September 2017 Empties and Decluttered Products

Hello, everybody reading about my empties. I was wondering how many empties I am gonna have this month because except for some samples I started using before the end of August, I had only a few products that I started using before September and I don’t use most of them on daily basis. Also, I used some sheet masks that were quite rich, so except for the double cleanse and toner, I didn’t use anything else those nights. On the other hand, that might also mean that I will have loads  of finished items next month so I also decided to wait a few days so that I could add a few things that were on their last day or two of use at the end of September. I also had a tiny declutter in make up so added some make up that’s gone off or I simply sae no use for/lost my patience with. I wanted to cull more products but as I didn’t use many of them much, I decided to give them one last chance.



Ceremoniie was my first sheet mask this month and I wrote a review about it here.

Foodaholic Tomato Natural Essence Mask for moisture supply and clear is one from my Skin18 haul. It is a 3D shape natural pulp mask which practically means that it is like face shape cutout. To be honest, if it was just a little shorter, the whole fit would be off. I was also worried that it would be falling off but fortunately, it was not the case. What I didn’t like however was that mask didn’t adhere much to middle section of my face (lips, nose). The essence was watery light, nothing greasy and there was almost nothing left in the sachet for the neck. The ingredients list was much shorter than most other sheet masks however it contained metylparaben. It was nice and refreshing for my oily skin but I am pretty sure it would feel like plain water to dry skin maybe even worse as it contains alcohol.

Foodaholic Grains Natural Essence Mask is, same as the Tomato mask, 3D shape natural pulp sheet. The grain extract is supposed to supply nutrition to your skin and to prevent roughness and dryness on the skin to make it glow but in reality it is the same watery essence. As they all contain metylparaben and alcohol is the third ingredient, I would not like to use it more than once a week. I could say that it is a good mask for people with oily skin but I don’t really think they do much for the skin. At least they were cheap.

Foodaholic Olive Natural Essence Mask for elasticity and moisturising. Again 3D shaped mask with watery essence and quite pleasant discreet fragrance. Okay for oily skin but not very good for dry or sensitive skin for its high alcohol content and fragrance.

Lomi Lomi7 Skin Scheduler is a set of  7 masks that I got from Skin18. I wrote a more detailed review about them and I think not everybody with oily skin would like them (and if you’re under 30 and don’t have dry skin might not need them), I also wouldn’t enjoy it if I tried it in the hot summer but as a several day intensive treatment I definitely recommend. I always loved how my skin looked the next day and still a few days later.

Skin79 Whitening Care for Dark Panda is a niacinamide sheet mask with a picture of panda chewing a bamboo twig. Besides niacinamide as the forth ingredient, it also contains grapefruit seed extract, jojoba seed extract, allantoin. I didn’t see alcohol or paraben. It has a light clean scent that slightly reminds me of baby care. Fit was actually perfect, it didn’t have any folds of excess tissue, wasn’t tight around eyes and also reached tip of my nose – basically made for me😁 It was well soaked without being dripping wet and there was good amount left to pat on my neck. Unfortunately, it was also sliding down my face. I didn’t expect much of a result from a one use mask but my skin did seem a bit brighter. And I could continue with my usual skincare.

Dermal Red Ginseng Collagen Essence Mask was a standard water essence mask that was for firming and refining. It definitely smelled of ginseng. The fit was, as usual, tight around eyes and kind of earthy (a bit like beetroot) smell made me kind of count time left (which I usually don’t do with sheet mask).

Mizon Bio Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Mask is a brilliant moisturising mask that I also wrote  about. Briliant hydrating mask for all skin types. I bought a multipack so there will be more in empties.

L’Affair Animal Soothing monkey said to be moisturising and supplying nutrition. Although I found phenoxyethanol at the end of the ingredients list, the mask smelled strongly of alcohol to me and my face also felt a bit burning after a while which didn’t help much with the narrow fit around outer corners of my eyes. Despite it fitting well when I applied it on my face, it was dripping wet (really dripping) and was sliding down, so it didn’t get many marks from me for comfort.  On the other hand, burning sensation didn’t last and when I removed the mask, my skin wasn’t feeling slimy or greasy and it did feel smooth and hydrated.


Superdrug Refreshing Hydrogel Eye Patches are for puffy eyes and dark circles. Although I don’t suffer by neither unless I have no sleep, I just wanted to try them as there seem to be a patch or mask for everything nowadays. It looks like pieces of mesh covered in clear Hydrogel that contains sea algae and gardenia extract. As I said, I can’t comment on puffiness and dark circles but my undereyes were a bit smoother and looked more awake.

COSRX Acne Pimple Patches are one of the best acne treatment but they work best for ‘ripe’ pimples that are ready to pop or were just popped otherwise you can see much of an effect.

L’Oréal Eye&Lip Express Make-up Remover is in my eyes a very good (although still like Garnier the best) 2 phase make-up remover. Basically what I buy always depends what’s on offer but I am sure this will be back at some point.

Sand & Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask was a sample I received in Birchbox and I was impressed. Although I don’t have budget to buy at the moment, I do intend to buy full size next year.

Bioderma Sensitive H2O make-up removing micelle solution for sensitive skin in travel 100 ml size is a great micellar water but I bought more because I wanted to try it as I think Garnier one is as good for my needs for much less.

Aztec Secret Clay Mask (not pictured) was a very big (2 lb) tub that I didn’t manage to use up. I took it with me when I went to visit my family and didn’t have any space left in my suitcase when coming back and as this had only a month left to expiry date, I said my good bye. I loved it and liked customise my mask by my mood. It regulated sebum well and cleared my skin so much that it sometimes looked like polished. I liked adding a few drops of oil because it was rather drying and I also wouldn’t recommend going out or have visitors straight afterwards as it left me with red face for 30-60 minutes after use.

Avon Planet Spa Volcanic Iceland Warming Face Mask was actually finely milled pumice scrub mask that really heated when I put it on wet face and also when I washed it off et voilà, my face was perfectly cleansed and smooth. I also loved volcanic spa fragrance.



L’Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream is good old classic and probably one of my favourite fragrance of all time. I used to buy the set (EDT, shower gel, body lotion and handcream). At the moment I don’t have budget for all of that so handcream do and I think as handcreams go, it is better for hands that the standard TBS, although also more expensive.

Avon Far Away shower gel, body cream, body spray and eau de parfum. I used to think that I like this Avon classic until I bought the whole body range as layering is usually my thing but with this I think the whole time how heavy the fragrance is – I don’t enjoy my shower because because the fragrance is nauseating and as for body cream I first used it every other night but then just decided to slap it on my feet before I lay down in bed. I also suspect that the fragrance in that stuff made my skin itchy as I hardly ever suffer from itching and I wasn’t in the sun all day (because English weather is rubbish).

Avon Ultra Sexy body nectar shower gel didn’t have such overbearing fragrance as Far Away but I decided to use as a handwash (adding some oils) as I want to use shower gels that I do enjoy in the shower.

Roger & Gallet Rose Hand & Nails cream is another amazing R&G product with lovely scent in a handbag format.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. As many people before me, I thoroughly enjoyed this travel size beauty, especially after that overperfumed shower gel from Avon.



OGX Niacin& Caffeine Root Tonic spray was supposed to encourage a balanced scalp environment and prevent hair fallout but all I got was an itchy scalp (to the point I even checked for headlice) and when I used it the recommended twice a day, it made my hair also greasy at the roots. There is still around a 1/4 left but I have no will to put it on my scalp again.

Philip Kingsley Swimcap is a brilliant summer hair protection from chlorinated and salt water and it also contains sunscreen so it extends haircolour. If you suffer from hay-like hair in the summer, I can only recommend. The only nag is that you have to wash it out so if your not a fan of everyday washing (philosophy of PK is actually everyday washing with gentle products), use only on days you know you want to wash your hair (I did).


Make up

Maybelline Big Eyes Volume Express was is a mascara with two wands on each end – small wand for lower lashes and bigger wand for upper lashes. I liked it for everyday look and the idea of small wand for lower lashes was good while the formula was still wet but as it was drying, the small bristles did not work.

Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid foundation. If you follow me for longer, you might know that I basically hate this foundation and it is not worth the money. It is pigmented and matte but you have to do a very good prep before application to make it look good otherwise it accentuates your pores and dry patches you didn’t even know you had. I was trying with it for a year and I finally told myself why I should be struggling with this foundation when I have others that work great and are just sitting unused on the shelf. It is going with a little less than half left.

Nip+Fab CC Cream SPF30 in light was still dark for me at the beginning of summer and when I wanted to use it now, it was orange and curdled, smelling like a piece of plastic.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB was the same as previous item dark in June but plain orange and just off consistency now. No point of holding into it.

Benefit They’re Real! mascara travel size was something I was not impressed when I used it first time. I liked the wand and how it grabbed especially lover lashes that are in my case rather difficult but thin formula didn’t do anything to my lashes. On the other hand it didn’t smudge or crumble, lasted well throughout the day (which also means that you need a good eye make up remover) so I liked using it as a kind of top coat mascara. Just as I started to like using the formula on its own, it was almost done. I would repurchase only this size as it took long for it to dry enough to use on its own.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Cover Concealer is another make up item I declutter but I am very sad about this one. When I apply it, it looks like everything I want from my concealer – right shade, right consistency and perfect coverage. Checking 20 minutes later, I found that I have oxydised stains everywhere I used concealer and it is way darker even post summer (and I have shade Light Neutral). Now I tried it over several foundations even their Naked foundation, and  that one doesn’t oxydise with same effect, I decided to wave good bye to it.

MUA mascara shade 2, 6 and 7 are colourful mascaras in blue, green and light purple that I bought in some artistic try in my make up. Unfortunately, the pigment didn’t show that much on my eyelashes, so I used it more on my daughters when we player make up I made colourful eyebrows or streaky in their hair.

MUA Pro-Base Priming Concealer in yellow colour is going because I have IT for almost three years and used it only a few times. It wasn’t bad but as almost all under eye concealers I’ve tried so far, it was creating on me.

MUA Extreme Metallics eyeshadow trio in Smokin. This was amazing grey to black metallic eye trio that unfortunately got shattered and pigment falling out if it everywhere even with the closed case.

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for nails with vitamin E promises drying nails in 60 seconds but that never happened to me and if you actually didn’t wait a few minutes before you sprayed, your nailpolish thinned started dripping like a wet watercolour. No use if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

Primark PS makeup blender is that sponge that everybody hates:) I didn’t have a problem probably because I didn’t use it much for foundation, just to blend undereye concealer and maybe cream contour if I ever do one. It started crumbling, so it is the time for new one.


Naturisimo Inteligent Skincare Discovery Box


I don’t even know (probably Instagram giveaway) how but I subscribed to newsletter of a company called Naturisimo and when I checked their site, I quite liked it. It is an independent company that’s been around since 2002 and I would say it more clean lifestyle page than just beauty seller as it also sells organic, sustainable and fair trade clothes, nutrition and a few bits for home besides the beauty products. Once in a while they also sell limited edition beauty boxes and this time I also decided to buy one immediately I read about it in my email and I was lucky I did because by the time the box arrived (3 working days), it was sold out.

For £17.95 (no p+p) you get 8 products in travel and sample size. What it contains?

• Tata Harper Creme Riche, 7.5ml: A velvet moisturising cream packed that helps to lock in moisture for a soft, supple, youthful appearance.
• Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser & Muslin, 30ml: An intelligent, creamy infusion that lifts off impurities and protects against signs of ageing.
• Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum, 15ml: A rich but light restorative serum that helps to increase elasticity, minimise fine lines and restore skin clarity.
• Caudalie Resveratrol Face Lifting Moisturiser, 15ml: An innovative cream with a nourishing active formula for younger, healthier looking skin.
• Madara SOS Hydra Moisture & Radiance Mask, 12.5ml: A luxurious mask to plump the skin and strengthen its barrier to protect from dehydration.
• Odylique Calming Rose Super Tonic, 5ml: A soothing and hydrating tonic that cleanses, tones and gently balances the skin’s natural acid mantle.
• Inlight Intensive Line Softener, 2ml: An intensive balm clinically proven to smooth the passage of time and help combat the effects of pollution and stress.
• Inika Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream, 2g: Rich in pigment, this lip and cheek cream offers a buildable, vibrant red colour that lasts all day.



Even the inside of the outer box is gorgeous – illustration and what packaging material was used… I just love it and for now keep it as a little storage box.

Overall I am happy with this little box even though I already have some of  v the products and I think I will keep my eyes peeled for next boxes.

MasqueBAR Charcoal Peel-off Modeling Mask


I heard, read and put modeling masks into my basket many times but didn’t get to buying it (mainly because spending £10 for 1 use mask is crazy to me) until last month when I realised I have a £5 Feelunique voucher that was gonna expire (and that would be waste) and saw the modeling masks from masqueBAR cost £4.99.

While I was tempted to put all four (charcoal, collagen, lavender and tea tree) of them into my basket but I told myself first to try one and as the charcoal one sounded the best suited to my skin, it was decided.


Charcoal powder within the mask is supposed to cleanse the skin of impurities, treat enlarged pores for soft, smooth appearance.

Ingredients list diatomaceous earth (America), glucose, algin, calcium sulfate, tetrapotasium pyrophosphate, magnesium carbonate, allantoin, charcoal powder, potassium alginate, portulaca oleracea, centella asiatica exyract, cellulose gum, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, fragrance.


Inside the pot was also included spoon that serves me as water measure, stirring device as well as I used the handle as a spatula to spread the mask on my face.

Directions say to add 7 spoonfuls of water but I added 2 more to get more spreadable consistency that was easier to work with. I read in review on different modeling masks people complaining about it messy but using the handle of the spoon as a spatula, it was pretty clean and easy, I just had to work quickly. Although it moved down slightly, it set rather quickly.


I could feel the mint in it and the cooling would be much appreciated in the summer or when you have some painful acne. They recommend to wait 15 to 20 minutes before peeling the mask of but to be on the safe side, I waited 30. Although the mask feels wet from inside, I was able to peel it off without any pulling and was quite enjoying getting “mould” of my face.

My skin was feeling smooth and soft but I would lie if I said I noticed my pores getting clearer.

Overall, I really enjoyed this mask and I think it is a nice and fun treat to yourself (although slightly expensive per application).

Powder Beauty Subscription


This review is around a week overdue but I wasn’t sure I was excited enough to write about the box but mostly I also want to write about this box from my point of view as a customer.

Many of you probably know Powder because of their seasonal box, some of them were really fantastic, especially last year, and I had ordered a few before but this year they also started their subscription service. The subscription starts from £10 when you buy year subscription to £15 for monthly one + £3.50 delivery charge for each box.

As I went a bit crazy about beauty boxes last month, I got drawn into this box when I got a voucher that allowed me to have the first box for half price.

As I mentioned, I ordered a few boxes from them before (although the last was almost a year ago) but I still forgot that they didn’t send me any order confirmation (although I signed up with my email), I only saw that my credit card was charged and when I logged in, my order was in the system but I couldn’t find out any progress, so I had no idea at all whether or when my box was shipped. And I have to say, it did make me a bit nervous, especially with the feeling that it would be like that every month. But I decided to wait patiently and the box did arrive after 8 days.

The September box contains 8 items in total, 5 full size + 3 travel size :

  • Magnitone Wipe Out microfibre cleansing cloth to remove make up. They usually sell 2 pack for £14.99
  • Lee Stafford Coco Loco hair serum spray in full size 100 ml – £6.99
  • Seacret 25 make up removing wipes – I couldn’t find this on British website but they sell it for $25 AUD on Australian site
  • St Tropez Self Tan Sheet Mask £6
  • Nails Inc NailKale polish £15
  • Eyeko eyeliner in travel size £9
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Shampoo and Conditioner both in 50 ml – you can get 400 ml for £2.99, so these are mostly to fill up the box but I am always happy with Palmer’s products

Although I don’t use wipes except when I travel, the only thing I know I am not gonna use is the mask, so the box definitely has got its value, and there are also vouchers for brands featured ( I also like Powder booklets where they write about the box content also giving some helpful tips), for some reason, I just cannot get really excited about this box so after a few days, I decided, I want to cancel the subscription. Again, you can’t do it as easily as with other boxes with a click on the screen, I had to send an e-mail. They confirmed that they received my email and that they passed my request to subscription team but I haven’t heard from them since. I will probably only see whether my credit card will be charged or not😏

They already have a new box for next month on their site now.

From other boxes they offer now, the most interesting is their NARS box of 7 travel size products.


Mini Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold haul from Superdrug


I think that if you have Instagram or Twitter, you probably already saw a pictures of Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold capsule collection that launched in Superdrug several months ago. I debated with myself many times that despite wanting it I don’t really need it as I have a lot of skincare in my stash for now but when I saw it is on 1/3 off offer, I decided to buy at least the cheapest three products – day cleanser, night cleanser and face water.


Disadvantage of having a big stash is that by the time you get to use the products, most excitment of getting them is gone. But in this case I decided to try them the first day I got them.


First item I decided to try was Skin Radiance Night Cleanser but I wasn’t sure whether I should use it as the first or second cleanser, as it had the ingredients list sticker over directions to use. I removed that and found out that it is basically a facial wash, so the second cleanser it was.


It looked gold inside the bottle and I was wondering whether it would still be gold once I pumped it out and it was. It smelled like a slightly perfumed soap bar and when I added water, it foamed up nicely without feeling harsh on my skin. My face felt clean but very comfortable at the same time.


Day cleanser had the sticker a bit lower so I could see that I also use it as a facial wash. It was a bit hard to get it out of the tube and I had to press properly till I got out something that looked like a whipped cream with a goldy pearl colour.


When I added water it still retain its ceraminess. I think both cleanser will be great to use this winter and I intend to use them after I finish the ones I have already going.


Next is the item I wanted the most and that is the Gold Water. It definitely looks luxurious with the golden flakes inside. It is only 100 ml but it looks like more as it is inside a thick glass bottle.


It had consistency of runny gel and the golden flakes break into tiny pieces when with a bit of patting and massage.

It promises to achieve 6 aspects of a perfect skin like fine pores, firm and supple skin, defy wrinkles, balanced sebum, energised skin and luminous radiance and I know that this is going to be my winter essence☺️

Have tried anything from this range? How did you like it?

Sand and Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask


If you read me regularly, you know that clay masks are what I really love and if I could, I would probably slathered my face in it more than twice a week (I tried and it is not good idea, unless you want to get your face overstripped and sensitised). One of the masks I was lusting about but with £39.90 price tag that I am not willing to pay (beyond my budget at the moment), out of my reach, was Sand and Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask. So when I saw that a sample of it was part of September Birchbox, I knew I had to get it. I filled in the form to customise my box and was praying I would get the selection I wanted (let’s be honest, who really wants a beauty box with two lip balms out of five products?). Fortunately, I did get the one with the mask and I tried the mask the first week I got the box. But first, what did I really knew about this mask?


The mask claims to be 4 in 1 treatment that promises to detoxify and brighten skin in just 10 minutes, tighten pores and boost radiance, protect against damage caused by pollution without any nasties or being tested on animals.

Upon opening I could smell something similar to plaster or concrete (when you have a dad who builds houses by himself, you know what I am talking about) with a hint of PVC glue. That is a good sign to me because that’s more like a natural clay smell than something overperfumed. The consistency is creamy and smooth with light pink colour that dries white. My skin felt a bit tingle at the beginning but it stopped as the mask dried out.

Did it really shrink the pores? I wouldn’t say that it is possible (at least that’s what they say) but it did clear out my pores really well so they really appeared smaller. In fact, I would say, that I never had a clay mask that cleared my skin so well (pity that the 13g sample lasted two applications) blackheads on my nose not black anymore. As it is a clay mask, it does regulate the oils on your skin, so I did use a hydrating mask afterwards but it doesn’t leave you like a red tomato like many other clay masks either. I do intend to buy it next year.


My September Beauty Box Madness Part 2 – QVC Tili Box

Many if you might know now about QVC UK Tili (Try it Love it) box where you can get a bit of taste of beauty products sold on QVC for the price of £20. As there are usually 9 products in reasonable sample/full sizes, it works out well for the price on 1 item. I missed all the previous boxes and I was especially sad about last two campaigns (I tried to talk myself out of buying them so successfully that were not on sale anymore by the time I wanted to buy them). Even though there wasn’t a product I really, really wanted to try like with previous boxes, I decided to try it for the experience as a customer.


I ordered the box on Thursday and it came on Tuesday so not that bad and if I was to judge by the box, I can say I loved it the most out of all the boxes I got this month. It was box packed in a box so when I opened the outer packaging, I found a beautiful, sturdy box in dark fuchsia with neon lining and Tili written on top (I am probably easy to pleased by the size as I didn’t feel disappointed like when I opened the Birchbox and thought I just paid for what other companies give as a free gift with purchase). Good point is that I can easily use every single thing.


At first I thought I got only  8 items but later found mini Tarte lipstick stuck in a bunch of shredded paper thanks to the sticker that was on it. Anyway, let’s get to lowdown of what’s inside:

  • Gatineau Floracil Plus gentle eye make-up remover – 118 ml which I believe is a full size
  • Rituals The Ritual of Sakura foaming shower gel in organic rice milk and cherry blossom 50 ml – haven’t tried this brand yet as I have quite a big stock pile of shower gels but this is the product I wanted to try from them first
  • Shay & Blue Blood Oranges 10 ml – fragrance is always a welcomed addition, especially in handbag size
  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum 10ml is actually what I used last month but I am happy to have it back in my life
  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel 15 ml – another thing I wanted to try
  • Bareminerals matte liquid lipstick in Juju – full size.
  • Tarte Color Splash lipstick in Colada – minisize
  • Perfect Formula Pink gel coat to brighten and strengthen nails
  • L’Occitane almond body oil


Overall I  am happy with my Tili box and will probably order next as well.

I also ordered Powder Box but no sign or e-mail from them so far, only my credit card was charged last week, so we’ll see (I am gonna wait till the end of this week and then contact them) but so far don’t feel very impressed 😐