Azelaic acid not only for acne

I have a feeling that acids of different kinds are the superheroes in skincare in recent years although they are nothing new to many people. Almost everybody tried something contains glycolic acid regardless of the skintype, benefits of salicylic acid are well known to all those ridden by acne (or at least noticed that most acne skincare contains salicylic acid) and hyaluronic is known to many not only for skin plumping properties but also as a supplement keeping your joints healthy. And those are just a few. I want to talk today about acid that I underservedly heard nothing about until I was searching which products from Ordinary I should order from Victoria s Health website. They have also a lot of articles where they write what from their stock is good for different problems you might be suffering from and one of those articles was about treating acne scaring. As somebody who started having breakouts at the age of 10 and over 2 decades later still do (although in better managed form), I have quite a lot acne scaring in my T zone, although fortunately not as deep as some people with serious acne might have but my skin is definitely far from that of babies’. Besides other products, their pharmacist Shabir recommended Azelaic acid and I decided to put it in my basket (for £5.50 surely worth a try).


When I received it, I saw that it was in a small 30 ml (1 oz) tube and I was just hoping it is not gonna be sticky. I have to say, I felt a bit unimpressed when I opened it and wanted to use it first time in my skincare routine. It kind of reminded me of silicone primers but within a few seconds, I was proved wrong – my skin felt dry to touch (like really mattyfied) and no heavy feeling on my skin, in fact, I was very happy to apply my night oil.


Fast forward morning, and I can see that my blemishes are smaller and instead of nasty red and purple volcanoes the colour is just light pink and my skin all over smoother. I know, other acids can also smooth out your skin, but this one does it without stinging or any other discomfort whatsoever and despite being dry to touch quickly,  it didn’t dry my skin out. So decided to find out more about this Azelaic acid and I have to say that the more I found out, the more I loved it.

Azelaic acid is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-keratinizing (preventing build up of dead skin causing clogged pores, but when I think about it, might also work for your keratosis pilaris a.k.a. bumps on the back of your arms).

Many studies found that it is more effective in treating acne than topical antibiotics and as effective as benzoyl peroxide or tretinoin (retin A) minus the side effect od the last two. Besides that, this little badass is proved to be effective in treatment of rosacea and melasma again without irritating.

I have being using it only over a week now so cannot really comment on long term use on my skin but I am pretty impressed so far and so are other people who tried it and if you suffer of some of the above, you should try it, too. Just don’t forget to use SPF afterwards.  As for myself, I think I am going to stock up😉

Anybody else having experience with Azelaic acid? What are your thoughts?