La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Mask


I became a bit of face mask fein over the last few months and clay based masks have always a good place in my stash (I own 6 clay/mud masks at the moment) but I noticed that even though my skin is oily so I don’t suffer from deep wrinkles yet, my skin started looking a bit withered over the last two years and I realised that my skin needs some extra hydration. I started using serums before my moisturiser regularly morning and evening and it definitely helped but as I started using more masks (5 to 7 a week), I feel like my skincare got yet again to another level. And after and between those oil sucking clay masks, I am now also using hydrating masks. As my skin is oily there is always a bit of risk that the hydrating mask just turns out to be something greasy and pore clogging, so before I ordered La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque, I first check reviews to see if there were some oily/combination skin users reviewing.

By indications on the box, the mask is for dehydrated, sensitive skin, tightness and dull complexion. It contains hyaluronic acid combined with high concentrations of La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. Promised results are intensely rehydrated skin, plumped with moisture, feeling soothed, and luminosity is restored.


The mask itself is in classic white and blue plastic tube and looks like an ordinary moisturiser or like they discribe it “fluid gel cream”.

By instructions, it should be applied to cheeks and neck for 10 minutes and then remove the excess with cotton wool. I did that the first time I used it but I still felt like there is some residue left on my skin and felt much better when I washed it off although wiping might work well for normal and dry skin type and I think that these type s could even try to use it as an overnight mask but as I suffered from some breakouts recently, I didn’t want to risk my skin getting worse. Another thing is that I prefer to use only a small amount and spread it over my face otherwise it feels a bit heavy on me but so far it did not break me out and even when I washed it out, my skin felt lovely plumped up and hydrated just as it promised so if you use it with your individual skin needs, it is a winner.