Blogging Block and Hauling Lately

Welcome to my blog although lately I am not feeling inspired enough to do even my once weekly post. It is not because I didn’t do any shopping (I abandoned my New Year’s resolution completely lately) and that there is no drama in my life (but too personal to write publicly about as I am no Jeremy Kyle Show material) and I actually had some posts that I started writing but abandoned later because I wasn’t feeling it after the initial excitement evaporated.


One of the things I got excited about is that I discovered a Hong Kong based company selling Asian beauty for good prices called Skin18. When I checked their website I found out they had 40% off promotional code and I could also choose 5 freebies (sheet masks, samples and face clothes) and as my huge order was over $40 even after the discounts, I also got a free delivery. What impressed me even more though is that  after I made the order on Thursday, I received my package on Monday before I went to work and the pink heart shape bubble wrap was certainly a very nice touch.


Getting excited about Korean beauty I started looking for UK based companies selling K beauty, especially COSRX because I wanted to try their range targeted on treating breakouts and oily skin. I found a company called Glamour Flare and got a 20% off voucher as well as my order qualified for a free delivery. I also got some samples and eyeliner as a free gift which I didn’t expect.



Superdrug also started selling Bio-Essence 24k Gold range and I got excited especially by the water and cleansers but I contained myself and ordered only detanglers that we need in our family and some mask that were cheap and were on 3 for 2 promotion and I also got interested in cleansing pads so I also bought some budget ones to see how they fare.



They say shop till you drop but in my case my budget for frivolities finished😇 and it is a good job because my stash started being overwhelming again now. On the other hand I have no budget for beauty shopping till September now because children will have holiday and I will need the money for some quality time with them now so probably that’s about it for a few months😋