Superdrug Deep Action Back Spray



Not so long ago, I read on British Beauty Blogger’s blog about a new Superdrug’s product targeting back acne. Although my back doesn’t look as bad now as in my teens, my acne is difficult to manage in summer heat and I decided to put it in my basket before I would forget about it when I shopped in Superdrug as I thought that it could be very useful when the heat comes.

Another problem now, that I am past 35 is ageing. I always use serums and face moisturisers on my neck and decollette but as I mentioned before, I tried some anti-ageing samples in January that messed up my acne again and while I got my face under control, my chest, even though the breakouts there were small and I tried not to pick on them, was getting worse in number of breakouts so I told myself it is time to test the spray.

By directions, you are supposed to use it morning and evening till your back clears out and then 2-3 times as prevention.

True to the claim, straight after first day of use there were no more new breakouts and the ones I’d had before started getting smaller after around a week. The spray dried quickly and the area where I spray doesn’t seem dried out so it looks good. But there is one but. I don’t have any known allergy and I am not asthmatic either but the moment I spray this product, it makes me cough, really, really cough. I overcome it by holding my breath and then quickly moving to other part of the room or different room but I am not sure how would a person suffering from asthma get on with it or maybe it is just me and I need to investigate more what is inside that is causing me the cough.

Have any of you tried this bacne spray? If so, how did you get on with it?