Mizon Bio Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Mask

Some time ago, I noticed in emails I get from Lookfantastic that they started selling Korean cosmetics called Mizon so I immediately started browsing their quite extensive range they had and told myself I have to buy some of their sheet masks. Main reason I like sheet masks is that they are very moisturising without most of them being heavy on my skin, although they do vary in how rich the essence/serum is and how quickly it absorbs into skin. So when I saw set of 6 hyaluronic acid masks for around £12, I decided to go for it. I usually use sheet mask on Saturday morning and by my mood and what I feel my skin needs from the offering in my stash, so it took me a few weeks till I finally decided to try this one.


Upon opening I noticed that the mask has two protective layers – one thick plastic layer and something like synthetic textile on the other side which meant there wasn’t that much essence left in a bag but still enough to pat on my neck (and I also used the protective layers) and most essence was concentrated on a thin gel sheet, not a fabric or tissue like most other masks. I first took removed the plastic sheet that helped to spread the folded mask without any damage, the applied gel side on face, removed the synthetic textile and smoothed out the mask nicely. It fitted quite well, maybe a bit short on my chin but that is nothing unusual, as my chin is long and a bit pointy.

This is an ampoule mask which means that the essence is not too watery but still not as rich that it would be difficult to absorb. When I massaged the leftover essence into my neck while having the mask on, I was a bit worried that I might not like it because it felt a bit like the mask that take ages to absorb but fortunately, when I removed the mask, after about 6 minutes, it was absorbed without a sticky or tacky residue.


My skin felt well moisturised and plumped up even the next day. I really think that this mask could suit all skin types. And I was so impressed that after trying this one, I ordered a set of calming mask that contain propolis (I am a converter after a good experience with Manuka Doctor products as well).

Last time I checked, the set of 6 masks was still available on Lookfantastic site for £10.60 but if you make an order of £25 or more and use my referral code DANIELA-R12Q, you can get £5 off (this is not a sponsored post, I bought the mask with my money but I’ll get some credit after my referral code is used).