Empties April 2017


Another month finished and my empties bag filled once again. I can definitely believe that the month passed as my children had 2 weeks of holiday and I tried to make it busy and eventful but felt quite happy when they went back to school and I had a quiet house for 2 hours before I went to work (in school😋).

I have also a little confession to make that I cheated a bit in this empties post as I got a little self-concious when I kept on reading comments how much I used up in a month and threw out one shower gel and matching body lotion but then I told myself: hey, it is me, I like bodycare and skincare and use it everyday and I finished all that last month (but not used up all in just one month). Amen🙏



Origins Flower Fusion Hydrating Rose and Refreshing Raspberry as all Origins sheet masks are pretty consistent at how they feel, the difference is the slightly scent they have depending on the infusion. Anyway, they are lovely, moisturise well without leaving residue that doesn’t want to sink in and don’t sting and I find them a good fit so it is up to you whether you want to pay £5-£6.

Boots Ingredients Charcoal & Willow Bark is supposed to be cleansing and purifying which I didn’t notice much as I had some breakouts at the time and they just seemed to continue popping out (although I know that is one of detoxifying procese). Good point is that it didn’t sting as much as the first two Boots Ingredients masks I tried but it still gave me feeling as if my face was freezing. To be honest, I am not tempted to repurchase although freezing effect could be good in the summer.

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Calming Paper Mask was in my review a few weeks ago and for a mask that claims to be calming and soothing, this stang. Eyes were also not fully cut out so at first I was bit unsure whether I should cover my eyes with it but fortunately read warning to avoid contact with eyes. I felt disappointed but I bought some more masks from Yes To to give the brand fair chance to make my opinion.

111 Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask is part of skincare developed by London’s Harley Street Dr Alexandrides and promises to brighten complexion, moisturise and nourish as well as stimulate collagen production. It is a cellulose placed in between pieces of lace netting on each side. Despite the mask being quite ill-fitting to my face, I really liked it. My complexion was really brighter and moisturised, the essence it was soaked in was light yet nourishing and there was such a plentiful of it that after disposing the sheet, I still had a lot of it left to use for 3 days.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water hypoallergenic has got some cult status as a cheap alternative to Bioderma. I never much understood hype around micellar watery as the ones I had tried before were not much different to watery eye make up remover – not so effectively and in some cases eur stinging. But I finally understand with this water. I have some others in my stash to try but if I should go back and repurchase any, it would be this one. I had it open for quite some time until I decided to use it as an eye make up remover before 6 months from opening.

Roger&Gallet Double Extract was together with their vinegar love at first love. The scent itself was amazing, I liked how it felt on my winter skin and the unique dosage it has is quite fun although when I had just a little product left at the bottom, I had to open the bottle completely to get the product out. However, as the weather got a bit warmer, for my skin type, I prefered it as an evening essence/serum, as it made sinking in of my day moisturiser difficult. I loved it but just once a day past March😋

Darphin Hydraskin Light was at first just an okay day moisturiser. It spread well and provided good yet still light moisture but it didn’t want to sink fully until I stopped using R&G Double Extract in the morning and then really enjoyed it.  I wouldn’t repurchase for the full price though not only because I’m cheap but also because there are similar moisturisers from French pharmacy with cheaper price tag.

T-Zone Tea Tree &Witch Hazel Nose Pore Strips are just stingy Poundshop purchase but I am not tempted to buy anymore as I found out that if I use it more than every 4 weeks, I don’t extract almost anything and unfortunately it is not because the blackheads on my nose are small. At the moment and have Biore and I don’t intend to repurchase.

The Konjac Company konjac sponge. I was really excited that I finally had the opportunity to try konjac sponge. I liked gentle exfoliation and that it seemed to save on my facial wash but after a month of use I noticed that that my chin and jawline began ridden with angry red breakout. At first I thought it might be because the weather got warmer at the time but as these breakouts were more like big, angry red almost purple volcanos that were just hanging in there for weeks, not like small whiteheads popping daily from congestion, after trying niacinamide and blemish treatment, I decided to see what happens if I stop using the konjac sponge and my skin improved within a few days, no new breakouts. I always washed the sponge after use but it was probably not enough. Anyway, I’d rather not risk anymore as the breakouts I had were really nasty and konjac is a nono for me from now on.

Soap&Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash had a lovely scent, blue colour and pink beads that I didn’t understand meaning of much as they were neither much abrasive to provide exfoliation nor they burst on contact with skin to provide something extra. It contains Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate as second ingredient that promises to be more gentle than SLS and I would probably like it a few years back, after the facial washes I used in winter, I still felt it is a bit drying on my. I am probably really getting old.

Vichy Idealia Smoothing and illuminating cream was a sample I got with my order with Feelunique. It was light and really illuminating for my face without being greasy. I would consider buying full size in future.

Gazelli Skin Balancing Cleanser, Intensive Age-Repair Cream and Reviving Eye Cream are samples I got as extras in my Latest in Beauty subscription. They are small samples but I completely fell in love with them and they restored my believe in expensive skincare. My skin felt like I just used a very good sheet mask after the cream and it didn’t break me out or felt heavy. Unfortunately, it is very expensive, like £70 expensive, so with two small children and short working hours, not possible for me at the moment although I am not saying that I was not tempted:)



Superdrug Shaving Gel for dry skin with vitamin E. I heard a lot about Superdrug’s cruelty free shaving range and I decided to try. Works well, provides good slip, no razor bumps or dry skin afterwards for me and price is also consumer friendly, so nothing to complain about. I have another one to go.

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Body Serum is a body serum to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and tighten. I don’t have wrinkles on my body yet, but I did feel like it tightened my skin a bit, although I didn’t like much how sticky it felt and a bit difficult to spread around properly. I don’t intend to repurchase at the moment but there is maybe in the future.

Grace Cole Nectarine Blossom and Grapefruit exfoliating body polish was part of a set I got for Christmas at work. Scent is not bad but exfoliation is nothing much, it is in fact crumbled pumice stone mixed with shower gel. Plus, it is made in China (same as Harding and Baileys). There are some things where I can overlook Made in China, but in my toiletries not. So no purchase for me.

Dr. Organic Snail Gel Hand and Nail Elixir was a really nice hand moisturiser with a lovely citrusy scent. It worked well, felt quite light but it took a bit to soak into the skin. I got it as gift with a magazine purchase.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Seed Scrub I used up despite not liking it much. The whole range smells a bit like older mens cologne to me and I gave all the other products to my husband, as he liked the scent. This scrub in short was like Vaseline mixed with Chinese rub and poppy seeds as exfoliant agents. Felt a bit greasy to me, had to use hot water to wash it properly and I didn’t have to use body lotion afterwards so I guess that’s one plus.


Flower by Kenzo is together with Narciso sample that I got as extra with another Latest in Beauty Subscription. Flowers is a nice clean a bit powdery fragrance and for people who cannot afford it I would recommend white Pur Blanca from Avon as a cheap alternative. It is sold by Avon in continental Europe not it the UK, but I found out that notino.co.uk sell Avon fragrances that are available in Europe but on in the UK. Narciso I liked and maybe in 4 years time when I finally finish stuff I have, I might consider buying a small bottle.

Escentual nail file is your ordinary emery board file that you get as a complimentary present with probably every order with Escentual. I started using it and my older daughter butchered it when she decided she starts doing her nails by herself (8-years old).

Haircare and a bit of make up


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave In Treatment was in my previous empties. I used it as a detangling spray in the morning. I found it somewhere in the middle of detangling sprays – it is not alcohol laden drying one which is good, but I had detanglers I liked more as this one weighs my hair down a bit (I wash my hair every three days) so I don’t really intend to repurchase anymore.

Avon Naturals Healthy Hydration Conditioning Balm is my good old leave in treatment that keeps hair soft without weighing down.

Avon Naturals Full Volume conditioner with raspberry and hibiscus was really light so didn’t feel that nourishing unless I saturated my hair in it but I don’t my because I always use leave-in conditioner of some kind on my hair afterwards so for the price I bought it, I have nothing to complain about. Don’t intend to repurchase though.

Clairol Nice ‘N’ Easy (can’t help but chuckle at this name with my one track mind) was  nice nourishing as they all are with hair dye but I think I prefer the Garnier one.

Last item is the only make up sponge I decided to toss as I had it for quite some time and definitely  longer than I should have but as I don’t really use beaty sponge every day and clean it every time I use it, I think I am forgiven.