My Week in Masks


I read somewhere that Martha Stewart uses a face mask every morning. I usually do 1-2 masks a week but found the idea interesting especially as I am in quite a desperate need to shrink my beauty storage. As a person who prefers to stay 10 more minutes in bed in the morning than doing mask, I do most of my masks in the evening but I do try to do hydrating ones (except for the sheet masks because those do take more time) in the morning, so that I could use the smooth result they give me. I have quite a few more than the ones on the picture but I think that almost everybody read about L’Oréal clay masks but have the Avon ones for a year and I also think they are a good budget option if you like buying from their sales.


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is bentonite clay powder I bought on Amazon. At that time the big tub seemed a good option and as for budget it still is, it’s just I am beginning to think it is gonna last for ever but I have to say I like it and it is my Sunday morning mask. What I like the most about it is that you can customise it to your need and taste. My usuals are a bit of water, vinegar or lemon juice for brightening and olive oil or other beauty oil for hydration. Now this mask might be quite messy to apply and remove, but I have that covered by using a flat foundation brush to apply it and a damp facecloth to remove. My face is usually quite red after removing mask but all redness is gone within an hour and my face feels clean and very soft to the touch afterwards. Thanks to the oil I put when making the mask, I don’t feel any need to use hydrating mask afterwards.


Avon Planet Spa Deep Pore Cleansing Face Mask contains Thai lotus flower with coconut milk extract. I like the smell of Planet Spa products and combination of lotus flower and coconut milk extract is somehow relaxing to me. The mask has a lilac colour that changes to white once dried. This is a typical clay mask soaking up oiliness from the face and I sometimes use a hydrating mask afterwards.


Avon Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining Peel Off Face Mask is your typical peel off mask where you put on gel on your face, leave it to dry and peel off the face. I used to like this kind of masks before I had children but they became time consuming afterwards because it always takes more than 20 minutes for the mask to dry properly to be peeled off.  That being said I really like how my face feels after removing the golden mask (I feel a bit like Edward Cullen from Twilight when he is in the sun) so refining claim seems to be true.


Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures Hydrating Face Mask with Brazilian Acai and Berries smells amazing that I have to admit but I don’t really feel that it is that hydrating at all and on top of that I think that the purpled dye in the product soaks into skin a little bit while you leave it on because despite rinsing well, when I use a toner or micellar water afterwards, I always find purple on the cotton pad. For that reason I got other hydrating masks and this one is going to the bin half-used.


Korres Peelling Mask AHA 10% Wild Rose is a creamy mask that looks like a moisturiser but once you put it on, you might feel slight tingling if you are not used to using acids.  Depending on your sensitivity, you can leave it on from 3 to 10 minutes and  it promises to smoothe fine lines and discolorations and offers instant radiance which I can confirm in my instance and I also noticed that if I have some breakouts, they seemed a bit calmed down after using this mask but that just might be me as I didn’t find any such claim on the packet.

I have to say that after a few week of intensive mask regime, my face got really better although I still have quite a few breakouts since the time I was using different anti-aging samples in January, so I think I will try to continue my mask regime adding 1 sheet mask to it. I did some more mask shopping lately because I had mostly clay masks in my stash so wanted to change that and I might do a haul post soon. What are you favourite masks for your skin type? Are they budget friendly or you feel that only luxurious mask give you a proper care?