Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette


Around half a year ago I bought Tartelette in Bloom palette from QVC and I was so impressed with the pigmentation that when I got som birthday money before Christmas, I started checking QVC site for more of their palettes, I noticed that they had Amazonian Clay palette but I was not quick enough to buy it first time, so when I saw it again, I quickly put it in my basket, also, as I didn’t want to make too big a dent in my monthly budget (let’s be honest, Tarte palettes are not the cheapest), I also chose Easy Payment option by paying it in halves in two months interest free.


The palette is quite big (so not handbag friendly), packaging is made from carton with purple, lilac, white and gold design which is quite cute but if you don’t keep outer box, will look quite worn out and a bit dirty in no time with regular use. The palette contains 20 eyeshadows for your everyday pinky nude looks with some blue, names of the colours are quite impressionist which I quite like, the only colour I would miss if I didn’t have any other nude palette is black.



From left to right: Inked, Style, Seascape, For Realism, On the Monet, Love Hue, Color Vibes, Glaze, Different Strokes, Pixel


I have to admit, first time I used the palette, I was a bit underwhelmed, after being so impressed with very strong pigmentation of Tartelette in Bloom, these shadows didn’t seem to be performing as much. Don’t get me wrong, except for Love Hue which seems to be less pigmented, the shadows are better than your drugstore palette, some of those that don’t look that strong like Pixel, Glaze or Color Vibes are so only because they are much alike my skin. Also, as usual, as I don’t don’t apply my eyeshadow with wet brush (something in me is just make me feel like I would risk fungi in my eyes), I do my swatches with fingers and don’t use filter to make the colours as true to reality as possible, but sometime the colours still get a bit swallowed.



From left to right: Illusion, Mosaic, Getty Up and Go, Pop Art Princess, Venus, Medium, Modern Icon, Exhibit, A Beautiful Degas, Base Coat


On the other hand I like how the shadows perform on the eye. They blend easily, you can build up intensity and for me as a person with hooded eyelids there is very  important bonus that they don’t melt into the crease line by the end of the day, so although I was a bit underwhelmed at the beginning, the more I used the palette the more I liked it and don’t regret the hefty price tag.