush cost £4.95 but as they have sale on their site, without a brush the cost is £3.95.


As it is a low budget brand, it is quite powdery but I like that you get more subtle highlight, just like with blusher and bronzer, I prefer building it up to the preferred intensity than get  looking like a shining beam at first go.


I was also interested in their  eyeshadows and pigments as those are now for just 20p a pot. I haven’t tried the pigments yet (although I have them for over a month) so cannot yet comment on their quality. As for the small eyeshadow palettes, I think it is not bad for the price. Again, it is a bit powdery and maybe not as intense but that is to be expected from lower budget and you can still use wet brush. As usual, I did swatches without a

primer with my finger.



What also got me interested was their Super Charged lipstick in the shade called Teddy Bare, now in sale for £2.95 instead of £3.95.


I am wondering whether it is supposed to be a dupe for Mac’s  Velvet Teddy. In any case, it is a nice everyday nude that is very wearable to me, so I will be definitely using it a lot.


I think that now with the sale going on it is definitely worth trying this brand out, as  the prices start from 20p and UK deliveries are free on orders from £10.