Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask


Despite my best intentions (and also because my  husband travelled so nobody to check on me:)), my spending ban flew out of the window and I made some purchases last few weeks and I blame British Beauty Blogger entirely for this one. As I wrote previously, I got on heavy masking wagon lately and then I read BBB writing about these masks, one mask costs £5 but if you buy 6 you’ll pay £25, plus at the time I bought it you got a set of deluxe sample products as GWP, so it was decided.

So far, I have tried only 1 mask from the set (I do 1 sheet mask a week) and the mask I chose to try first was Jasmine Softening mask.


Let’s see what these masks promises are:

Inspired by the naturally radiant beauty of florals, each sheet mask helps to provide an instant boost of radiance and dewy moisture. Crafted with natural Bamboo and formulated with pure flower extracts, each of our six single use sheet masks provides a unique essential oil blend to deliver an ideal sensorial experience and deliver specific skin benefits. Choose from Jasmine, Lavender, Orange, Raspberry, Rose and Violet for skin as soft as your favourite flower.

Now, problem I have with some sheet masks is that the serum they are soaked in, might be a bit too rich for my skin and as I usually leave them on, I cannot continue with my other skincare because  it might take for the serum  even over an hour (with some if ever) soak in. What I can say about this mask is that it did not such thing. The product was light yet moisturising and I could apply my other skincare within a few minutes and my skin was really smooth for next 2 days although I am not sure how people with really dry skin find this mask. As it is Origins, price is not that high and is well comparable with some other mask I found in drugstore and I would say I liked this one better (although not more than the Garnier Moisture Bomb that is cheaper), I would say that in my own sheet mask chart so far, this one got a second place. Hope that the other masks from the set will do as well as this one.