Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask

I tried not to write a face mask review for a bit but I decided to write another now. As it was Saturday when I started writing this post (I want to wait a day before I publish to see whether there will be some reaction), sheet mask is due to be used and today I chose Masque Bar Green Tea sheet mask.


As most sheet masks, this one is also made in Korea and I like that it also has best before date which is suspiciously missing on many British cosmetics.

The mask promised to help minimize the appearance of dark spots and various pigmentation irregularities and should be effective on all skin tones, leaving skin more radiant looking. It contains vitamin E, phyto collagen and Green Tea extract so it should smooth, moisturise and refresh.


Now I usually don’t much like perfumed skincare (although I use it) but I like fragrance of green tea and this mask smells like cosmetic green tea in my mind should.

The mask was reasonably soaked to adhere well to my face but not dripping wet. There was just a little serum/essence left but I did manage to get enough to spread on my neck.

I left the mask on for 30 minutes and after removing my skin felt softer to touch and smoother by the look. The sérum soaked within minutes which I like but I can imagine that people with dry skin would prefer something with heavier serum. Of course, dark spots didn’t vanish, not even serums ever did that for me and I am using them daily, maybe using the mask more than once could help but I can definitely say that my skin was more radiant.

Overall, I like this mask and I am definitely interested in trying more from the brand although by the price point around £5 it is one of the more expensive ones. You can also buy a pack of three where one piece would come to £3.33. I got mine from my Latest in Beauty subscription, so it cost me £2.