Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Calming Paper Mask


I noticed Yes To cosmetics that are made mostly from natural ingredients some time ago but as there is quite a lot in my current stash, I had not tried anything yet, so when I saw that Latest in Beauty have this mask in their shop, I put it in my basket as the first thing after I got a confirmation e-mail that my subscription payment was processed.

The mask is claiming to be made of 96% natural ingredients and is formulára without parabens, SLS and silicones.

First thing that I noticed when I got the mask out of the sachet was that although there was cut out for eyes, there were not holes for eyes as they were not cut at the bottom so they were hanging there and was thinking that maybe I could put it over my eyes but the directions on the sachet said avoid contact with eyes and I was very happy that I didn’t because the mask stang and it stang a lot which really suprised me as it is supposed to be calming and soothing. I would say it was almost like Boots Ingredients mask with hyaluronic acid but that one at least stated that mask might tingled but this one did not have anything like that on.

Although the mask hydrated my skin and despite burning feeling, nothing bad happened to my skin, I cannot help but feel s disappointment with this one. Soothing and calming is not what I felt and for the usual price this one is sold, I’d father buy one of the Originis sheet mask as I found that all I tried (I tried three so far) are pretty consistent in non heavy hydration without discomfort of the stinging face.