Nugg Revitilising Face Mask


I continue with my masking series and today I am gonna write about Nugg Revitalizing Mask that I got in my Latest in Beauty subscribtion box.

Reason this mask was interesting to me is that Nugg mask are in little pastel coloured pods that look like small shots for your face (sorry for the blurry picture but sometimes you don’t see these things until you download the picture on the laptop). The mask contains flaxseed and peppermint oil and promises to revitalise and plump dull tired skin for a radiant look.


Mask itself looks like a light moisturising balm that smells heavily of the peppermint (almost like a Chinese rub) and I would definitely be careful not to apply it too close to your eyes. Directions say apply generously probably so that you would use up the whole pod but I think that the amount is enough for two uses. I actually used my leftover mask on my feet as an overnight treatment after reading about different uses for the mask on Nugg website and have to say my feet were soft in the morning, so thumbs up for the multiuse.

Another suggestion I have is – use it in the morning as it really wakes up your skin with its peppermint kick so it really does revitalise and as it is in fact a light balm, it does plump my skin. It is nice to use something different and it does work and I do think I will get some others from the range, but I don’t feel like is life changing or something I cannot live without, to be completely honest. As for the price, I got my subscribtion with LIB at £18 for 9 products so £2 for a product, otherwise I saw prices around £3.49 a pod or £12.99 for 4 pods. You can buy it online on Amazon, Beautybay and Selfridges.