Manuka Doctor ApiClear – Treatment That Worked For My Acne

As I mentioned in probably almost every post about skincare, despite being midthirty, I suffer from oily, blemish prone skin, especially in the warm weather. I had yet another episode of bad breakouts on my jawline despite using The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc concoction every morning. Although I had good results with some other serums with niacinamide in the past, sadly, it looks like The Ordinary version doesn’t have full benefits for me. I also used Azelaic Acid in the evening and while this one was effective at fading the redness, gentle smoothing and also mattifying the area, when breakouts started coming out, they just kept coming and some of them didn’t want ho or change for weeks. Then I remembered I bought some Manuka Doctor products from ApiClear range targeted to oily, blemish prone skin last year from Superdrug (hoarding problems) and I finally decided to give them a go besides my trusty Serozinc. The range contains purified bee venom which might seem a bit controversial but modern method of harvesting the venom doesn’t cause dislodging of the stinger so bees don’t die however they need to stimulate the bees to release the venom.


The products I have are:

ApiClear Foaming Facial Cleanser. I don’t know why this cleanser is called foaming because it is a cream cleanser and in my experience it doesn’t really lather much, it feels very gentle and soothing but still gives that nice fresh feeling. Maybe my skin needs are changing because I used to really like foaming cleansers as cream ones didn’t give me that fresh feeling my oily congested skin was craving but now this facial wash is something I enjoy using in the morning without being harsh or drying. Besides the purified bee venom and honey which are in bottom half on the list of ingredients, it contains also papaya fruit extract that is known for its brightening qualities which I can confirm as after a week of using, my healed breakouts didn’t leave discolouration marks I usually have afterwards. It doesn’t have any strong smell, if it smells of something it is like conventional. However, there is SLS in the middle of the list which is to be noted to someone who avoids it, although I didn’t have any problem with it.

ApiClear Purifying Facial toner. This contains alcohol as a third ingredient and you can feel it, but it is not  overdrying like conventional oily skin aimed skin toner. From ingredients actively fighting acne it also contains witch hazel, marigold, rosemary and tea tree leaf extract and also royal jelly, honey and bee venom which probably makes it non drying and my skin doesn’t feel tight.

ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum is together with blemish cream my favourite product from the range. It has a gel consistency, clear in colour, that spreads easily and one pump covers face and neck. It contains sodium hyaluronate which is a kind of hyaluronic acid in layman words, royal jelly, marigold, chamomile that calm skin besides the manuka honey, yeast extract and bee venom.

ApiClear Blemish Cream is really amazing. I love it. Although it is thicker in consistency, it is non greasy and fast absorbing and really calms down my angry breakouts. More over, I didn’t have dry flaking skin over my healing breakouts, so applying make up was a smooth job, if I needed, I could still apply another moisturiser over it. From  ingredients I should mention olive oil, witch hazel, propolis, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate which all help healing and smoothing skin and there are no parabens and SLS. This doesn’t contain bee venom either. I am happy with this range overall but if I could choose only one thing to repurchase, I think it would be this cream.

Of course, whole range is on pricier side but there are always some promotions, like 60% off everything that Manuka Doctor had on their website last month, but you can get good price on Amazon, Superdrug, Holland and Barett or Lookfantastic. There is not need to pay full price if you search around, I know I didn’t and since I started using it, I also purchased 2 masks from Manuka Doctor and I am looking forward to trying them.