L’ORÉAL Elvive Phytoclear Intensive 1 Min Exfoliating Scrub


Last six months or so it seems like most companies started selling scalp scrubs or scalp treatments and now pretty much every company has some offering for people who feel the need of treating their scalp. I myself have itchy and flaking scalp pretty much from my teens although I would say that my condition improved after I moved to London (this might be because water is really hard where I come from). I did try scalp scrub before (around 6 years ago, bought online as you would not be able to find something like that on high street at the time but as I didn’t​ repurchase, it probably didn’t hit the spot).

I decided to try the highstreet offering now in this pre-shampoo treatment that I bought for promotional price of £4 (usually £5.99).

I forgot to take picture of how it looks like before I finished it but the way I would decribe it is that it looks like a white hair balm mixed with black grounded kernels or “argania spinosa shell powder” by the ingredients list. It contains tea tree leaf oil but the scent is more artificial, perfumy, a bit like mens deodorant.

You are supposed to massage the scrub into your scalp after wetting your hair in sections before rinsing and washing hair with shampoo.

I must admit, I really hated it the first time I used it – it felt like I put body scrub into my hair, felt a bit rough and to wash it of was another matter. I am sure everybody who had children who like playing in sand know how difficult it is to wash out the sand from their hair. However, you cannot judge a product by just one use, so I persisted and use it up. After all, it did give my scalp nice clean feeling. I had been using it since April every 2-3 weeks and I would say that if dandruff is one of your main concerns, it is worth trying but if your scalp is sensitive, I would look for something gentler.