March 2017 Rejects

Finally got to write the overdue rejects post (I have children at home all day now that they have spring holiday, sorry). To be complexion honest, I am not sure whether rejects is really a good name for this part but I am going to write here about products that are not finished but for some reason I decided to part with them.


MUA Pro-Base Concealer and Brighten in Natural -Medium Rose is a concealer palette. The texture really didn’t work for me. When I wanted to cover breakouts, it clinged onto dry edges but slid off the part that I needed to cover after 15 minutes, sometimes even before I got to powdering my face. I liked using peachy/rosy tone under my eyes but the performance depended on the type of foundation because it often settled in small lines around my eyes. Main reason I kept it for quite long os that the colour really matched my skin and didn’t oxydise but I hit the pan with these mostly because I allowed my daughters to play with it. Consequently, the flimsy plastic packaging just broke completely, so there is my decision to bin it.

The Body Shop lip scrub that I tried let it be for around a month, then tried it again and repeated the cycle for over a year (I really try to give a product fair change) and didn’t like it one time. It has a texture of a cheap matt lipstick with ground kernels smelling of mint (the only thing I liked). When I tried to remove it, it clanged to my lips and I suddenly saw on my lips dry bits that were not there before scrubbing. Quite honestly, using your toothbrush after brushing teeth is free and much more effective.

MUA Pro-Base Argan Plush Concealer was again lovely texture, matched my skin well, didn’t oxydise and was creamy enough to not cling on dry patches but it slid of my oily skin like nothing.

MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer is unfortunately another product from the range (I bought them together) that didn’t work for me. As an eye primer gave me initial better colour pay off was better but it wore off as without a primer by the end of the day with my eyeshadow melting into the crease of my hooded eyelids.

B. Treated Blemish Gel was opened around 10 months ago (it has 24 months after opening) and after numerous attempts I ak really sure this is not doing anything to my blemishes.

Yves Rocher Nail Polish in Blanc Neige is the only product in this pile I really loved. It is milky see-through white with sparkles that are not glitter and lasted well even on my nails. Unfortunately, the brush on this mini is not big enough so around the third that is left there is difficult to use.

Technic Nail Polish in Gardenia is dry.

Percy and Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray was on the shelf in my bathroom for a year and I tried it around four-five times and hated how sticky it made my hair, brush, fingers and everything that touched my hair was a dust magnet afterwards.

L’ORÉAL Dual Stylers by Tecni.Art would be lovely, non sticky light gel/cream that manage frizz but keeps your hair natural but I noticed that as the day progresses, it turns into a white residue that doesn’t look very well on my and my daughter’s dark hair.

2true Eye Quad in shade 1 and 2. Although I am happy to see some budget make up that is by what is written made in the UK, these small eyeshadow palettes just didn’t impress me. While I like their loose pigment, these quads lack both pigmentation and staying power and I gave them to my daughters to play.