Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream


I think everybody who knows a bit about Asian or Korean skincare heard about Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream that is supposed to be intensively soothing for skin. As it has good reviews and is suitable for all skin types, it didn’t take long for this blue gem to get on my wishlist. After almost a year of keeping talking myself out of buying “another moisturiser”, I finally  bought it.

It comes in dark glass jar with 30 ml of forget me not blue cream with clear plastic spatula. You might object on the amount but as this is more of a spot treatment than regular moisturiser, I would say it is a standard size.

I bought it mostly because of my breakouts and painful cysts and as it happened, a week after I got the cream, I broke out on jawline and it was pretty painful. I have to say, the moment I applied it on my painful cysts, I didn’t feel the pain anymore and I couldn’t wait for morning to see, if they get overall better.

Unfortunately, they didn’t, or if, just as they would without the cream. On the other hand, as I didn’t feel much like I want to pick on my spots (we all know we’re not supposed to do that but I am sure the majority do it once those buggers come), so after a few days the cysts healed without spreading more. So although it will not prevent you from having breakouts or doesn’t heal them overnight, it does help at managing bad situation before making it worse and longer lasting.


Another use it is recommended is sunburn. I thought I wouldn’t get to try this till summer but with the spell of hot weather a few weeks ago and me working in a school playground, I got a bit of a red patch on the back of my shoulders where I didn’t spread my sunlotion properly. Although, it doesn’t have that cooling effect most after sun products give you, it did again give me nice sensation of normal skin and I couldn’t see or feel any more redness the next day.

Overall, I am quite happy with this product. I am not gonna lie, it is not something that is necessary on daily basis and I think using it as a moisturiser would be a bit wasteful and for drier skin not enough to moisturise properly but it is a nice addition to have for little emergencies like after overexfoliation, painful cysts, sunburn and other occasions when skin feels a bit compromised.



Current Favourites May 2018


Welcome to my humble blog! If you read me longer, you know I don’t do favourites regularly and as I was on low buy till April, I didn’t feel much inspired or excited, I was more focused on using up products. Don’t get me wrong, I had some products I liked using but as there were usually only one or two, I didn’t feel like it was enough for making a separate favourites post.


L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Cushion was one those overhyped products a year or two ago. This is a dewy glow foundation where you use sponge to apply foundation from a sponge or cushion. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t seem like a most hygienic formou of foundation so I used a thick flat foundation brush to apply it. I used it the first time in the summer and as I have oily, blemish prone skin, I honestly hated it – my skin looked even oilier and it has basically zero coverage, plus the shade I bought was palety for my summer skin. However, I decided to try again this winter and I loved it, especially as I didn’t need highlighter, while creating healthy natural glow on my winter skin. Another thing I liked about it is that it has SPF29. Also, unlike most L’Oreal product that are heavily perfumed, I couldn’t detect any smell on this one. Disadvantage is that it doesn’t give you many uses but I recommend flipping the cushion till you really can’t get any more.


Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask with volcanic rock,  AHA and Vitamin CG. It is a light pink gel that contains fine volcanic powder so you get both chemical and gentle mechanical exfoliation. You apply it gently massaging with fingertips and let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse off with water. It makes skin baby smooth without being harsh and you can use it 1-2 times a week.  It has also a delicate scent that I like.


Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins mineral-enriched renewal cream was something I thought I would not like and was even worried it would break me out as it initially felt heavy but I didn’t need to worry and I always wake up with plump smooth skin that is not greasy at all. It has time-release resurfacers and vitamins C, E and H. But  the main thing that is addictive to me about this cream is the scent of orange zest it has – once I opened the cream, I couldn’t stop sniffing all the time. I would also like to try oil-free version if I get to it with the pile of moisturisers I already have.


Lavera Pre-moisturiser Hydro Effect Serum is the newest addition to my routine.  Lavera is a German 100% certified natural cosmetics made with organic plant ingredients, free of silicone, paraffin, phtalate and mineral oil, GMO or synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives. This serum is basically a light milky lotion that spreads easily, so one pump is enough for me to spread over my face and neck and it’s absorbed rather quickly. The vegan formula contains anti-polution complex (mango and peach extract, tocopherol) and natural hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and biosaccharides. As with previous products, I liked its scent that reminds me of something between liquorice sweets and fruit gummy bears.


The Body Shop Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++ is so far the biggest love from products I tried this year. I am not the holy grail person and so far only Palmer’s Bust Cream got to be forever repurchase item but I have to say – this the SPF I liked the most on my skin in my life but I will see about the holy grail situation when I use up the full tube. It contains red algae extract (should also prevent pigmentation) and vitamin C (brightening and antioxidant) it should protect against city-life agressors while brightening but most of all, the essence provides UVA (skin ageing damage) and UVB (skin surface damage) protection. It looks like a thin milk but once you rub it in, it’s just like water, no heavy residue or white cast. After I posted a picture of it on Instagram (@whatdanielalikes), I found out that although it provides SPF protection, it is not a product TBS recommend for sunbathing or a day at the beach. As I am not a sunbathing person, I am fine with that.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Lightweight Conditioning Spray is now my go to daily detangler. It’s got a lovely fragrance that doesn’t suffocate and keeps hair conditioned and soft to touch. Me and my girls love it!

April 2018 Empties

I thought I would continue in weekly updates but as it happened, I didn’t seem to use up that many products and I also kept forgetting using masks by my previous masking schedule so I went back to monthly mini reviews for now. First two weeks I got just three products empty, but my empty bag started filling after all and I (we) actually finished all the haircare.



Mizon Enjoy Vital-up Time Calming Soothing Care Mask  was in my empties many times already and will be because I want to use it up before summer as I find it a bit richer in hot weather (although no warm weather so far). Still, I feel like my breakouts calm a bit after this mask, especially the last week.

Andalou Naturals Instant Brighten & Tighten Vitamin C Plus mask. After the purple mask I didn’t have high hopes for this one. Again, bad fit and mask was somewhere between tingling and burning, especially around eyes because of bad cutouts. On positive side it smelled like orange juice (like most vitamin C products) and did brighten and tighten but using it wasn’t pleasant (although I managed having it on for almost 15 minutes) so wouldn’t repurchase a sheet mask from them.

Nature Republic Shea Butter mask sheet. Oftentimes when I see shea butter in facial care unlike in bodycare where I love it, I steer away but I decided to go on with this mask after using Liquid Gold by mistake two days in a row (although I didn’t suffer anything horrible, I definitely felt more sting than usual). First impressive were good – good fitting tencel sheet that even covered the tip of my nose. The liquid was milky white but didn’t feel heavy and when I applied it, it did feel soothing for the bit of burn. It did contain PEG and dimethicone from ingredients I am not overly happy with but it didn’t list paraben. It did leave me feeling greasy but not moisturised so I used only light serum afterwards.

Nature Republic Royal Jelly mask sheet. Again great fit and shape mask, moisturising, leaving a bit greasy residue.

Garnier Skin Naturals Start Afresh refreshing toner. Again, this is a type of toner I used to like a few years back but now just feel how it sucks the moisture out (alcohol is second on the list of ingredients). I am pretty sure this was discontinued and there is now new version that I haven’t checked yet.

Dr G Wrinkle Snail Mask is great, lightweight but hydrating and smoothing mask. Definitely recommend.

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask boasts having 20 essential minerálna, free from parabens, synthetic colours, phtalates, petrolatum, isothiazolionones, SLS, mineral oil, silicone, DEA and BHT. I am kind on the fence with this mask – when I started using it, I felt like it doesn’t do anything that other mud masks wouldn’t do but now I quite like it. It also promises skin regeneration thanks to bio-plasma. It tingles when I apply it so maybe that’s the plankton extract working on regenerating my skin but it also might be spearmint oil inside. Anyway, it doesn’t feel drying as some mud masks and it is actually still wet after recommended 10 minutes and that might be thanks to aloe vera being the first on the ingredients list. Actually, when I applied Liquid Gold before I spread the mask over my face, my pores got lovely clean and just after I removed the mask, it felt like I just moisturised with a light moisturiser.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF30 had a lovely soft texture, didn’t feel heavy like most suncreams, more like a light moisturiser and didn’t give any white cast. I would probably liked it more, if it had matt finish.

Yves Rocher 3 Detoxifying Teas Micellar Cleansing Water was good and effective make up remover. Although I prefer micellar water that is like water and without a scent, it was great at removing make up and I would buy it again for the price I got it.

Alpha – H Liquid Gold with glycolic acid is that acid treatment that does what you want it to do – brightens, smoothes out the skin and makes skincare that follows, work better. I really recommend using it just before you apply a clay or a mud mask and sometimes use it to swipe over rough body parts like my feet and elbows. I have another bottle in my stash.

Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping serum was a 20 ml (30 ml is a full size) sample of this light non-greasy gel serum that sank in in seconds and really delivered on the plumping promise. I think it is great for oily skin but as alcohol denat is the second ingredient, I don’t think it is something for sensitive or dry skin. Maybe repurchase full size.

Katherine Daniels Sensitive Skin cream was a day and night moisturiser with a light scent to it which is a bit surprising for me for a cream that’s aimed at sensitive skin. It doesn’t feel heavy although is not completely oil free so it is good for my skin at the beginning of English spring (we wear winter coats in May here sometimes). What is also a bit ironic is that cream that has “Beautifully British concept” written on the front, was made in France. I don’t really have complains about this cream otherwise and I would consider buying a full size in the future.

Superdrug Clearly Youthful hydrating day serum was something from the discontinued line that I liked for a change. It also had quite strong chemical scent but it had consistency of a light, silky quickly absorbing lotion. It contained salicylic acid, lactic acid, phytoprotein, cimifuga, polyglycan and hyaluronic acid. My blemishes really reduced and my skin is clearer and smoother. That would be the product I would buy again if I could.


Along Came Betty Clean Around the Clock creamy shower wash in Very Berry was pleasant to use on body but it was a bit difficult to get out of and I had to press hard in the end so I think some different packaging would be better.

Yves Rocher Candied Orange & Cinnamon shower gel was from their 2016 Christmas limited edition and as usual, great scent combination. Still, I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive YR for discontinuing my favourite Jardins du Monde shower gels😭.

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia monoï body balm was of thicker consistency and at first doesn’t seem to smell of anything but once it meets the heat of hands and body, you can smell monoï giving the feeling of exotic paradise. On the other hand I am glad I finished it because with warmer weather I prefer something lighter.

Avon Sensuelle eau de parfum was a creamy fragrance that might not be one of my favourite but was a good everyday scent for the end of winter. No repurchase.

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life was a brilliant body scrub – it exfoliated very effeciently and spread easily. I would purchase again.


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore shampoo, conditioner and treatment were 8 ml samples I got through. The samples were barely enough for my long hair but what I could use felt good, especially the conditioner was intriguing because it was like a clear gel, not a creamy liquid.

Natural World Moisture Rich hair mask was a great budget mask free from parabens, phosphates, phtalates, dyes and gluten. I am not saying it is the best hair mask I have ever tried but for the price is one of the best and I bought two other and will happily buy again.

Matrix Total Results Curl Shampoo and conditioner are good standard duo. Shampoo cleanse well without making hair stripped and crispy and the conditioner works for detangling although I am not sure whether I feel it is special enough to repurchase.

Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler. I had heard good things about this detangler and I am not saying it was bad at detangling, but once I sprayed my children’s hair, they ran to the other side of the room to breathe. So it is pretty clear this will be a no repurchase.


Easter hauls

Welcome back to my blog. If you read my blog before, you know I am (or was) on no buy. As I now moved, I decided to make some little hauls which were first of all motivated by some necessities that I don’t have in my stash but told myself I can manage without for a week or two till I get to another house. These were mostly haircare as I ran out of leave-in treatments and masks because those together with detanglers get use up very quickly in our household serving three heads.

Easter shopping in stores


While doing Easter egg hunt in a certain shopping park with my children on Saturday before Easter, I also popped into Superdrug, Boots and Poundland.

I knew in advance that I wanted to buy Superdrug’s Coconut Oil for hair and body because I use it as a once weekly pre-shampoo treatment for my daughters but also for myself. It takes a while to melt so you have to plan ahead but since I started using it (before I used it only on my daughters), my hair feels really silky soft for days, especially if I leave it as an overnight treatment.

Another item I needed were Superdrug Female 5 Blade Refills 3x (not pictured because I forgot). If you need cruelty free razors, Superdrug has it. Razors shave well and smooth almost like Gillette, so why not save money and little bunnies in a lab. Also, I had 3 blade version before but this 5 blade is amazing, I really enjoy using it👌.

I decided to browse around black and Asian haircare for some leave-in treatment and noticed they have ORS Hair Repair Coconut Oil & Baobab and just for £2.69. I had a sample of it in one of my Latest in Beauty monthly selections and really liked it. You can use it not only on hair but also scalp as as doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky residue. AND it smells heavenly. I am in love and for that price (although it was 1/3 off), I will definitely repurchase. I also want to try other oils they have in their selection, especially the one with tea tree.

As I am on my last bottle of micellar water (half used), I also grabbed B. Micellar water as it was less than half price £ 2.19 for 400 ml. I’ve never tried micellar water from them, so will see.

I didn’t plan to buy beauty products in Poundland (I went there for some cleaning items) but told myself that if I see a shaving foam I would fancy, I would buy it, as I ran out almost a month ago and had been managing with shower gels, so when I saw Soft & Gentle 2 in 1 Shower and Shaving Mousse, I did fancy it and I actually really like it, as it sprays out to mousse I spread where I want to shave, it has a subtle fragrance and felt comfortable to use even around the bikini area.

Then I remembered, we also don’t have any hair mask and hair gel, so I reached out for Natural World Argan Oil Moisture Rich hair mask as it says it is free from parabens, phosphates, phtalates, dyes and gluten and for the price it is definitely not a bad mask, especially if you leave it on for around 20 minutes.

As I prefer using wet look hair gel because it gives my girls’ tight curls more definition without white flaky residue the next day, I decided to try Lee Stafford Wet Look GeLee but I have to admit that after trying it I am sure I will not repurchase as it is very sticky, leaving hair weighed down and in need of wash. I will try to use it up but the go back to beloved Wilko gel that costs only 47p but I love it more than any other gel in the world. (I also liked one from Boots but they don’t sell it anymore).

Online Easter Hauls


Next items I bought were make up which I probably wouldn’t have bought but as Boots decided to discontinue Seventeen from their range, I told myself, I have a small time frame when I can shop for it. As none of Boots stores (even the big ones) in my area sell Seventeen anymore, I decided to place an order online and collect it in closest Boots store. As luck had it, not only most Seventeen items were half price but there was also 3 for 2 on all make up, so the grand total for 6 items was a little bit over £16.

I also have an active Latest in Beauty subscription again although I went down to 3 items and ordered 3 full size products I was interested in (yes, 2 for hair, 1 skin). Spend is £9.


The last but not least item I ordered was Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. I was partial to buying COSRX Centella cream but as all shops I intended to buy from sold out and I found out that Skinsider currently sell Klairs cream for £18, I went for it. Warmer weather is coming and I know more spots will be popping on my city congested skin. I do need some spot treatment and the two mentioned creams were top of my wishlist for what feels like forever. I was tempted to fill my basket to qualify for free delivery but as delivery is £2.80, filling basket till I qualify for free delivery, was what made my stash unbearable so I purchased only the cream at the end.

Anyway, I don’t want to be spending money like I did before but I am not going to be on no spend either. Reducing my stash is still my definite goal so I am going to be shopping when I need (run out of) to purchase something, e. g. low buy (or at least I’ll try).

Weekly March Update and Empties #4

This is the last update before my move and I include more than one week of empties.

I broke my no spend but it was only a £6 Primark minihaul when I bought two makeup remover cloths (£1.50 each) and rosé prosecco highlighter (£3). I don’t go to Primark that often so when we went to the big one in Lakeside, I looked for these cloths after seeing them in Nadine Baggott’s Youtube. I have a microfiber cloth from Magnitone but it is  small that it is hardly enough to remove eye makeup. I regret I didn’t buy more because I do need something to remove my makeup without too much exfoliation that I have from ordinary washcloth or face towel.



Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask contained tea tree and witch hazel as it is targeted to breakout prone skin. It smelled of tea tree but not as much as some other tea tree products. It did leave some residue although when I continued with my evening routine, it looked like it got absorbed and although my healing breakouts didn’t vanish, they seem fully calmed overnight and healed by the end of the week without any new ones popping out. Might be worth buying a bunch for the summer to use it 3 times a week for a month as recommended on the packaging.

Skimono Advanced Moisturisation+ gel mask was amazing, just as I like my hyaluronic acid masks – intense moisturisation without leaving greasy or sticky residue. The gel sheet was a good fit (although it had flaps where are eyeholes otherwise), the mask stuck well on the face, it didn’t slider down nor was difficult to spread and apply.  Also, it doesn’t contain paraben, PEG or alcohol. Happy having  one more in my stash.

Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C face sheet mask but I have to say that when I checked ingredients, I wasn’t that impressed – ascorbic acid is fifth from the last ingredients (although nothing unusual for a product that’s in the name being at the end of long list of ingredients), it also has  PEGs, methylparaben and propylparaben, so for a mask that costs around £5, I think I can find something better for the price.

Andalou Naturals Instant Lift & Firm with Resveratol Q10 was quite a disappointment to me. At first I liked that the fibre sheet had plastic backing as it allowed me to spread the mask with ease but the fit around the eyes was horrible – I don’t know where the mask was made because there was written “assembled in the USA” but the cutouts were for narrow, close set eyes so the mask was too close to outer corners of my eyes which wouldn’t be that horrible, if the mask didn’t give me burning sensation. I went through some burning masks and managed but burning around my eyes is something different and after around 7-8 minutes, I had to take it off and I can’t remember a sheet mask I would have to do that with. Liquid was watery and left sticky residue which meant that it did give me a certain level of lift and firm but the discomfort wasn’t worth it to me so I wouldn’t mask again with it.

Superdrug Clearly Youthful Skin Balancing Moisturiser SPF15 is almost full but I just can’t stand using it anymore – I’ve never used a product that was pilling so much. I tried for around two weeks and can’t continue anymore. The only thing that justifies that waste is that I bought it for peanuts (under £1) when they were discontinuing the line. Before, I was puzzled why Superdrug’s discontinued a line that looked so good on the paper, now that I tried most of it, I understand.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is very effective at removing stubborn eye makeup gently but I hate blurry vision it gives me, especially if I use just water to wash it off (I am a washcloth girl). The 30 ml lasted around 3 weeks with daily use. Not bad for winter but I am pretty sure I would not want to use it in the summer.

Balance Me Pure Skin face wash is very gentle, great for winter, has got good slip which I like but as many natural cosmetics is essential oils heavy (I like it though). There is no drying or tightness, it’s great and I still have one travel size in my stash.

Nivea Cellular Radiance overnight serum was lovely, I liked how light it was and easily melting into my skin. I think I could use it as a final moisturiser in summer but now it was still good with moisturiser and oil afterwards.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary mist certainly feels luxurious and feels good when refreshing face with the heating on but we all know it is not something I cannot live without. But still great extra item that I really enjoyed trying.



Roger & Gallet hand and nail cream with argan and evening primrose oil was a great hand cream, not greasy, with subtle fragrance and most of all, leaving my hand really soft.

Jade Goody Shhh! was a surprise like. I bought it on a whim when I saw it for £5 and remembered some positive reviews.

Garnier Ultimate Blends argan & camellia hydrating body lotion was my favourite from Ultimate Blends so far and I also liked the scent more than the other two.

Yves Rocher Anti-fatigue Iced Gel felt refreshing but after some time the sensation got weaker. I would probably buy in the summer.


Superdrug Coconut Oil with Argan was a limited edition for hair and skin but I bought it as a pre-shampoo treatment for my daughters and me. It took a while to melt but worked well.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner were 50 ml samples from a beauty box and I love them both, especially the shampoo which cleansed my hair well without feeling stripped and frizzy or my hair getting greasy within a day or two. Admittedly, the conditioner didn’t give much slip to detangle effeciently (I use leave in treatment for that anyway) but felt nourishing and left my hair silky soft and shiny.

Paul Mitchell Kids Taming Spray is as lovely as I remembered – conditioning, non-heavy with a sweet raspberry scent. It will find its way back to me for sure.

Make Up

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. Although it is not the long lasting foundation, I loved it because it provided natural light feeling finish that I love. I have loads of foundations to use up at this time but I might repurchase later.

Ecotools blending sponge wasn’t bad and I liked two flat sides of different size but it wasn’t as bouncy as Look Good Feel Better that I forgot at my parents’ at Christmas so even though it is good sponge, I want LGFB back in my life more.

Revlon Colorstay foundation in 220 Natural Beige was a perfect match for me at this time of the year. The best drugstore foundation ever and one of the best foundations ever for me. It has medium coverage, lasts all day and is good to apply with sponge or fingers. Love, love, love.

Une Skin-Matt foundation was wrong yellow shade (risk when you buy on internet) and I was mixing a drop of it with Naked Skin foundation which was a bit fair for me. Now that it is gone, I don’t see myself using it, unless I want to look like I have mustard spread over my face.

Seacret makeup remover wipes. I don’t really use wipes, it is more of a handbag item or to wipe off swatches. Would prefer if these were a bit wetter perhaps.


March Weekly Update #3

Last few weeks have been feeling up and down but that’s life – there are times when things go well and times when they don’t. As I am now focused more on using up products, I do feel my blog is a bit boring but when I thought about quitting, I found myself unable to just throw away what I used, so I decided I will continue in strictly amateur way😂


One of the highlights of the last week was that after over a year of entering different giveaways without any luck, I won one with a relatively new British brand Janna Skin.🎉

My no buy also goes well, I still managed to discourage myself from shopping. Although I did put a few things in virtual basket considering that maybe total value would be easy to part with but then I go through my stash and think about how I want to simplify my life and try all I can without wasting it.



Skin79 Watermelon Girl is another from the Skin79. Delivered what you would expect from your average sheet mask.

Rainbow Beauty SOC 3D EGF moisturising and conditioning serum sheet mask. Not sure whether this mask went bad (it still had 4 months before expiry) as instead of being soaked in watery serum, it looked like it curdled into bits of jelly.

Rainbow Beauty SOC 3D Snail sheet mask. Again, good average sheet mask, leaving a bit of residue but I could continue with my routine easily.

Janna Neck Renewal Targeted Care Mask and  Eye Renewal Targeted Care Mask were my prize from Janna Skin Mother’s Day giveaway. Janna is a British brand making sheetmasks with a lovely sachet designs (even London). The sheet was very thin and dripping wet so it adhered well to face and looked almost invisible. The serum didn’t leave sticky or oily residue. I liked both and would really like to try sheetmasks from them, although I have to admit higher price point.

Mizon Enjoy Vital-up Time Calming Mask was in my empties before. I like it although it feels a bit heavy when I use it in the summer. In winter though, it is nourishing just right. I also noticed that it calms my painful breakouts if I have any at the time of use.

Origins VitaZing SPF15 energy boosting moisturiser with mangosteen didn’t feel heavy although it did leave me a bit shiny. I liked the sheer tint release as it didn’t give me mask like effect but the colour it turned into looked rather orange on me but I was able to fix both shine and colour with colour correcting powder. Might be better to use in the summer.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch are a great ripe pimple treatment, suck the puss from buggers while also keeping it from more contaminats while sleeping.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Bust Cream is honestly one of few things I would call repurchase forever. Really love it, result and price including.


L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinairy Clay Shampoo is not bad for Elvive, I find it cleanses well without stripping and I like fragrance as well is it not agressive overpowering. Might repurchase.

Yves Rocher Redensifying hair mask is a silicone free, colorant free and paraben free mask for a good price with lighter formula and I liked using it on my girls’ hair but also myself. Might repurchase.

John Frieda Luxurious 7 Day Volume is an in-shower treatment with protein and keratin that you apply after shampoo and conditioner. What I liked about it is that unlike some volume haircare that just make my hair frizzy, this one feels conditioning and I don’t have so many flyaway hair.

Moroccanoil treatment conditioned hair after washing for both me and my daughters and this 25 ml bottle served all three heads weekly for a month. Love it and will definitely repurchase.



March Weekly Update #2








This update will be shorter than last week’s (less empties). I think that I do prefer doing weekly empties more than holding onto empty bottles and packaging for the whole month in some cases.

I am very proud of myself as I haven’t bought anything beauty related for almost two months and I intend to purchase only if I don’t have any alternative in the stash with me (I moved almost half of my stash to my parents’). I am not saying I am not tempted and there were occasions when I already wanted to pull out my credit card but I gave myself a time to think it through, considered I am almost broke, very single mother, plus considering it typically takes around a year from purchase to actually starting to use stuff I buy, I might as well save on credit card interest.


Rainbow Beauty SOC 3D Lipidure was a nice, light hydrating sheet mask. I think people with oily to normal skin would like it more than people with dry skin.

Dr. G Wrinkle Snail Mask was a great mask – the essence is light and sinks in within a minute from removing mask while leaving skin hydrated and kind of stretched so although temporarily, it does deliver on its anti-ageing promise. Mask sheet was also a great and smooth fit, not very thick. It was perfect for my oily thirtysomething face.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing facial wash was a great morning and second wash that I fell in love with since the first time I started using it. It feels gentle (although make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes) but helps keeping your skin smooth and radiant. I had been using it since October once or twice a day except for three weeks when I went for Christmas to my parents’ and tested Paula’s Choice Clear Skin mini set. So taking that into account, £28-30 you spend buying is actually money well spent.


Yves Rocher Apple Star Anise shower gel. It was a very nice shower but because I want to avoid buying and want to use up as much as I can, plus it had the right consistency, I used most of it as a handwash, even though it was a limited edition.

Avon Sensuelle body is one matching an EDTA I also have. I used to like layering fragrance but after a bit very nice reaction to ani overperfumed body cream from Avon, I am just trying to use up what’s in my stash, no intention to repurchase.

Along Came Betty is a version of Soap Glory range sold in Tesco (like Dirty Works is in Sainsbury’s). Clean Around the Clock is a creamy wash with pleasant mandarin scent. I wouldn’t mind using it again, but I also don’t feel like I’m gonna run to Tesco for a backup immediately.


Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence was a 60 ml sample that lasted only a few days in our house but I loved it. It conditioner our hair nicely, helped detangling when brushing in the morning and had a heavenly fragrance that lasted. If I see if for a good price after I run out of my hair spray detanglers and mists, I will have to buy.