Wilko Make Up Brushes


Last year, while doing a little bit of shopping, I got inside Wilko. I didn’t have anything in particular to buy there, I just didn’t want to wait for another 18 minutes at the bus stop in front of the shop. Wilko knows what women want because first lane is always make up, skincare and toiletries and while passing through I noticed their new (at least to me) make up brushes. I usually don’t notice their brushes because (I really don’t want to sound too posh because I am a budget person and even the most expensive items in my make up collection were bought in sales or discount) I found them pretty basic, although with good price tag. The brushes had nude ergonomically shaped handles with thick soft bristles. I touched the bristles on the big powder brush and I knew I was in trouble – I fell in love. The only thing that saved me was that the brushes I wanted, were there only for show (very clever, Wilko, to show people how things look and feel even if they are not available in the location) and they were not available in the shop I was in.

But it was my birthday and as my family is not in this country, I got some money transferred into my account as a present and the thought of the brushes didn’t fade, so I had a look on Wilko’s website. I didn’t want to spend more than £25 altogether as there were other things I also wanted to buy for myself but with price ranging from £3 to £5 for such beautiful brushes was almost nothing and easy to find the ones I really wanted.

Powder Brush is a large, fluffy brush with soft bristles. It bevels to a slight point to ease application under the eyes and around the nose and face and works well with both loose and pressed powders. That was the very brush I fell in love with in the shop as I have a soft spot for powder brushes and I am not the only one because my younger daughter always uses the opportunity to play with it as a microphone.


Short Hair Stippler Brush was the second I chose as I like that kind of brush for applying foundation if my fingers don’t work well with it. This one should be good for mousse, fluid and compact foundation. I have not tried it yet as at the moment I use foundation that works well with my fingers.

Blusher Brush should work well with both brush and bronzers. I like using angled blusher brush to apply blusher on my cheeks as the angle works well with the way I like my blush on my cheeks.

Eyebrow Brush was a simple choice because I have only one eyebrow brush as the other I had simply fell apart last time I wanted to wash it (which tells something about its quality – it was just third time I washed it). I hope (I am sure it will) this one will last much longer although I am not sure I would use the spoolie side but you never know.

Smokey Eye Duo Brush was one I was not sure about when I finally received the brushes from Wilko but I actually like it for blending the dark shadow in outer corner of my eye.