Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer


A few months back I featured a Marc Jacobs drawer from that I got where I received Hi-Shine Lacquer in the shade 120 Delphine which retails at around £15.

I used this lacquer a few times, so I have a better idea on how it performs and to be honest, when I used it the first time, my review would most probably be negative, as for that price, you really want something better.

When I opened the polish for the first time, I was underwhelmed, to be honest. Maybe it was because it was “just” in a beauty box, but I didn’t like that that there were some fibres from the brush unruly sticking out in different directions which happened to me before only when I bought a £1 polish and that had made application of the polish a bit messy job. Also, the polish itself seemed so thin, that I had to apply 3 layers to get full opacity. On the positive side, each layer smoothed out equally, so there was not any layered effect what might happen  if you apply next layer not exactly the same way as the previous one, if you know what I mean. Next few times however, the formula got a bit thicker and two layers were enough, also the fibres from the brush were not sticking out that bad, were almost smooth. I just hope it doesn’t mean that the polish dries out quickly.


Once the polish is apply and you still should wait at least another 5 minutes even with Seche Vite on top, as this lacquer dries for quite some time. I used different top coat the first time and waited for 1 hour before I went to bed, only to find out that my nails got ruined during night.

The lacquer lasted on my nails for two days without chipping which my sound not enough for some but as I am washing dishes for four people by hand and often forget to put on rubber gloves, it  is a lot (many polishes don’t last me even a day till edges start chipping on some of them).

Over all, after the second use I really like the polish, especially as it is in nude brown shade that I previously missed in my collection and I really like smooth shiny finish it has at the end.