Boots Ingredients Roobois Sheet Face Mask


Another mask haul I did this month was with Boots Ingredients as they had (and still have) 2 for £3 offer. The masks are made in Korea and so far there are 5 of them:

  • luminous youth with safflower and peony
  • cleansing and purifying with charcoal and willow bark
  • radiance and brightening with lotus flower and tiger lily
  • energising and revitalising with roobois (redbush)
  • hydrating and nourishing with hyaluronic acid

My first choice would usually be the one with hyaluronic acid as it is one of my favourite skincare ingredients but as that mask was reviewed quite a few times on different blogs, I decided to start with roobois (my favourite tea flavour) because revitalising and energising sounds good to me as I do have problems to get enough sleep for the last year or so.


Mask was fitting my face well and I was able to do stuff around a house (like breakfast for children) while having it on. the mask tingled at first, but it was written on the packaging about the possibility and it is often the case with  energising and revitalising masks, probably getting the blood flow. The serum the mask was soaked in had a light milky texture and colour and there was more than enough left for the neck and decolette in the bag. Unfortunately, once the serum was on my skin, it did feel a bit oily and didn’t want to fully sink into my skin although it didn’t feel overly heavy.  I waited for around 30 minutes after removing the mask and my skin still felt a bit greasy so I didn’t apply any other moisturiser (only SPF) and just continued with makeup. I think this mask would be better suited to normal/combination maybe even dry skin than oily, although it didn’t cause me breakouts.