October 2017 Powder Beauty Subscription Drawer


I wrote last month about the Powder Beauty subscription. I quite liked what was inside but the lack of ease of customer support and basically zero communication about whereabouts of my order made me feel kind of underwhelmed.

After I cancelled my subscription with them I got an e-mail that they will forward my request to subscription team. It is possible that it is just one person because I didn’t hear from them for almost two weeks, only on 1st of the month my credit card was charged £18.50, so I was only hoping that I would at least get another box and decided to wait till the end of the week before I would write to them another email. On Thursday I got an e-mail that they’re sorry I am cancelling the subscription and that I would still get this months box and then my subscription is fully cancelled. And on Friday I received the box and here is what I got.

Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum (20 ml) to deliver a shot of moisture to the skin in cool weather. I wanted to try this serum so was pleased to see this.


Lottie London Blush Crush in Nick (other available colour is Harry) in full size. I have never tried Lottie make up and this claims to be super blendable and has got a bit of glitter look that I am not sure about so we’ll see.


Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge should be a good multitasker for contouring, highlighting, strobing and foundation. It seems soft and bouncy. I  am actually glad about this one because I was looking at getting a sponge with a flat edge and I like the feel of this one. I tried it with my Revlon foundation and it gave me brilliant application. So this is a winner for me from this box.


Blaq Mask (15 ml) is one those infamous black masks that internet was full of some time ago that pulls out the life of your face. I personally was not that interested in destroy my face this way but I am interested in trying it on my nose and  T zone.

Urban Veda Daily Purifying Wash (20 ml). Available were three kinds and because Powder customises box according to the form you fill in with your first order. I got one for oily skin. I had a toner from the same range last year and I really liked it as it felt very refreshing without drying alcohol.


By the booklet I should have received Nails Inc Correcting pen but I had Nails Inc nail polish in Futures Bright.

Last but not least is 1,2 ml sample of Calvin Klein Obsessed EDP.

Besides that you get also vouchers to 15 – 25% from the brands featured.

I felt similar to when I got my Birchbox – underwhelmed by the size of products, there seemed to be more paper shreds than beauty but the product I liked once I checked them better. Although I think that £18.50 is quite an expensive subscription box and would appreciate better ease of use of their website and better communication, I can certainly see its value. I also found a deal for this box (pity, I didn’t find it when I was signing up). When you sign up with Groupon, you can get 6-months subscription for £39 + postage and that is definitely a good deal.